Demon Lord, Retry! Light Novel – Prologue & Volume 1 Chapter 1

Hey everybody. Sort of back now. I’m about halfway done with chemotherapy. The stuff I’m on now is not as strong as the stuff they had me on before so I don’t feel as sick. I will still be taking things pretty slowly, but I wanted to go ahead and put out what I already had.

The main new content is the prologue and illustrations. Chapter 1 is pretty much exactly the same as the web novel except it refers to Akira by name rather than as “the man” and it has a picture.

Volume 1: Prologue
Volume 1 Chapter 1: Beginning at Midnight

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Translator: Kittenbitten
Proofreader: Caelum


Got started translating because she got so frustrated not being able to talk about her favorite web novels with others.

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  1. Junderbalt · Mar 13, 2019

    Got worried there for a bit. Didn't hear from you for months. Understandable, I suppose, but I'm a worrywart. I'm absolutely delighted you're getting through with the treatment. I hope you finish the treatment in good health soon.
    On a side note, please don't push yourself too hard. Translating isn't as important as your health.
    Get well soon! 🤗

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  2. Hopeless Pessimistic Idiot · Mar 13, 2019

    I was worried there for a bit. I'm absolutely delighted that you're okay and getting through with the treatment.
    Please don't push yourself, translating isn't as important as your health. Get well soon!

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  3. DMAG · Mar 5, 2019

    I hope you get better ;) Live with a smile on your face even in hard times

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  4. Anonymous · Mar 5, 2019

    wow I hope everything continues going well with therapy, does translating help take your mind off it? Sorry if that was rude I'm just curious.

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