Chapter 11: Finding Common Ground

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“Shu-er, why did you come? Dan Yuerong had intended to fall asleep, but Shen Jingshu suddenly came.

“Mom, I want to sleep with you!” Although she could not be counted as a child because of her past life, Shen Jingshu cherished this chance to reunite with her parents. Shen Jingshu wanted to accompany Dan Yuerong since she knew that she was in a bad mood.

“This child… It’s late, how could you come alone? Where are Chun Xiao and the others? They did not accompany you?” Laughing, she pulled Shen Jingshu over. Just now, when Dan Yuerong heard Shen Jingshu asking to sleep with her, her heart suddenly felt relieved. Now, with her daughter to accompany her, it was unlikely that she would be lonely tonight.

“Mom, I wanted to be alone with you, so I did not let them come with me. Mom, let me sleep with you, okay?” In any case, she was a child now, to act spoiled was also considered normal. Although Shen Jingshu thought that acting this way was a bit immature, she very much enjoyed being showered with such love!

In her past life, everything was like a nightmare. In those days, she always thought that, if she could meet with her parents again, even if she had to pay a big price, she would not be afraid!

Now, to have gotten what she wanted, she would do anything to protect the people she cared about, even if she turned into a monster!

“Yes, yes, yes, this child… I thought that you had grown up, but you are still a child.” Dan Yuerong’s voice was very soft, but Shen Jingshu still heard it. These days, she had suddenly become very mature and although Dan Yuerong was happy, she still had some worries. Now, seeing her daughter act like this she felt that she could be relieved.

Good, Shu-er was still the same Shu-er, but only more sensible. How fortunate was she?

“Mom, then let’s sleep, we can not make little brother tired!”

“Yes, yes, yes, let’s sleep!” Laughing, she pulled Shen Jingshu into her embrace. She let the servants wash Shen Jingshu’s face and rinse her mouth, and then Dan Yuerong went to sleep embracing Shen Jingshu. Maybe because of her pregnancy, Dan Yuerong fell asleep easily that night. After she closed her eyes, Shen Jingshu opened her eyes. Those eyes appeared particularly dark and bright at night, carrying a deep look that did not belong to someone of her age. She yearningly looked at Dan Yuerong’s face, her eyes filled with conviction. “Mom, do not worry, in this life our family will definitely be fortunate and happy together. Those tragedies from my past life will definitely not happen again!

In the quiet night, a low mumbling could be heard expressing someone’s determination. Shen Jingshu looked at Dan Yuerong’s pretty and fine complexion, her face was full of baby fat and firm. It had a pair of rounded eyes that were bright and peerless, even the moon couldn’t compare!

In the quiet night, some people were laughing and some people were worried. Waiting in the side room was Xi Que,  her exquisite face was filled with viciousness. “Momo, Laoye really doesn’t want to come?” Could it be that he really disliked her? Her appearance was not bad and she could also be considered a little smart. Why was he acting this way towards her?

Now that she had offered herself, if Laoye did not want her, how should she conduct herself in the future? Would she become an old spinster, alone for the rest of her life? No, she did not want to!

“Why would I lie to you?” Zhao momo was subjected to Shen Wenhua’s anger, naturally she did not speak to Xi Que in a kind way.

This person was really useless! These days, she had given her so many opportunities, and yet she was unable to gain Laoye’s heart. Really!

Momo, is it because of Furen?” If it weren’t for Furen blocking her path, with her appearance and means, how could Laoye not like her?

“This is something I can not say!” Although Zhao momo did not admit it,  the meaning of these words, was it not implied? When Xi Que heard this, her face immediately filled with anger, “Furen, how could she be this way?! She clearly agreed, so how could she go back on her words?! What should I do now?” Tugging at her clothes, Xi Que’s exquisite makeup became a bit distorted.

At the very least, she was a maid that came from Old Madam’s side. Even if Furen did not care for the monk, she should show some respect to Buddha. Was it because she had been in Jingnan for a long time that she no longer respected Old Madam? Why did Furen humiliate her like this?

“Okay, Xi Que, the master’s affair is not something we can gossip about. In what happened today, you are also partly responsible, so you can’t blame others. In the future, you’d better be careful about what you do!” Zhao momo saw Xi Que’s anger start to rise and provoked her. She knew that Xi Que was a scheming person. Otherwise, she would not have intentionally brought her over from the capital. “Today, I did all that I could do to help you, and now that you’ve offered yourself to him, you must dedicate yourself to Laoye. Remember, there is plenty of time!” Zhao momo was not an ordinary person,  she knew that with some matters, she could not be caught meddling in them. However, she could always use a pawn. Wasn’t Xi Que a good chess piece? This person was ambitious and also a little smart, she believed that Xi Que would not disappoint her!

Momo, I will not forget your great favor and kindness. My only hope is that momo will speak kindly of me in front of Laoye in the future.” Hearing Zhao momo’s implied meaning, Xi Que naturally realized that she would need Zhao momo’s support.

Now, Furen was suspicious of her, Laoye did not like her, and she was in an unfamiliar place, she could only rely on Zhao momo!

No matter what, she had to make Laoye like her! When the time came and she gave birth to a few children, her status would naturally rise like a boat swelling in the tide. Laoye was the gentleman who she had admired for a long time, so when the time came and Laoye made her a concubine, being his yiniang 1, wasn’t that much better than being married to an ordinary person?

“Do not worry, Old Madam already explained to me before we arrived, as long you and Lian Zhi are very obedient when the time comes, you both will be able to live in glory and wealth for your whole lives!” What type of household was the Shen family? What kind of person was Shen Laoye? Shen Laoye placed third in the imperial exam, was an upright person, and also a high ranked official! Although he was only a magistrate in Jiangnan, each year his evaluation was excellent. If it weren’t for Laoye insisting on staying in Jingnan, he would not have to suffer as a magistrate. In the capital, things would be very different!

Momo, don’t worry, I will definitely be very obedient and wait for the day I succeed. I will certainly not forget momo’s kindness!” Kneeling towards Zhao momo, Xi Que knew that from now on she could only rely on Zhao momo. Even if the other person was only using her, for wealth and status, she was willing!

“Good, I can see that you are also a prudent person. Like before, you will still serve Laoye, so remember what happened here today and wait for an opportunity, there will definitely be one!”

Momo, you mean…” She still had a chance? That was really good!

“As long as you listen to me and are very obedient, what you wish for will certainly come true!” Smiling, she gave Xi Que a sweet pastry to make Xi Que be well behaved and obedient.

Momo, I will absolutely be obedient!”

“Good, very good! The first time I saw you, I knew you were an intelligent person. I was not wrong!” Looking at Xi Que’s beautiful face, Zhao momo was convinced that, as long as Xi Que was willing, not many men would be able to resist her!


  1. Concubine
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