Volume 2 Chapter 8 – Holy Maiden ★

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Holy Maiden ★1

“I came to defeat the demon lord, but it looks like there are some filthy bandits here as well.”

The holy maiden — Luna showed smiled.
She had an extraordinarily cute face, but her actions were downright repulsive.
The golden light she released had torn apart the bodies of five bandits in an instant.

“Dam-… all of you, we’re retreating!”

“Are you stupid? There’s no way you can get away from me.”

Luna raised up a staff with small wings on it and began to chant.
As she did so, a golden light began to gather around her.

That was one of this world’s elements –
And the one she used was an exceedingly rare one.

“Bloom in gold — <<Gold Slash>>”

In that moment, a countless number of golden blades were fired from Luna’s staff, and another 6 bodies were torn to pieces.

(This girl, you’ve got to be kidding me…)

Being unnerved by this magic Kunai saw for the first time was part of this shock.
The fear he felt from its power was another part.
But what had surprised him the most was—that such a young girl was able to kill people so mercilessly.

(Should I run…?)

For a moment, that thought crossed his mind, but he immediately tossed it aside.
The girl hadn’t come alone and was accompanied by many soldiers.
Once he saw that, his hesitation disappeared. He immediately pulled out the base from his inventory and threw Aku inside.

“Wha-, Wai…!?”

“Lay low in the furthest corner. Understand?”

As expected, the girl who had used magic was staring in their direction.
Since he had pulled a building out of nowhere, that was perfectly natural.

“What is this… Are you a mage? Or is this some sort of magical tool?”

Without answering, he pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.
Honestly, he wasn’t able to calm down without doing so.
Would he be okay after being hit with that? At any rate, he definitely couldn’t show any weakness to that girl—she would take advantage of it.
She didn’t look to be anything more than just a kid, but she killed people without any hesitation.

The girl seemed attracted to the base as she patted it and looked inside it, interested.
Her appearance as she overflowed with curiosity, seemed cute and appropriate for her age, but…
Now that “innocent” look of hers was frightening.

“I’ve never seen this material before… You, present this to me. If you do, I wouldn’t mind letting you go.”

“Is that a trade, little girl? What guarantee do I have that you’ll keep your promise?”

“Haaaaah? You, who do you think you’re talking to?”

“Unfortunately, I still haven’t heard your name.”

He answered while leisurely blowing smoke.
Contrary to his outward appearance, his heart was pounding like crazy. If he concentrated on escaping, he was confident that he’d be able to survive, but his opponents abilities were too much of an unknown quantity.
If things could be settled without a fuss through negotiation, should he do so in this case—?

“What an unthinkable bumpkin… No, I guess it can’t be helped if you’re just a dirty bandit.”

He was slightly irritated at being associated as one of the bandits.
Why did he have to be thought of as one of Own Goal’s henchmen?
With a name like that, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was stabbed in the back at any time.

“Miss holy maiden… this guy isn’t one of our group.”
Own Goal smirked, while saying.

That’s right, tell her. Rather, why don’t you guys just fight to the death on your own!
Why do I have to get dragged into it even though I’m completely unrelated? 2

(Hm, holy maiden…?)

Kunai recalled that they were supposed to be one of the big shots in this country. He thought Aku had said something about three holy maidens.

“Miss holy maiden… That old man is the ‘demon lord’! Ha Ha Ha!”

“What did you say!?”

That old man, saying unnecessary things!
Don’t mess with me, old man!
Do you wanna die, old man!
I’m gonna beat you up, old man! 3

“Own Goal, seems like you really want to blow up yourself and your teammates? Then how about you score against yourself, get some jabañero-stuffed eggs thrown at you at the airport and die!”4

“What the hell are you talking about… And I told you it was Oh NGhol! Pronounce it right, you stupid bastard!”


The young girl screamed like she was throwing a tantrum and from her staff surged out a golden light—!
Since Kunai was waiting for “that,” he immediately hid himself in the shadow of the base.
The golden blades crashed into the base, visibly reducing their momentum. But as this reduction wasn’t complete, the blades reached him.

“Ow… o…”

This was magic—he shielded his face with his hands, but both of his hands were in considerable pain.
But along with the pain, he was able to learn several things.
As long as he had a base, magic damage could be reduced without problem. But on the other hand, his most important defense, the Assault Barrier, didn’t work.

