Volume 1 Prologue

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At that time, we were within an infinitely repeated eternity.
The meaning of eternity is to stop the hands on the clock.

2001 C.E. x Month x Day Weather: Clear
—xx entered the room.
—Oono Akira entered the room.

“Oh, they’re dying today too. Akira, aren’t there about 200 dead now?”
“Seems like. Looks to be a good beginning.”
Tap tap tap tap. The chat pings.
This was a chat room known only to the two of them.
One person had already departed, so there were only the two of them who visited this place.
“It’s not exactly my place to say, but this game is really ruthless.”
“There were some actual complaints asking if a murderer was developing the game.”
“Seriously?! This country has gotten annoying too. I’m not sure if I should say their asses are tiny or they’re closing it too tightly.”
“Don’t compare it to something dirty.”
Tap tap tap tap. The chat pings.
xxx is no longer here.
Because, xxx —
“Anyway, why are you killing so many every day? I don’t mind since it’s fun, but did you want to create a murderer, Akira?”
“Don’t be stupid. Anyway, isn’t it a common saying? Kill one person; you’re a murderer. Kill a million, and you’re a hero?”
“What’s with that? Did you want to be a hero, Akira?”
Tap tap tap tap. The chat pings.
A digital space with just the two of them.
No one comes here anymore.
“There’s no way I want to be a hero. I’m going to be a ‘demon lord’ who is feared by players all over Japan.”
This was a story in the game.
These words had no influence on reality.
“I see. You can do it, Akira. Yup. I’m sure ‘that’ will come true—”
“You. You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?”
“That’s not true. I’ll repeat your super embarrassing ‘demon lord declaration’ some years from now.”
“Hey. Quit, you jerk.”
Tap tap tap tap. The chat pings.
Thud thud thud thud. People die.

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