Volume 2 Chapter 11 – Golden Luna

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Golden Luna

“—I found you! Demon Lord!”

The crowd inside the restaurant buzzed at Luna’s shout.

This might be a little bad… After all, she had snuck out of the castle for the demon-lord-slaying mission without saying anything to her older sisters.

If there was some kind of uproar, it might make its way back to the holy capital. If that happened, there would be no telling what kind of interference it might cause…

“Hmm, in this country, is kicking open a door considered good manners?”

At the demon lord’s words, she felt as though the veins in her head would burst.

Sitting at the table were the two she had seen a few days ago, but they were dressed differently, and in very expensive looking clothes at that. Could it possibly be that her missing wallet was…

“It was you… You’re the one who took my money!”

“Causing a disturbance in a dining room, and accusing someone of thievery on top of that? My impression of this country is becoming quite dubious.”

“Don’t screw with me! That’s the allowance that I had saved up!”

“It’s not as if you obtained it through your own sweat and tears? If the top of the country is like this, it’s no wonder public safety is disturbed. Shouldn’t you lend your ear to the opinions of the people?”

This demon lord changed the subject — he attempted to gloss over the fact that he took someone’s money.

At his sly conversation tactics, Luna’s tightly gripped fist began to tremble.

The demon lord averted his gaze from her and was looking off in another direction.

“Give back my money…! And then, die!”

“After false accusations come violent words? There certainly are frightening holy maidens in this world.”

“Shutupshutup! Idiot! Pervert! Thief! Die!”

“Instead of just screaming, how about you take a seat first? Have you forgotten that this is a place for repast?”

At the demon lord’s words, Luna got the feeling that the people around them had the same thought.

Why, why did it seem like she was in the losing position…

This demon lord — he was planning on involving those around them to prevent her from acting.

“Who would listen to you—”

“You— do you want to be disciplined again?”

The demon lord’s sharp gaze overwhelmed her.

When that right hand of his was leisurely lifted up, it felt like an electric shock hit her rear, and a strange throbbing filled her chest.

(No way… what is this…)

Her face became as red as an apple, and her breath became labored.

Finally, unable to stand any longer, she sat down weakly.

“I’m glad you understand. Everyone, I apologize for the disturbance — though it’s not much, please accept this as a token of my feelings.”

The demon lord gave a graceful bow and added a bottle of wine for each table to his order. At his words, cheerful voices rang throughout the restaurant.

The wine served by this restaurant was definitely not cheap.

The gently smiling demon lord waved his hands at those around him, picked the girl off the floor, and carried her back to the table.

Why… how.. did it turn out like this…?

Before she realized it, the food the demon lord had ordered beforehand had been set before her, and the place was set for dinner.

“It’s my treat—eat as much as you’d like.”

“Idiot! More like my treat!”

“Hmm, Well — I guess you could say that too.”

The demon lord laughed cheerfully — and her heart throbbed unexpectedly at that childlike expression.

This perverted demon lord, could he have used some sort of strange magic…!


“Um, Miss Holy Maiden, I’m sorry! Mr. Demon Lord really isn’t a bad person!”

“Are you stupid? There’s no way there’s such a thing as a good demon lord!”

Luna continued to stuff meat and salad into her mouth while yelling.

It seemed that she was hungry.

Watching her, the demon lord thought…

(Really… What exactly is a holy maiden? And was is the Cherub?)

Why was it possible to use the GAME’s skills, items, and admin rights in this world?

There were just too many unknown factors.

Was it simply because he was “Kunai Hakuto?”

Or was it because he was the administrator of the GAME? Considering the questions that he planned to ask the holy maiden, he first created an item beneath the table.

Extending his hand toward the pitch black void, he created and pulled out a small machine.

This was something called a <<Whisper>> and used to camouflage conversations you didn’t want overheard with a masking noise.

In the GAME, it was a device used to obstruct another player’s <<Whisper>>, but with the development of the internet, <<Whisper>> became obsolete and was finally abandoned in the GAME.

