Chapter 34: Ruan Momo Arrives

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Because of what happened with Qi furen, Shen Jingshu used the excuse of having suffered a great fright to stay at home. Qi furen tried to visit the Shen household several times but was not able to see Shen Jingshu, thus Shen Jingshu was able to relax a bit.

Without worrying over Qi Xueyan and Qi Shaodong, Shen Jingshu’s days passed leisurely. Most importantly, Qian momo was behaving these days and did not try to give her mother a hard time, Shen Jingshu was particularly pleased.

With her pregnancy entering the fifth month, Dan Yuerong’s stomach had become bigger and bigger. New Year’s was gradually arriving and Shen Fu was becoming increasingly busier. But some thingseven if you tried to hide themcould not be avoided.

Ever since Zhao momo and those people had been sent to the countryside there had been no news from the capital. In consideration of Dan Yuerong, Shen Wenhua do not want to go on the bumpy journey and simply sent people to deliver the new year’s gifts. Unfortunately, this brought about some people that were not easy to deal with.

Furen, Old Madam let this old servant come over to deliver the new year’s gift and also requested me to see how Furen is doing!” The momo standing before her was older, but the arduous journey did not appear to make her look dispirited; that shrewd face and sharp eyes caused one to not dare underestimate her.

“Thank you for the trouble, Ruan momo. Since Ruan momo’s body is travel worn, it is better to rest first!” Previously, there had been no movement on Mother Shen’s side, so Dan Yuerong had believed that this time Mother Shen had forgotten. However, she did not think Mother Shen would send her closest aid!

This Ruan momo had followed Mother Shen as part of her dowry and had served her for many years. In Shen fu the average person would not dare to disrespect her, she could not be given the same treatment as Zhao momo and Qian momo!

“This old servant can still endure it. Old Madam cares deeply for Laoye and Furen and also for the child in Furen’s belly. Of course this old servant would not dare to be negligent with my duties. I hope Furen will look over the new year’s gifts; if an accident happened and something was lost, this servant will bear full responsibility.”

Ruan momo, this person, was a bit uptight. Her words showed a hint of her high standing within the fu. Dan Yuerong knew that the other person would certainly not easily let her off unless everything was done properly. She could only let Zhang momo check the gift list and finally nodded.

Ruan Momo must have worked hard, everything is here!”

“It’s good that it is clear. Has Furen been feeling better lately? Has there been any movement from the child in your stomach?”

“En, recently there has been some movement, but the doctor said everything was fine!”

“That’s good. The child in Furen ‘s stomach is the future hope of Shen fu, I hope Furen will attach importance to this child.”

“Of course!”

“Is this Xiaojie? After not seeing her for a while, Xiaojie has changed a lot.”

“Children always grow fast.”

“Has Xiaojie has started learning?”

“A few days ago I invited a master. The master is currently setting up an academy so she has been delayed for a bit, but the master already has scheduled a tutoring session and also has regularly arranged homework. She will go to school this spring.”

“This is good, once Old Madam knows, she will certainly be happy.”

After speaking a few words with Dan Yuerong, Ruan momo tactfully left. As Shen Jingshu watched Ruan momo’s departing figure, she feared that this Ruan momo would not easily depart. This caused her to have a slight headache.

“Mom, does Ruan momo intend to stay?” She had just gotten rid of those bothersome people and now another one had arrived, the troubles were endless.

But fortunately this time, apart from bringing two women who would be in charge of the childbirth, Ruan momo had not brought anyone else, otherwise, Shen Jingshu felt it would have been troublesome!

“Your grandmother is doing it for my own good!” In her mind she sighed, Dan Yuerong knew that since it was Ruan momo who came, Shen Wenhua would not be able to send those people away.

“Oh …” Shen Jingshu put on a face of understanding and did not say much even though she was somewhat anxious. With her age, if her expression was too obvious, it would make people feel that something was wrong. It was better for her to first observe the situation and then act.

Despite Ruan momo’s arrival, it seemed very peaceful. Shen Wenhua was also very surprised and personally asked about her health. After exchanging the proper greetings he withdrew feeling a bit worried in his heart.

