Chapter 10: Teaching Momo a lesson

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Laoye, this old servant does not dare!” Zhao momo did not think that Shen Wenhua would suddenly lose his temper. In her opinion, Shen Wenhua had always been a gentle and noble person with a quiet voice and peaceful disposition, so it was natural that she had never seen Shen Wenhua when he was angry. At this moment, Zhao momo could not help but feel fear in her heart.

Momo, do you really ‘not dare’? Or have I given you too much leeway to act as you please, so that now you are trying to seize control of your master’s affairs?” His voice was still gentle, but his expression contained a layer of coldness, Zhao momo felt frightened when she heard it. However, Zhao momo had been a servant at Mother Shen’s side for a long time, and these years she had become accustomed to others flattering her, so naturally she wouldn’t easily admit defeat, “Laoye, this old servant is doing it for Laoye’s sake. Which noble family’s son doesn’t act this way? Laoye must not go against convention just because of Furen! It will cause people to see you as a laughing stock!”

Pausing for a moment, she realized how impertinent she had just sounded. Zhao momo needed to lend some authority to her words, so she mustered her courage and spoke again, “Furthermore, Xi Que and Lian Zhi were sent over under Old madam’s orders. If Laoye does not like Xi Que, then Lian Zhi is also pretty good! Laoye and Furen have been married for many years, and now there is also Da Xiaojie. Since ancient times, it has been prosperous male heirs that ensure the continuation of a family’s prosperity. I hope that Laoye will recognize the seriousness of the situation!”

Momo, this is Jiangnan, not the capital. Furthermore, this is also not mother’s house. Momo, you need to recognize your status, and stop trying to reach above your station!” For these words to be spoken to an old momo, it was a bit too severe. Zhao momo had been in the Shen family for many years, and it was not an exaggeration to say that Zhao momo had watched Shen Wenhua and Shen Wenli grow up. Additionally, Zhao momo was someone from Mother Shen’s side and she had always been given due respect. And furthermore, right now Zhao momo was representing Mother Shen. For Shen Wenhua to treat her in this manner, Zhao momo found it rather difficult to swallow!

Laoye, this old servant is acting wholeheartedly for the sakes of both Old madam and Laoye. Saying those things, are you planning to send this old servant away?

Before traveling to Jiangnan this time, Old madam specifically asked her to allow Xi Que and Lian Zhi to get close to and serve Laoye. This was also to avoid Laoye always being seen as a laughing stock by his colleagues. Could it be that master still could not understand Old madam’s painstaking efforts? During this period, it was still considered normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. Shen Wenhua acting like this was considered to be quite eccentric. Although Shen Wenhua’s appearance, character, and talent were all excellent, because of this point, he experienced difficulties in getting along with other people. In the city, Shen Wenhua had the reputation of a henpecked husband.

Shen Wenhua did not mind it himself, but Mother Shen’s side minded it a lot! Who would want their own son to be a henpecked husband? It was good to have many children! Any mother wanted their son to be loved and tended to by many, not be in the clutches of a single woman!

Momo, you have overstepped your station today!” Shen Wenhua spoke with an even colder tone. He could not believe that this Zhao momo had arrived less than a month ago and was actually being impertinent to this degree!

Acting so bold and arrogant, and even daring to use his mother to suppress him, When he hadn’t been home, Rong-er had probably been oppressed to the point of suffocation!

Thinking back, Zhao momo took over management of the household the moment that she arrived, Shen Wenhua had initially wanted to allow Dan Yuerong to relax, so he didn’t think much of it. But now, he could not allow it to continue. “It seems as though Momo has too much free time, that is why you are getting all sorts of strange ideas. Starting tomorrow, Momo will pay your respects to Furen every day and report the household’s daily matters. With regards to any major event, it is better to let Furen decide! Momo, do not forget, this is not the capital. Furen is this household’s mistress! “

Laoye, what is the meaning of this?” Zhao momo never thought that the person who she had looked after from childhood to adulthood would disregard everything she had done for him and act this way towards her, all because of a woman!

Momo, Mother sent you here to take care of Furen. In this house, Furen makes the decisions. Momo should know your place and take good care of Furen, as for other matters, Momo need not worry!”

Although Shen Wenhua had a peaceful disposition, he was not someone who enjoyed being led by the nose. Moreover, he had a firm character and didn’t like when people tried to influence his decisions. Zhao momo could be considered guilty of breaking his taboo!

He was least fond of someone using his mother as a shield in order to force him to submit! It was a pity that, although Zhao momo knew about this taboo, these days Dan Yuerong’s obedience had caused her to become somewhat smug and conceited, and she momentarily forgot.

Laoye…” At this moment, Zhao momo still had not recovered, and she did not understand why Shen Wenhua was treating her this way?

She was an old momo from Old madam’s side. These days she commanded respect, and even the favored second Furen in the capital was usually gracious to her. In the household, who did not curry favor with her? How could Laoye not give her face?

“It is getting late. Momo is old and your health is not good. You had better go back and rest early, as for these matters, there is no need to worry about them. Furen will substitute for me and manage the household well!” This type of overbearing person like Zhao momo caused Shen Wenhua to feel somewhat annoyed. He blamed this matter for why he was unable to hold his wife in his arms, as well as Dan Yuerong’s poor mood. As such, Shen Wenhua was also unhappy and went directly into his study, leaving Zhao momo with a stunned expression, unwilling to accept what had just happened!

Zhao momo stood outside for a long time. When she confirmed that Shen Wenhua had left, her eyes grew ice cold. She glared angrily towards Dan Yuerong’s room, convinced in her heart that Dan Yuerong was responsible for Shen Wenhua treating her this way!

It appeared that she had underestimated this Furen, and after not meeting for a few years, Furen had learned to endure more and was now even using Laoye as a shield!

Humph, do not think that you can sit back and relax! Pregnancies last ten months, she still did not believe that Laoye would really be able to endure that long!

“Humph, let’s wait and see!” Zhao momo angrily looked at Dan Yuerong’s room before finally leaving. However, she did not know that, after she left, a little girl came out from a corner. The girl looked in the direction that Zhao momo disappeared, with an expression unbefitting of a child, “Zhao momo, this is just the beginning. In this life, you’re still thinking of using those filthy tricks to drive a wedge between mother and father. I will not let you succeed!

The past few days that she had spent being obedient to Zhao momoit was all for today! If she had not allowed Zhao momo to control all of those matters and become blinded by her success, then Zhao momo would not have acted so recklessly today and break daddy’s taboo. It was all a part of her plan!

However, just doing this much was far from enough!


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