(In this environment… “No. 19 Bustle of a Family Restaurant” is appropriate.)

As the device was set, their voices faded into the background noise, and they were surrounded by a wall of sound. Pleased with the fact that the item was demonstrating its effectiveness, his face relaxed.

At any rate, everything was now in order—

“You called yourself Luna. There are a few things I’d like to ask you since I have the chance.”

“W, what is it…”

Why was she so wary? No, thinking back at his own deeds, perhaps it was justified?

Though this was unplanned, it would be the perfect opportunity to ask questions to a key figure in this country. He should definitely ask her about various things.

“Luna, have you ever heard of countries such as Japan or America?”

“Huh? What’s that? And don’t call me by name.”

Her pink eyes glared at him menacingly.

She reminded him of a purebred chihuahua.

“Then, have you ever heard the words: GAME or Great Empire or internet?”

“What are you talking about? Are you stupid? Just go die.”

(Just how foul-mouthed is this girl…)

It seemed that Aku had finally calmed down and started putting food in her mouth a bit at a time, making a delighted face. Watching her happy expression somehow gave him peace of mind.

She was so pure that it was hard to imagine that she was the same kind of life form as the chihuahua in front of him.

“Degenerate Pink — what exactly is the Cherub?”

“W, wh wh who’s a degenerate?! What exactly do you think I am!?”

“Chihuahua, hurry up and tell me. Unlike you, my time is valuable.”

“M, My time is valuable too! And what’s a chihuahua!”

While the demon lord pacified Luna, he slowly questioned her.

What she said related to the Cherub wasn’t much different from what he had heard from Aku.

Though it seemed that there existed two more angels.

There was the Cherub who vanished after sealing the devil king. The other two were called the Thrones and the Seraph, but they had not shown themselves since long ago.

(Three angels, huh… I see, I really don’t get it.)

Such western concepts, or rather those kinds of things he was disinterested in were completely incomprehensible.

Should he take this opportunity to ask her about that statue? It was possible that she would know something about it.

“Do you know anything about the ‘statue’ that was placed at the Shrine of Desires?”

At that question, Luna’s face contorted slightly.

So she did know something after all.

“There are some misguided people out there who say that it is Lord Thrones… I’m sure they’ll be faced with divine punishment eventually.”

“That… was the Thrones…?”

He was certain that it had said something about originally having a pure white appearance.

Even so, he hadn’t been able to do anything about it. So in the end, was it an angel who had fallen?

If it was an R-18 game, perhaps the title would be something like “Indignity of the Angel Statue ~Defiled by My Meat Rod~”?

“What are the teachings on that Cherub that you believe in?”

“Oh, so even a demon lord like you would like to request the teachings of our Lord Cherub?”

Luna showed a slight smile and started speaking with a smug expression.

Even so, the contents were more like a seminar than a sermon. Work hard, increase your own strength, overcome hardships. The angels will smile on the diligent, giving them great strength and divine protection — that was generally the contents.

Well, what she was saying wasn’t that strange.

“In other words, it’s only natural that there’s a difference in status between people and regions.”

Things will change according to your effort.

As a result, riches and wealth go to those who work hard, and those who don’t will remain in poverty. Looking at Aku’s situation, it can’t be said that this was completely true.

“If you’re saying the difference in effort results in a disparity of wealth, then yes, that’s the case. After all, I have always been working hard.”

“I, I had heard about it… the holy maiden was picked out from the orphanage because of her talent…”

“…That was a long time ago.”

The demon lord’s interest was slightly piqued at Aku’s interjection.

If that story was true, then she had definitely made her way to the top with her own strength. Perhaps that was why she devoted herself to those teachings.

No, as luck would have it, she had “actually experienced” that truth behind those teaching.

“I see — that’s a reason overflowing with ambition and aspiration.”

“Why are you talking like you have some kind of hidden agenda?”

Her pink eyes glared at him with a reproachful look.

