Chapter 16: Parents’ Romance

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Over the next few days, Shen Jingshu would urge Dan Yuerong to go out for a walk. Although Dan Yuerong did not want to go because she sometimes felt lethargic, when she saw Shen Jingshu’s eager little face she could not refuse.  Qian momo endured it for several days but ultimately, she could not bear it anymore, “Furen is now pregnant with young master but Xiaojie is not thoughtful, Furen must be more mindful of what is right. This old servant can see that Furen has recently lost some weight. When this old servant sends things to Furen, Furen does not eat them. With Furen like this, it makes it very difficult for this old servant.”

Although Qian momo did not care about Dan Yuerong, she did care about the child in Dan Yuerong’s belly.

This would most likely be the family’s first Di 1son, with this status, it obviously could not be treated like a common person.  

But recently, it seemed like this Xiaojie was always working against her. Whenever she sent over tonics for Furen, Xiaojie would pull Furen away, because of this Furen had not eaten the tonics.

Momo, there is no need to be stressed; going out these few days has surprisingly made me feel much more energetic.” Although she took care not to offend Qian momo,  she did not agree with Qian momo’s way of thinking. This was not her first child, of course she knew that she could not always nest in the room. Giving birth to her first child had been very difficult which resulted in her injuring her body. As a result, she had continuously been unable to conceive. This time, she would take more care of her health. In the future, she would strive to give her beloved person several children to prevent his heirs from dwindling.

“But Furen … …” Qian momo would not yield, but, was Dan Yuerong the type of person who could be manipulated? She immediately cut her off, “I understand why Momo is anxious. But I am well aware of the situation, the doctor also explained that it was appropriate to exercise. Furthermore, Shu-er is very thoughtful, she will not let me be tired, you can be at ease!”

Furen …”

“Wenhua is back … …” Dan Yuerong saw that Shen Wenhua had returned and she felt a sense of relief. Dan Yuerong had started to feel a bit annoyed with Qian momo.

She was pregnant and her temper was not like before. She did not want to continue arguing with Qian momo.

“En, you want to go out?” Recently, Shen Wenhua noticed that Shen Jingshu always accompanied Dan Yuerong for a walk, so he specifically came back earlier to spend more time with his beloved wife.

“En, after sleeping the whole afternoon I just got up and want to go out to breathe some fresh air.”

“Then I’ll accompany you.”


They two people directly ignored Qian momo. Left behind, Qian momo sullenly stood there. Due to Shen Wenhua’s arrival, a lot of words were stuck in her throat.

The smile on Shen Wenhua’s face disappeared as soon as the couple was alone. His eyes were filled with heartache and worry as he looked at Dan Yuerong,  “Just now, was Qian momo making things difficult for you again?”

“No, it’s only that she cares too much about the child in my stomach.”

“Sometimes, you are a little too soft-hearted. Although they are people from mother’s side, here, you are the master. Whenever they are disrespectful towards you directly deal with it. Towards the people from mother’s side, I will stand on your side and will speak up for you. You are pregnant and cannot be stressed, what will we do if these things affect the birth of the child?”

Although Shen Wenhua was filial, it was not unquestioning filial piety. He had always been very protective towards Dan Yuerong. This was also because they had known each other for many years, and were very familiar with each other. Mother Shen was really not good to Dan Yuerong, Shen Wenhua naturally stood on Dan Yuerong’s side. Otherwise, he would not have asked to be placed in Jingnan in order to avoid Mother Shen.

“Wenhua, you can be at ease, I am well aware of the situation. Both momo are very concerned about me but sometimes they are too eager.” Shen Wenhua’s words warmed Dan Yuerong’s heart, but she would not really get rid of the two momo because of what Shen Wenhua had said.

In the end, her mother-in-law was an elder and also her husband’s biological mother. Her husband was now standing on her side, of course, because she was weak. If she really relied on being pampered and acted impudent, she would certainly lose her husband’s favor in the future.

Dan Yuerong was a smart wife, so naturally she knew what was best for herself!

“With you this way how can I relax?” Supporting Dan Yuerong with his hand, Shen Wenhua’s entire face looked anguished. “When I look at you, it seems that you have lost some weight. Is Qian momo making things that do not fit your appetite? “

“No, I’ve recently eaten a lot but it seems like it is all going to my stomach while my face has gained nothing. “

“Is that so?”

