Chapter 9: Husband and wife, sleeping in separate rooms?

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When Shen Wenhua returned from the Yamen, he could feel that something was not right within the inner courtyard. Several people were whispering, but once they saw him passing by, they retreated and avoided him.

Shen Wenhua did not quite understand what was going on until he saw that his wife’s gloomy and crestfallen face. When she saw him, she forced a smile. She was clearly unhappy! “Rong-er, what’s wrong with you?” Now, Rong-er was pregnant and the doctor said she could not be emotionally stressed, so who dared to make his Rong-er unhappy?

“Wenhua, I am fine. Are you hungry? I will let them serve the meal now.” If you found out that someone else was trying to sleep with your husband, wouldn’t you be unhappy? Or am I, Dan Yuerong, not an accommodating person? Dan Yuerong thought sadly.

“Rong-er, what happened? If something happened, do not try to hide it from me!” Although Shen Wenhua’s temperament was always good, he was also a human and had a bit of a temper.

“Daddy, don’t worry, Mom is fine. Daddy, I’m hungry. Let’s eat!” Shen Jingshu immediately came out to help Dan Yuerong. Zhao momo was responsible for this matter, but Zhao momo had grandmother’s backing. Grandmother had never been fond of her mother, and she thought mother was a possessive woman. Therefore, in today’s matter, mother absolutely could not step in, it had to be handled by daddy.

If it was something Daddy did not want, then, even if Grandmother disagreed, she could not blame Mother.

This Zhao momo had become more and more oppressive lately. She had the Fu’s management tightly under her control, and she showed less and less respect towards Mother! Today, that Zhao momo must be taught a lesson to let her know who the real master of the house was. This would also prevent Zhao momo from being more outrageous and placing stress on mother!

“Haha, Wenhua, Shu-er is hungry. Let’s eat first!” Seeing her daughter helping her out, Dan Yuerong went along with it. Shen Wenhua saw that Dan Yuerong was not willing to say what was troubling her, so he did not press the matter further. After eating their meal, Dan Yuerong was sleepy and wanted to go to bed. Shen Wenhua wanted to accompany Dan Yuerong, but to his surprise, she refused. Later, Shen Jingshu pulled Shen Wenhua away.  

“Daddy, do you know why mother is unhappy?” Pretending that she didn’t know anything, Shen Jingshu asked Shen Wenhua with an innocent look on her face, while pulling him away to walk.

“I don’t know, does Shu-er know?” He looked at his daughter’s puzzled face. Shen Wenhua was not at home today, naturally he did not know what had happened. So, he wanted to get a few clues from his daughter’s mouth.

“I don’t know, but today Zhao momo was in a good mood. I also saw Xi Que jiejie wearing a pink gauze skirt today, and she was also very happy. Also, Zhao momo said that today there would be a good event happening in the house. Daddy, what is the good event? What is it?” Since she was a child right now, she could just blurt out things without any restraint or sensibility. Whatever she knew, she could just say it. Even though she did not directly say what Zhao momo did, her words let others work out what happened, and this had a more powerful effect.

“Daddy, why did Zhao momo say that there would be a happy event? Mom looked unhappy. Daddy, if this happy event makes Mom upset, can we not do it? Mom is pregnant with little brother and the doctor said Mom cannot be angry.” Shen Jingshu’s small hand trembled and her innocent face was full of anxiousness and worry. When Shen Wenhua saw this, his heart melted. He quickly took his daughter into his embrace. “My Shu-er is so grown-up, Daddy is happy!”

Previously, although his daughter was filial, she had been a naughty child, and sometimes she would not listen to him at all. However, it seemed that after her sudden illness, his daughter had suddenly become more mature and filial. Shen Wenhua really believed that this was a blessing!

“Then, if Daddy’s Shu-er is obedient, will mother be happy?”

“Definitely! Shu-er, be at ease, your Daddy will not let your Mom be unhappy!” After all, she was the woman who he had fallen in love at first sight with. These years, the two people had helped each other during humble circumstances, so how could others be allowed to get in between the two?

Ai, why can’t Mother understand? He was not a lustful person, he only wanted a beloved woman to raise a few cute children with. With this much happiness, how could his marriage not be good? Would anyone want to cause conflict in their own relationship and drown it in a toxic atmosphere?

These years, Shen Wenhua had heard enough! Especially when taking into consideration his own experience with women in the inner courtyard, he disdained the methods that those women used, always scheming and trying to harm each other. Naturally, he did not want to be among them!


With his daughter’s words, Shen Wenhua had a general idea of what was going on and decided what he should do.

That evening, Dan Yuerong stated that she would sleep on her own, Shen Wenhua heard this and felt a bit vexed. “Rong-er, without you in my arms, I can not sleep. I am not used to it.” Shen Wenhua shamelessly refused to go, and when Dan Yuerong heard Shen Wenhua say those embarrassing words so unabashedly, she suddenly felt embarrassed. “That’s enough! Don’t talk anymore! Be good and go to sleep!” After that, she immediately drove Shen Wenhua away. Shen Wenhua stood awkwardly in front of the door, in his mind, he felt somewhat annoyed towards Zhao momo.

This Zhao momo! Seriously, why did she have to be so meddlesome? Because of her, he couldn’t sleep embracing his wife like usual!

Perhaps sensing Shen Wenhua’s grumbling, Zhao momo appeared at that moment. She was rejoicing over the fact that Dan Yuerong had obediently listened to her words and slept in a different room, away from Shen Wenhua. Now, Zhao momo felt even more that Dan Yuerong was spineless and a person who was easy to control. As she thought about it, she was even more satisfied. “Laoye, it is late. Furen is pregnant so it is inconvenient for her to tend to Laoye. This old servant has already arranged for Xi Que to serve Laoye tonight. This can also be considered as giving Old Madam peace of mind.” Zhao momo presented a flawless argument. She was worried that Shen Wenhua would still not agree, which was why she mentioned Mother Shen to force him to submit.

Laoye was a filial son, and this arrangement was what Old Madam wanted. Now that Furen was pregnant, could it be that she wanted Laoye to restrain himself? This won’t do!

This absolutely wouldn’t do, which family’s Laoye was like this?

Today, Zhao momo would facilitate it no matter what. She was completely confident that she would succeed but seeing Shen Wenhua standing outside of his wife’s room with no intention of following her, Zhao momo momentarily felt unsure. “Laoye, it is late. Tomorrow, Laoye has to get up early to go to the Yamen. Go rest a bit earlier, alright? This old servant has already made arrangements, and Xi Que has already bathed in preparation to serve Laoye.”

Who would have thought that as soon as she finished her words, the atmosphere turned colder, and she sensed anger coming from the person in front of her, “Momo, since when has the master’s affairs been controlled by you?”

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