She was, after all, someone who had tried to solo someone who was referred to as the demon lord. Without bringing the other two holy maidens, with only 20 or so light calvary along with her.

This was the ambition and drive peculiar to such a person who had clawed her way up from the bottom.

“According to my estimation — those ‘other two’ are in your way.”

“Wh… Wh-www what would make you say that?”

“— Don’t try to hide it. I can tell.”

He said it with great confidence, but he didn’t particularly mean anything by it.

He had just spat out the phrase to make himself sound like a “capable adult.” In response to that, she had totally given herself away.

Had this holy maiden not had proper interaction with people before?

Well, looking at that arrogant attitude and foul mouth of hers, she probably didn’t have any friends.


“Wha…! W, What are you saying all of a sudden…”

“No, nothing. I just thought, ‘Oh no-er, it’s about time to go.’”

“Th, Ttttthhhat’s right… I’m a busy person too!”

The holy maiden’s eyes moved restlessly, and she stood up in a fluster.

What an easy-to-read girl.

“I’m staying at an inn called Gugure—if you need something from me, you can find me there.”

“I don’t have any business with you! Moron!”

The holy maiden — Luna left the restaurant as if she were running away, and tranquility was restored.

It was about time for the demon lord and Aku to return to their room to rest as well.

The demon lord took care of the bill and taking Aku with him, he left the restaurant. What should have been a refined dinner had taken an unexpected turn, but there had been great gains as well.

“…Mr. Demon Lord has times when he’s kind and times when he’s mean, too.”

“I’m always a gentleman. It’s just that I’m selective about the other party.”

“The holy maiden is a very important person, you know? Mr. Demon Lord is — Wawa!”

After saying that, the demon lord scooped up Aku into a princess carry and returned to the inn.

He certainly couldn’t carry her on his shoulders or give her piggy back while she was wearing such a lovely dress. The gazes of those around them were a little painful, but as the saying goes “Since strangers you meet abroad probably won’t be seen again, forget your embarrassment while travelling.”

“I, I guess… I should say that you’re nice after all…”

“Hm? It looks like we’ll be able to sleep in a nice bed tonight for the first time in a while…”

The two smiled, and a peaceful night… did not pass.

As soon as they returned to their room, Luna knocked violently on the door. When the demon lord opened the door, there stood a teary-eyed Luna.

“Idiot! Because of you, I don’t have money for a place to stay!”

Seeing her standing there, he felt a slight sense of pity, but the demon lord absolutely didn’t want to put up such a loud person. He may be prejudiced, but it seemed like even her sleep-talking would be obnoxiously loud.

“Camp outside. While you’re at it, catch a cold and get a fever.”

“Don’t mess with me! It’s all your fault this happened!”

“M, Mr. Demon Lord… it would be terrible if the holy maiden caught a cold.”

“It can’t be helped…. Here, I’ll give you back your money, so go find someplace else to stay.”

It seemed like it would be annoying to have her follow them around, so he handed her the leather bag filled with money.”

He needed to search for methods to earn himself some money as well. He supposed this would be a good opportunity.


Though he had returned her money, Luna showed no signs of moving from the front of the door.

On top of that, her eyes were becoming more and more teary.

What could it be? There should still be plenty of money left.

“S, Sssss Since it can’t be helped, be grateful! I will be staying here too!”

“Wha???? You, is there something wrong with your head?”

What on earth was she saying?

He couldn’t understand…

“Y, YYou’re using my money to stay here, aren’t you?! Then, it’s natural for me to stay here!”

“…I guess this is what happens when you provoke a loner.”

“Who’s a loner! Get out of the way! I’m going to use the nicest bed!”

And thus, the strange combination of “holy maiden,” “demon lord,” and “evil1” was created.

It seemed like the night would still be noisy.

Author Note:

Thanks to everyone we’ve made it to 18th place!

To everyone who is cheering me on and everyone who is reading, thank you very much!

  1. evil=Aku=our poor princess whose parents had terrible naming sense’s name

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