“Yes, if you do not believe it, you can touch it, it is really starting to show now!” Pulling Shen Wenhua’s hand, she placed it on top of her stomach. Even though it was autumn now, they were still able to feel with their hands.

“Haha, it is true. Has this child been tormenting you lately?”

“After the first three months it’s been much better, my appetite is very good now and the child in my stomach has also grown very fast!”

“It’s been hard on you.”

“Not hard, I’ve always felt that Shu-er’s been very lonely. If she can have many little brothers and sisters, she will have someone to look after in the future!” In the end, they could not protect their daughter for a lifetime, naturally they do not want their daughter to be all alone in the future.

“Then we can work harder!” The two people walked under the light of the setting sun; a look of warmth was on each person’s face, wasn’t it admirable? Following behind, Shen Jingshu saw this scene and could not bear to disturb them.

Xiaojie, are we not going over?” Shen Jingshu originally wanted to go look for Dan Yuerong to go for a walk but heard that Dan Yuerong and Shen Wenhua went out, so she came over. But seeing her parents like this now, Shen Jingshu did not want to go and interrupt them.

“It is rare for mom and dad to walk together, I will not go and get between them, let’s leave!” Pulling Chun Mei to go, Shen Jingshu was very discreet, her parents’ romantic date, she would not disturb it!

“But Xiaojie, you already came, and this … …” Xiaojie had brought over a snack, why leave?

“Ai ya, we can go back and eat it ourselves, we can come back later to find mother!” She was a child, she did not need to behave tactfully. Shen Jingshu looked at her parents’ good feelings and was very happy.

Although there were several troublesome people in the household now, she would slowly deal with them. At that time, their household would be blessed and happily together, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Pulling Chun Mei to leave, Shen Jingshu saw a familiar shadow. She gave Chun Mei a meaningful glance, Chun Mei nodded and went to investigate.

Shen Jingshu returned to her courtyard alone and divided the snacks up. When Chun Mei returned she sent everyone out, “Was it Xi Que?”

“Yes Xiaojie, she kept following Laoye and Furen. Even when Laoye went back to change clothes, Xi Que deliberately waited on the road. If it weren’t for nubi blocking the path, we would not know what scheme she wanted to play!” Chun Mei now despised Xi Que a lot, Laoye obviously did not like her, why was she always looking for a chance to get close to Laoye?

“This Xi Que is too shameless. Xiaojie, nubi heard Xi Que has recently been secretly making clothes for Laoye, and has also been going around asking about Laoye’s preferences. Nubi can see she has bad intentions!” Chun Xiao could not bear to see Xi Que like this, so when she heard Chun Mei’s words she was also very angry.

Xiaojie, this Xi Que is always this way, nubi is worried that there will be problem. Recently she and Zhao momo have gotten very close, the two people seem to be discussing something. Furen is further along in her pregnancy now, if by chance this Xi Que does something, then at that time … … ” Chun Ye also frowned; to be honest, Xi Que’s recent actions had been too obvious, and as Shen Jingshu’s maids, they naturally did not like it.

“Enough, I know you all are concerned for me but you can not continue to focus on that. In the end, Xi Que is someone grandmother sent over, if we do anything without a good reason, it will make things difficult for mom.” Seeing the three maids truly concerned about her, Shen Jingshu felt very happy.

The feeling of being protected by someone, was really beautiful, she would protect them in return!

“Ai, this matter is also troublesome. Oh right, where is Chun Xi?” It seemed they were missing one person, Chun Xiao was very baffled, “This yatou, where has she been lately?”

“Maybe she is busy? The words just spoken, do not spread them.”

“En, then Chun Xi? Should we tell her?”

“I can see she has been very busy recently, so for the time being, let it be. Anyway, this is currently not a major event!” Chun Xi’s matter, she must solve it, but it was not the right time!

This person could remain at her side only because it was better than removing them.

“En, got it.” Her maids listened to Shen Jingshu’s tone and also felt it was strange. Chun Xi had been a comrade they had known for many years, previously they did not think anything of it, but recently it seemed …

Chun Xiao and the few maids within the room were not fools. Shen Jingshu’s attitude towards Chun Xi was not as close as it was in the past but naturally, it was better for some words to remain unspoken.


  1. Born from the 1st/legitimate wife, which makes the child legitimate
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