Volume 2 Chapter 6 – Kingdom of Holy Light

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Kingdom of Holy Light

— Kingdom of Holy Light, a backcountry feudal lord’s manor

Vilitzo Lang, the feudal lord who governed several poor villages in the area was showing a smiling face at the unusual good news.
After all, the “Devil King” that was revived had been said to have died.
His land was a land that barely produced any taxes anyway, and to have it devastated by a monster like that would make it even worse.

(My luck is starting to turn…)

And then the information about the “demon lord’s descent” came in afterwards. When he heard that, Vilitzo immediately felt that Lady Luck had smiled on him.
No matter how many horses they sent to the Holy Capital to inform them about the devil king’s resurrection, there was no reply. But when it came to the demon lord’s descent, they shouldn’t be able to ignore it.

(I should raise as much of a fuss as possible and drag the Holy Capital into it.)

Vilitzo himself didn’t believe in the existence of a demon lord.
He thought it was just the ignorant masses raising a fuss, but he was afraid of ending his days in this remote backcountry.
If there was some sort of disturbance, then there was the possibility of him being able to escape from this backwater place.

(Should I say that a village was burnt down?)

According to the report, only one farmhouse had caught on fire.
Hearing that, Vilitzo laughed scornfully.
With just that, he could be certain that this demon lord was a fake. In Vilitzo’s opinion, it was likely that some penniless, rogue mercenaries had set fire to it.

(But… why did the devil king die?)

It was a being said to have been sealed by the Cherubim in the far off past.
It’s definitely not in a dimension that a human being could do anything about.
It’s a “calamity” on the scale of an earthquake or typhoon.

(I guess it was an imperfect revival. Folklore is often like that.)

Vilitzo was born a noble and was a man who never knew about hardship.
If the typhoon disappeared, he didn’t think to investigate the reason. He just tried to use it as a means to escape from his rotten circumstances.

(Okay, let’s say that the demon lord destroyed the devil king!)

Cover up a smell with another smell; thinking this was a good idea, Vilitzo patted himself on the back.
But, he didn’t know.
That his irresponsible fabrication was the incontrovertible “truth”.


–— At a certain place in the Kingdom of Holy Light

A young girl wearing a habit1 was raising a shrill voice unsuitable to her tidy appearance.
She is currently headed toward the backcountry in an extravagant carriage, but it seems she is displeased with the shaking of the carriage.

“You, you don’t have enough devotion toward me!”

At that voice, the coachman holding the carriage’s reigns ducked his head.
The one who was riding the carriage was a noble among nobles — one of the “holy maidens.”
If he responded poorly, it was quite possible that he would be burnt at the stake. Especially she —the youngest of the three holy maidens — was extraordinarily selfish, and everyone had problems dealing with her.

But, her appearance — at least her looks were appropriate for someone called a holy maiden.
The wavy pink hair made one think of lovely cherry blossoms, and even her eyes were a pale pink.
Though she was dressed in a habit, her arms and legs were extremely slender and attractive.
Because she was still a child, her bosom was completely flat.

“Right now, I’m going to subdue that legendary demon lord! What are you going to do if I get a bruise on my rear before that!?”

“M, My apologies… the roads in this area aren’t paved, so…”

“You… is that a criticism of the government?”

“O, Of course not!”

The path in this area certainly couldn’t be called a road.
In the Holy Capital, the roads were flagstone and sometimes paved with magic, but in the poor regions, they were mostly weatherbeaten and it was difficult to even make drains for when it rained.

“B, But, aren’t the other holy maidens coming?”

“What, are you trying to say that I alone, am not enough?”

“No! Miss Luna alone, is more than enough!”

“Hmph. Of course. I can’t always be falling behind my older sisters!”

Luna Elegant — 16 years old
It’s said that a name represents a person, but she was a holy maiden far from elegant.
Around the carriage were about 25 accompanying guards, but she was not planning on relying on them at all — she was planning on completing the subjugation and claiming all the credit for herself.