(I don’t think this kid is level 30 or over either.)

Max level players have a unique aura. He didn’t feel that kind of aura from this girl at all.
Even so, it’s possible for even more powerful magic to exist.

—Magic is a danger after all.

Looking to the side, Own Goal and several around him had fallen down in the dirt. Perhaps he should say “as expected”—Own Goal had used his minions as a shield.
He was covered in wounds, but still alive.
Perhaps the bandits surrounding them had ran away, because there was no longer anyone there.

“You’re still alive… You, are you really the demon lord?”

“Who knows. More importantly, shall I hear your apology for the sudden attack?”

“Apology? Isn’t it natural for a holy maiden to attack an evil being?”

“I see, I’ll remember that for your ‘eulogy.'”


“My eulogy?”

At those words, Luna was unable to hold back her laughter.
She didn’t know what this man was misunderstanding, but his attitude was inappropriate. She didn’t see the slightest bit of respect in his attitude towards a holy maiden.

That could be expected of bandits, but his attire was fairly elegant.
Though his clothing was unusual, each thing he wore had an almost out of place feeling of luxuriousness.

And his gestures were also elegant.
His casual movements showed a polished refinement, and at first, she thought that he might have even been a fallen noble.
But from her observation of his lack of knowledge about holy maidens up to this point, that would be impossible. Which means, he must be from another country.

—Speaking of which, she hadn’t named herself yet.

“I’m one of the holy maidens—the golden Luna Elegant.”

She didn’t know what kind of person this man was.
She didn’t think someone who had a human appearance would be the demon lord, but he was definitely someone dangerous.
The fact that he withstood her magic, and that he suddenly created a building—
At any rate, he was definitely suspicious.

Regardless of the fact that she had named herself, the man was making an expression as if he had bitten into something bitter. On the contrary, she felt a quiet anger from him that she hadn’t earlier.
This man might possibly be a terrorist sent from another country.

“A brat who would suddenly launch magic at someone is elegant? Setting aside this dirty old man… You, what were you planning to do if Aku got hurt?”

“Huh?? What’s a villain like you saying?”

Perhaps noticing the aura the man was releasing, her guards surrounded her. Normally, she would yell at them that they were in the way, but she was unable to see through this man.
It seemed like it would be better to surround him and finish him off with magic after he was weakened.

“All of you, capture this fool!”

One of the calvary from upon a horse, brandished his spear and thrust it at the man.
But that spear was unable to reach him.
As if it was obstructed by an invisible wall, the spear stopped. All of their eyes popped out at this mysterious phenomenon.

“Unfortunately, it seems like all of you don’t have the ‘right’ to stand in front of me.”

The man grabbed the spear and lightly lifted it up along with the knight.
For a moment, the sight looked like a joke as her mind went completely blank. In the next moment, the man casually waved the spear, and the knight was flung far away, as if he were just a pebble.

The man began to grab the knights off their horses and throw them one after another. Before she realized it, her 25 guards were nowhere to be seen.

(What is this…)

During that time, she was unable to do anything but stare blankly—
No, in such a situation, what could she have done?

“Y,You… are you possibly from the giant race or something?”

She had heard that in a mountain range far to the east, there was a race who had monstrously large bodies.
It was said that they could crush iron with their bare hands.
This guy must be descended from…

“H,Hey! What are you doing!”

Before she realized it, he was holding her under his arm.
Could it be that this man… was planning on kidnapping her and doing this and that…!

“I wonder how many meters the next one will fly.”


“First off, ‘mischief’ calls for disciplining.”

“Wha… Wait, no no! What are you planning to do!?”

“I won’t have mercy on anyone who attacks me—even if it’s a woman!”

What happened thereafter—turned into a dark history that Luna was unable to forget for the rest of her life.

The demon lord’s face became serious, and he raised his hand.
And when that hand swung down toward Luna’s derriere—
A piercing sound echoed throughout the blue sky.


Luna’s scream reverberated through the air, but the demon lord’s hand did not stop.
His face was solemn, somewhat like that of a conductor in an orchestra.


A rhythmical, perhaps even artistic melody rang throughout the area.
That was a first-class percussion instrument created by the collision of palm and buttocks.

“OooowwwwwwwW! M, My butt, my butt, stoooooop!”

