Chapter 8: Momo’s Move

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The amorous couple played in the room for almost one shichen 1. When they finally came out, Dan Yuerong’s face was scarlet, and even Shen Wenhua’s face had a little bit of color. Although no one knew why those two had been hiding in the house, one could tell just by looking at their expressions that something good had happened.

However, Zhao momo was not happy when she saw them. After resting for a period, Zhao momo heard that Shen Wenhua had returned, and went over to greet him.

Zhao momo was a respected individual who served mother Shen. Since mother Shen had sent her over, it naturally meant that mother Shen was giving Dan Yuerong face. It could also be seen that mother Shen cared for the child inside of Dan Yuerong’s belly.

Zhao momo respectfully replied. At the moment, her performance was meticulous, since she knew Shen Wenhua’s position in the Shen family. Naturally, she didn’t dare commit an offense.

Zhao momo introduced the other three people right away, making sure to take note of Shen Wenhua’s expression as she introduced Xi Que and Lian Zhi. But, since she could not see through his thoughts, Zhao momo felt somewhat unsatisfied.

It was time to give Old Madam some assurance, Laoye could not be allowed to act foolishly anymore. Now that Furen was pregnant, the timing was perfect.

Although Shen Wenhua was friendly, he had a firm temperament and was unlikely to change his mind. When Zhao momo heard Shen Wenhua, she shot a glance at Dan Yuerong. However, the few people did not force the issue and bid the couple farewell.

It was no matter,  there was still plenty of time. They had been married for many years. Now that Furen was pregnant, what “strong feelings cannot be diminished”? She did not believe that Laoye would be able to endure it!

Because Zhao momo and the others came, Dan Yuerong could relax. Zhao momo was a capable person, and the day after resting, she immediately began to help Dan Yuerong. Towards the people her mother-in-law sent, Dan Yuerong naturally did not dare to restrict them, and so she handed over all of the household duties to Zhao momo. Zhao momo wholeheartedly made arrangements for Qian momo to take charge of Dan Yuerong’s meals, and for the other two girls to be Shen Wenhua’s personal servants. Of course, this was to create opportunities for the two girls.

Dan Yuerong was annoyed by it, but she trusted Shen Wenhua after having a long talk and did not go against the arrangement. This was also to prevent Zhao momo from telling Old Madam that she was not sensible and narrow-minded.

The next couple of days, Shen Jingshu watched Zhao momo’s every move. Watching her take control of the household with the speed and ferocity of a storm, Shen Jingshu knew that she was no vegetarian 2. However, since Shen Jingshu was still young, she was unable to intervene. Additionally, Dan Yuerong’s health was not good and she could not overexert herself. So, Shen Jingshu could only temporarily endure the situation.

Zhao momo usually handled things in a more overbearing manner, but, because she and Qian momo cared about the child in Dan Yuerong’s belly, they took very good care of her. Even today, with her diet under Qian momo’s care, Dan Yuerong ate more than she previously had. It could clearly be seen that Qian momo indeed had some skill in this area.

As Dan Yuerong’s body started to show subtle changes and her face gained some color, Shen Jingshu temporarily did not go and bother the two Momo. Shen Jingshu was clear on the importance of the child inside Dan Yuerong’s belly,  everything else could wait until after the child was born.

However, this Zhao momo needed to be kept in line occasionally. For example, one day Zhao momo was keeping watch over Dan Yuerong and Shen Wenhua’s room. Sometimes, after the couple would go into the room of their own volition, they would come out with extremely cheerful expressions. Zhao momo endured it for a few days, but finally, she could no longer endure it. After the married couple once again came out of their room, Zhao momo pulled Dan Yuerong aside, away from Shen Wenhua. She looked at Dan Yuerong with a serious expression.

Zhao Momo’s words carried a warning. She worried that Dan Yuerong did not understand the consequences and was acting recklessly with her body and that she would negatively affect her child.

Dan Yuerong’s expression immediately changed after listening to Zhao momo’s blunt words.

This Zhao momo, what was she implying? Did she think her so ignorant and incapable of distinguishing what was important that she would treat her own child carelessly?!

With Zhao momo now rushing to get Laoye a concubine, did Dan Yuerong really want to risk being seen as a possessive and easily jealous woman?

Even if she really wanted to refuse, how could she? Zhao momo was using the excuse of caring about her as a weapon, and she was also one of mother’s capable people. She absolutely could not offend her, or else her future days would be difficult.

These days, Dan Yuerong and Shen Wenhua’s relationship was especially good. If Zhao momo took any action, Dan Yuerong could only agree and was unable to oppose her. In order to prevent people from speaking poorly of her, she could only cleanly allow Shen Wenhua to take the short end of the stick. After all, he was Old Madam’s son, so she would always have a soft spot for him.

Seeing that Dan Yuerong did not oppose it, Zhao momo felt that she could finally put an end to the couple’s private time. She intentionally arranged for Xi Que to personally serve Shen Wenhua. Xi Que was sensible, clever, and handled matters smoothly. She liked to please people and her looks were not bad, so Zhao momo believed that Xi Que would definitely get Laoye to like her.

After that happened, was it possible for a man to resist a woman’s feminine charms? Zhao momo believed the same thing as Mother Shen, that Dan Yuerong was a jealous and possessive woman, and that Shen Wenhua didn’t agree with what Dan Yuerong wanted. Therefore, she quickly and happily went to arrange it, as if her feet were carried by a gust of wind.

When Shen Jingshu saw Zhao momo’s happy expression, she could not help but be astonished. These days, Shen Jingshu had become fed up with Zhao momo’s impudence. If it weren’t for her age, Shen Jingshu would share Dan Yuerong’s burden, and render people speechless. How could she allow Zhao momo act so heedlessly?

Why could she not quickly grow up? This body was really inconvenient!

Zhao momo was elated to be so close to accomplishing Old Madam’s command. Naturally, she left without noticing that Shen Jingshu was watching her back. Her eyes showed she was deep in thought, with an expression that did not fit what a five-year-old child’s should be.

Shen Jingshu had a rough guess in her heart, but she wanted to confirm it, so she carefully observed Dan Yuerong’s expression. Sure enough, Dan Yuerong’s mouth held a streak of bitterness.

She did not want to speak of it since her daughter was too young to know about this matter.

Seeing that Dan Yuerong did not want to answer, Shan Jingshu naturally would not ask. She already knew Zhao momo’s goal from her previous life. In this life, besides Dan Yuerong’s pregnancy making Zhao momo a little more cautious, everything was still happening unchangingly. It looked like she needed to teach Zhao momo a little lesson so that she would not think that she alone ruled this magistrate’s residence!

TL Note: Happy April Fool’s! This is an Easter Blob Hunt! Can you find the hidden dialogues on this page?








  1.  Time period of 1-2 hours
  2. Weak person
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