Fortunately, Ruan momo was pretty quiet at the moment. Apart from seeking out Qian momo to ask a few questions, she did not make any extra movementsunlike Zhao momo who tried to take over the wife’s power. Ultimately, Dan Yuerong’s stomach was getting bigger and bigger, with this in mind, Qian momo took the initiative to seek out Ruan momo for help. Ruan momo rejected several times but finally agreed.

However, Ruan momo never overstepped, she would personally ask for Dan Yuerong’s opinion on every major event and instructions on daily arrangements. She was very meticulous towards Dan Yuerong’s care. When she first arrived, everyone was anxious and resentful, but it gradually faded. Even Dan Yuerong felt that since Ruan momo arrived, she was able to relax a lot, Ruan momo was also not as uneasy as before.

Shen Jingshu watched all of this and secretly admired Ruan momo’s ability to scheme. Compared to Zhao momo and Qian momo she was twice as good. As expected, grandmother was putting in a lot of effort this time!

Although the people in the fu trusted and respected Ruan momo, Shen Jingshu maintained a skeptical attitude. After all, in her past life, Mother Shen clearly showed her dislike towards Dan Yuerong; it was impossible that she would think well of her daughter in law so fast. Even with sending Ruan momo so far this time, Shen Jingshu did not believe that Mother Shen really wished Dan Yuerong well!

These days Ruan momo made an all-out effort to care for Dan Yuerong, Shen Jingshu had no doubt that Ruan momo was very concerned about the child in Dan Yuerong’s belly. Now, she only needed to carefully observe Ruan momo so that she could defend before the other person attacked. At the moment, alleviating Dan Yuerong’s burden was important as her stomach was getting increasingly bigger, she could not be allowed to get tired from working.

The New Year was coming soon; during this time in previous years Dan Yuerong was very busy, but with Ruan momo here this year everything within the fu was arranged orderly. Although Ruan momo’s character was very serious, she was very skilled in supervising. She was indeed worthy of being a person at Mother Shen’s side for many years; the air of dignity that intimidated everyone when she first arrived was not without reason. The fu’s New Year decorations were finished being set up and Dan Yuerong was also well taken care of by Qian momowhich could be seen by her healthier complexion.

Furen, today’s weather is pretty good. Furen should go out and walk around, this will be good for childbirth later.” When Ruan momo spoke, people usually listened; in the end, she had been a person at Mother Shen’s side for many years. Seeing Dan Yuerong’s laziness, Ruan momo stubbornly urged Dan Yuerong to go out and walk. Dan Yuerong originally wanted to rest but after Ruan momo spoke, it was not good for her to refuse so she agreed.

“Then I will only walk around the courtyard and rest again later.”

“This old servant will support Furen!”

After serving Mother Shen for many years, naturally Ruan momo had her own set of skills. While supporting Dan Yuerong to walk, from time to time Ruan momo would mention several day to day matters that needed attention. As she listened, Dan Yuerong felt very comfortable.

“These days have been very troublesome for Momo. Knowing that Momo rushed over one thousand miles to come here and still works very hard for us, my heart feels uneasy.”

Furen is too kind, this old servant only received Old Madam’s instructions to take good care of Furen, nothing more. Furen does not need to think of anything now; the child in your stomach is the most important thing!”

As the two people walked in the courtyard, Shen Jingshu arrived looking for Dan Yuerong. The peculiar scene that welcomed her was not one that she had seen merely a few times, but one that she had seen it so often that she had already become accustomed to it. Suppressing her sense of curiosity and caution against Ruan momo’s behavior, Shen Jingshu ran in.


Xiaojie be careful, do not touch Furen!” Seeing Shen Jingshu so excited, Ruan momo was particularly nervous!

Momo it’s fine, Shu-er knows what is appropriate.” If it were the former Shen Jingshu, Dan Yuerong may have also been worried about it a little. But the present Shen Jingshu was very sensible, Dan Yuerong was not worried one bit.

Furen can not be careless. Xiaojie, Furen is now in a critical time. When Xiaojie encounters Furen be careful, do not bump into her.”

Ruan momo, this person, was very serious, sometimes her words were really unpleasant to listen to. But, she was only thinking of Dan Yuerong’s well being, whether it was Dan Yuerong or Shen Jingshu, both could not say anything.

Momo, I know.”


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