“This is for my right hand! This is for my left hand! This is for both hands! Back to the beginning for my right hand! And this is because it’s getting a little fun!”

And the demon lord’s vigorous spanking continued until he lost interest.


—The Kingdom of Holy Light: On the road to the capital

“Phew… I worked up a good sweat.”

“I, Is it okay…? The holy maiden’s butt…”

After administering the punishment, the demon lord was leisurely walking while lifting Aku up on his shoulders.
Even though there might be pursuers, he showed a brazen attitude.
Instead, he might even be “waiting” for them.

“It was split there in the first place, so I’m sure it’s fine.”

“I, I don’t think that’s the problem.”

If he took one wrong step—No, no matter how you thought about it, that was definitely sexual harassment.
Insulting the highest authority in this country—at this point, even being burnt at the stake might be considered a lukewarm punishment. Though they were in that sort of a situation, the demon lord’s expression was bright.
Because, in that combat that couldn’t be considered real combat, he was able to acquire SP.

“We can dream big. Once I’m able to use all of the admin functions, hah hah…”

“M, Mr. Demon Lord… you’re a little scary.”

“Now, we’ve gotten some money. Today, let’s spend the night in some town.”

The demon lord declared that the money the holy maiden had was “reparations” and seized it.
He acted in such a bold manner, and before Aku was even able to say a word, the leather bag full of money had disappeared into the demon lord’s pocket.
On top of a relentless spanking, there was theft—this man was the demon lord after all.
Nope, maybe just a common bandit.


“Gonna kill himmmm! That man, just you wait!”

Inside the carriage, Luna groaned and spat curses at the demon lord.
While ducking his head at that voice, the coachman sighed.
During this journey, he might lose most of his hair. 5

“That man… No, that was the demon lord! I’m definitely going to defeat him!”

Hearing her words, the faces of the guards escorting her turned pale.
This was no joke. How would they be able to fight against a monster who was able to withstand the holy maiden’s magic and hurl human beings away so easily.

To go even further, their opponent’s movements had been so fast that they hadn’t even been able to properly see them.
All of them firmly swore to themselves, “I won’t be part of any subjugation force.”

“You stupid coachman! Travel more slowly! My butt is hurting!”

“M, My apologies!”

After this, the strife caused by the man who didn’t know he was being called the demon lord, would continue to grow more and more.

Remaining SP – 100+ remaining

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

One part of the data was made available.

Luna Elegant

Race: Human
Age: 16

Weapon: Staff of Lambda
An ancient staff bearing the blessing of the Cherub.
Has the effect of decreasing the amount of vitality used, which is extremely rare in this world.
On the other hand, it has the ability to explosively increase the power of magic by increasing the amount of vitality used.

Armor: Habit6 of Lambda
Ancient habit, bearing the blessing of the Cherub.
Dramatically increases magic defense.
It would take a considerable amount of magic to be able to lay a single scratch on her.

Level: 17
Health: ?
Vitality: ?
Attack: ?
Defense: ?
Agility: ?
Magical Power: 30 (+25)
Magical Defense: 25 (+25)

The youngest of the three holy maidens.
She has two older sisters, but they are not blood related.
Those who are talented are chosen from the Holy Church and become sisters.
She has an outstanding talent for magic even among the holy maidens; it is quite dreadful to think of how much her magic will grow in the future.
Unfortunately, she has little real combat experience, and her ability to make quick decisions is nonexistent.

Because of her outstanding natural talent, she was brought up like a little princess and has become completely spoiled.
She behaves herself in front of her older sisters, but is plotting to eventually defeat them.

The second maiden’s name is Killer Queen.
The eldest maiden’s name is Angel White.

Translator Note:

For anyone who’s interested, here’s a jabañero egg recipe. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looked pretty good.

Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

Also, reminding everyone again, I’m using “he” as the pronoun for Aku until Kunai actually learns Aku’s gender. Then, I will use whichever is appropriate. No spoilers in the comments. All spoiler comments will be deleted.

  1. The star is in the raw title… don’t ask me
  2. Just in case it wasn’t clear, this is Kunai complaining here.
  3. Kunai is seriously holding a grudge over being called an old man.
  4. I have no idea about the jabañero eggs. Do Japanese people have a custom of throwing eggs at sports teams that perform badly? I have no idea.
  5. Go bald from stress.
  6. a religious garment worn by clergy

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