Chapter 12: In Xi Que’s Heart

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That night, everyone went to sleep with different thoughts. The next day, Shen Wenhua woke up early and prepared to go to the Yamen. However, the first person he saw was the last person he wanted to meet!

“What do you want?” Before, when Zhao momo had arranged for Xi Que to wait on him, even though he wanted to object, he held his tongue. But after yesterday’s matter, Shen Wenhua’s mood would turn foul whenever he saw Xi Que.

Laoye, nubi…nubi came to wait on you!” Xi Que was a young girl in the prime of her life, seeing that the person she admired was cold towards her, it was difficult for her to avoid feeling aggrieved in her heart!

He was such a good man, why was Furen so possessive of him? She only wanted to stay by Laoye’s side, nothing more. She would not become greedy, how could Furen be so cruel?

“There’s no need to wait on me, you are dismissed!” Shen Wenhua waved her away. He was not in the mood to see her at the moment.

Laoye, nubi…What did nubi do wrong?” Xi Que looked pitifully at Shen Wenhua. Her complexion was already pale, and now, that beautiful face had tears dripping down it. Faced with this scene, if the other had any tender, protective feelings toward the fairer sex, one could only fear that they would already be tempted.

However, Shen Wenhua had never been the type of person to have such feelings. After observing Xi Que acting like this, he felt a little irritated. “Enough! You leave. If I have a matter that needs attending to, then I will naturally call for you!” If it weren’t for yesterday’s matter, Shen Wenhua would have just taken Xi Que as an ordinary maid but Zhao momo took the initiative to offer Xi Que to him. Shen Wenhua felt annoyed just by looking at Xi Que, so he was naturally unhappy!”

Laoye…” Xi Que could see that Shen Wenhua did not feel any pity towards her and the hatred in her heart for Dan Yuerong grew. However, she knew that Shen Wenhua would only hate her more if she continued to stay, so it was better to be obedient and leave. “Then nubi will leave first. If Laoye has any orders, then call nubi.” After speaking, she tearfully glanced at Shen Wenhua and quickly left, feeling wronged.

Furen, I will never forget how you treated me!

Xi Que heard bits and pieces of people’s whispers as she left. “Look at that Xi Que. Just who does she think she is? Laoye does not like her and yet, she rashly tried to take advantage of an opportunity to climb up. Really cheap!”

“No way! Laoye and Furen’s relationship was originally harmonious, now that Furen is pregnant again, how could Laoye do something to make Furen unhappy? Unexpectedly, this person does not understand and desired to take advantage of an opportunity to climb up. Hahaha, it must be really humiliating!”

“She looked so smug and thought that she would be superior after coming from the capital. She thought that she was better than us, but now, is she not inferior to us?”

“Yes, yesterday Laoye continuously refused to allow her into the room, and yet she still dares to show her face. She is not even a Tongfang yatou 1. Hahaha, if I were her, I would have been too ashamed to allow anyone to see me…”

“Exactly, is Laoye the kind of man that she can desire? How many pounds and ounces does she think she weighs? Could it be that she really doesn’t know her worth without weighing herself2?  Did she really think that she could act recklessly by relying on Old Madam’s support? After ending up like this, she has no way out!“Hahaha…”


Those people had watched over the household for many years and they knew that Shen Wenhua and Dan Yuerong had deep feelings between them. In addition, Dan Yuerong had treated them really well. She was fair with rewards and punishments and even allowed them to have a say in their own marriage, so everyone felt that she was very considerate. Since everyone respected Dan Yuerong in their hearts, they naturally disliked Xi Que, a person who suddenly came, and of course, they would grab this chance to ridicule her.

Xi Que did not expect that her recent rejection by Shen Wenhua would spread out and she immediately hung her head in shame and left after hearing those words, hiding in the house to cry alone until Zhao momo came. Only then did Xi Que feel that she finally had a person to vent to. “Momo, how can I face people later? They, they, wuwu 3…” Although she had expected everyone to talk about her, Xi Que did not think that these people would disregard her status, and even Old madam, to ridicule her!

“Alright, do not cry. These are Furen’s people, if Furen did not incite them, how could they dare to be so arrogant?” After Zhao momo saw Xi Que crying in this manner, she felt angry and anxious in her heart, she felt that Xi Que was too useless!

“Then, Momo, what should I do?” Thinking of the humiliation that she received from Dan Yuerong, Xi Que felt even angrier!

“What to do? You are now Laoye’s person, so if you want to live well, then you must make Laoye love you.”

“But Laoye has already ignored me!” Thinking of Shen Wenhua’s indifference that morning, Xi Que could not help but be filled with despair!

Laoye ignored you, so what? Can it be that you cannot think of a method? You are young and beautiful, and your brain is also not lacking. At the end of the day, Laoye is just a man, so don’t tell me that you do not have any means?” Zhao momo quickly looked at Xi Que and poked her head. Seeing that she still had no idea, Zhao momo could not help but feel regretful.

If she had known that Xi Que was this slow, then she would have used Lian Zhi instead. That girl usually spoke less but was more level-headed. When she fell short and made a small mistake the past few days in the study, even Laoye did not say anything!

“Then, then I…” Thinking about what Zhao momo said, an idea suddenly flashed through Xi Que’s mind before quickly disappearing.

“Alright, what is done cannot be undone. You represent Old madam, so quickly go and wash your face, don’t allow people to see you as a joke. You do not have to worry since I will help you, but you will also have to work hard.” In reality, the current situation was not good. She could only use this method, but she had to carefully consider it first.

“I know, Momo!” Xie Que knew that crying would not solve her problem, until the day she could obtain revenge, she could only swallow some grievances into her stomach.

“It’s good that you understand. Old madam deliberately chose you to come, so it is natural that she thinks highly of you. Therefore, you cannot disappoint Old madam. When the time comes to give the Shen family a grandson, your life will be filled with wealth and status, and even if you wanted to avoid it, you wouldn’t be able to!”

“Yes, Momo!” After listening to Zhao momo’s words, Xi Que knew that she had Old madam’s backing and suddenly lost her fear.

She was young, and no matter how good the feelings between Furen and Laoye were, many years had passed, and Furen had grown old. She did not believe that Laoye would not like her young body.

Now, Xi Que’s heart was determined, and she knew that she would have to work hard. Elsewhere, Shen Jingshu had already learned of that morning’s matter. “Chun Xiao, really? That happened?” Listening to other people’s discussions, Shen Jingshu thought that Xi Que had been thoroughly humiliated. However, this was just the beginning. In this life, things could absolutely not work out as well as they did for Xi Que in the past life.

“Haha, Xiaojie, isn’t it? That Xi Que was really humiliated, but she deserved it. Who told her…”

“Alright, we should not be speaking about the matters of daddy’s room.” Smiling, Shen Jingshu took a glance at Chun Xi, who had not said anything, and wondered what she was thinking about. “Chun Xi, mother should be up, accompany me to see mother.

“Yes, Xiaojie!” Lately, Chun Xi had the feeling that someone was watching her, but she had no clue who it was.


  1.  Servant girl who served the master, status is ranked lower than a concubine  
  2.  She doesn’t know her own value
  3. Crying sound
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