In all actuality, she had a natural talent for magic.
That will surely be a powerful blade with which to fight the “demon lord.”


— Kingdom of Holy Light: on the road to the Holy Capital

On the outskirts, before things started to get a little suspicious.
On a dark, deserted road, a “demon lord” and child were making a racket.
Their combination looks similar to that of a parent and child, but somehow quite different.
They received a few bottles of alcohol from a kind person in a passing carriage.

“My Fragment of Wisdom, come forth — <<Survival Gear>>.”

The demon lord thrust his hand into a black space and pulled out a large object.
It was an item from the Great Empire. As its name suggested, it was full of camping items and considered a necessity in the GAME.

“Mr. Demon Lord, that’s amazing! Are there other things too!?”

The child with him had a slightly red face.
He hadn’t drunk any alcohol, so it was probably just the mood. There aren’t any laws against it in this world, so children can normally drink alcohol, but it appears that the demon lord had stopped him.
Regarding things like this, he was an oddly petty bourgeois demon lord.
Incidentally, in this land, water is expensive, so alcohol is cheaper.

“There is no limit to my ‘jet black’ — <<Defensive Gear>>”

This demon lord, is in totally high spirits.
While making a strange pose, he pulls out another item.
This one is also an item of Great Empire origin. Packed with things to defend from other players, this is also a necessity from the GAME.
Alone, it didn’t show any effect, but once it was “synthesized”, it showed its true ability.

“Item Synthesis — <<Establish Stronghold>>”

As if they were obeying the demon lord’s words, the two items began their synthesis. And in the twinkling of an eye, a “base” was created.
In the GAME, it was an excellent item that greatly reduced damage from other players and allowed for safety during recovery.
It was also possible to combine even more items with the base and give it various functions.

“Is this magic!? This is too amazing, Mr. Demon Lord!”

The child, Aku, was overcome with emotion and hugged the demon lord. The demon lord also laughed in good humor.

“This isn’t magic though? Aku, I will teach you one important thing.”

Saying this, the demon lord took a breath.
He pointed a finger at Aku as if he were informing him of something important.

“Understand — nothing is impossible for the Great Empire!”

The demon lord brushed his long hair back and then thrust his fist toward heaven.
At a glance, he looked like a fool — no, he was just a drunkard.
Aku probably didn’t understand a thing, but he clapped his hands and applauded.

“This… is really… big. And… it’s really hard…”

Aku was saying questionable phrases, but the drunk demon lord didn’t notice. On the contrary, he ended up in an even better mood and started bragging.

“This is a method to withstand a rocket launcher or other types of projectiles. In the GAME, you couldn’t sleep properly without one of these. If you reinforce it with <<Strengthening Material>> or a <<Firewall>>, it’s possible to strengthen a mid-size or large-size base’s defense even more.

“Pro… jec…tiles? What Mr. Demon Lord is talking about sounds complicated…”
“Well, it means that it’s sturdy. Aku, today we’ll sleep at this base. I’m delicate and I definitely don’t want to camp outdoors.”

“Yes, please let me take care of the household chores!”

The easy going two entered the base while humming.
There was no way for the two of them to know of the suspicious presences in the area at that time.

Remaining SP – 10 remaining

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

One part of the data was made available.

Made by synthesizing survival gear and defensive gear.
It decreases damage from other players and can also protect from projectiles.
There are projectiles that reduce SP as well as lower the durability of defensive equipment, so being defenseless against such things can be lethal.

Befitting of a base, the inside is furnished with things such as beds, a drum bath2, and a simple kitchen; it is possible to keep a minimum standard of living.
If it is a mid-size or large-size base, the interior becomes much more extravagant.

Whatever materials they are made of are able to withstand the attack of anti-tank grenade launchers such as the RPG-7 or RPG-29.
In this world, it would be a Herculean task to pierce this defense.
Because of its GAME specific usage, it is possible to fold it smaller and carry it around freely.

  1. a religious garment worn by clergy
  2. google image search

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