Chapter 17: Protecting You Guys

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The afternoon sunshine was radiant as Shen Jingshu sat at the desk practicing her calligraphy. Since her rebirth, her temper had become more reserved compared to before. Sometimes, Shen Jingshu needed to calm herself down because her heart held too much hatred. She found that practicing calligraphy made her calm whenever she did it.

After practicing for a shichen 1, Shen Jingshu looked at the first character she had written with style and flourish and smiled. Chun Xiao watched from the side and was also happy, “Compared to before, Xiaojie’s characters are much better looking. This character is very pretty. In nubi’s opinion, it looks good!”

“Does Chun Xiao like to write?”

“Haha, I do like it. But nubi’s status … …”

“Do not put yourself down. Our Shen family is a literary family, what’s wrong with your status? You are smart, it is good that you want to study literacy. In a few days I will ask mother to get me a teacher, when the time comes we can all learn together!”

Xiaojie, this…” Chun Xiao could not believe what she had heard. For them, the people who worked as slaves, as servants, to be able to recognize a few words in this life was very good. She did not think Xiaojie, she… Hearing this, how could Chun Xiao not be happy?

“What? Do you not want to learn?” Deliberately acting unhappy, Shen Jingshu remembered how she did not properly protect the people at her side in the past. In this life, naturally she wanted to carefully protect them. Having them become literate was only the first step. Previously, Chun Xiao and the others suffered miserably because of her, but in this lifetime, she would let them live a better life!

“No! That was not nubi’s meaning!” Chun Xiao was nervous because she feared that Shen Jingshu would change her mind.

“It is good you did not mean it. When the time comes you all must study hard so that you will not be easily bullied by people in the future.”

These few servant girls all had ambition. That year when Chun Ye caught second uncle’s fancy and her body was defiled, she did not want to follow second uncle’s wish and become his concubine and instead used death to clear her name. It was clear to see that these few servant girls did not want to become someone’s concubine, naturally she would try to find them a good marriage.

Xiaojie, nubi definitely will!” Chun Xiao originally thought that her being able to recognize a few words was not bad, but she did not think that she would now have this opportunity. How could she not cherish it, “Nubi will tell Chun Ye and the others, they will certainly be delighted!”

“There is no need to be in a hurry about this matter, when the time comes we can give them a surprise!”

“En, that is also good!” With her mind content, Chun Xiao looked at Shen Jingshu with respect.

Xiaojie had really changed a lot. Previously, following this child every day, no one knew what naughty trick or mischief she would cause. Sometimes even those who followed her were left worried. But in the blink of an eye, Xiaojie had become thoughtful and knew how to be considerate of everyone. Even towards them, she was much more thoughtful. To be able to follow this kind of master was her good fortune, she would definitely serve Xiaojie well!

“Alright, although you are not in a hurry, you can learn from me now and look to see if you can recognize any of the words I wrote.”

Xiaojie, nubi knows a few!” She often saw Shen Jingshu write, of course Chun Xiao also recognized a few.

“Oh, is that so? You recognize all of these?” Shen family was a family with a literary reputation so it was very normal for the servants to know how to read and write. “Come, read for me to see!”

“Yes, Xiaojie!” Chun Xiao read a few, Shen Jingshu saw that Chun Xiao was able to read a lot of words and could not help but be happy for her, “Haha, I see that you are very determined. Surprisingly, you actually know so many words.” It seemed that she was previously too negligent of the servants at her side.

Nubi is very stupid, I do not learn as fast as Chun Ye and the others.” Thinking about it, Chun Ye knew the most words. Still, being praised by Shen Jingshu made Chun Xiao feel very embarrassed. Xiaojie was not this way in the past; although she treated them pretty well, she was not this attentive to think this far.

“Haha, that is good. You have some foundation, it will be easier to learn in the future.”

Shen Jingshu knew that Chun Xiao and the others did not have many opportunities to study. Everyday they had to serve her and also manage things in the courtyard, time to study would depend on them finding free time. However, Shen Jingshu believed that these people would accomplish this matter. She gave them this opportunity, but the outcome would depend on them.

Nubi will. Thank you Xiaojie!”

“Alright, I only want to have a partner to study with, learning by myself is boring!” Smiling, Shen Jingshu looked at the characters she wrote and could not help but sigh.

In the end, this body was still too young, her hands had no strength and the calligraphy looked somewhat immature. Furthermore, she previously enjoyed playing too much and did not study calligraphy often. Because she was young, Dan Yuerong also did not force her. In the past life because she was not being fond of studying, she had no special skills. Later, when her parents passed away and she was raised at her grandmother’s side, she was always made fun of. It was only then did she understand that being a woman who had not learned any skills was a really pitiable thing.

Because she had no skills, she was afraid of being mocked and did not dare to go out; as a result, she did not have any friends. Apart from serving grandmother everyday, she was always alone and her temper became somewhat antisocial. Sometimes when she thought of how miserable she was in her past life, she wondered if it was because she was so headstrong when she was younger and did not mature into a decent person.

So in this life, she would not have a temper with some things. In the past life, she did not like to study, but in this life, she felt that learning these things were necessary. What’s more, she became genuinely interested in these things. It seemed that she had to enlighten mother about some things early, otherwise, it would be troublesome to deal with them later.  Smiling, Shen Jingshu stretched. This body was too young to practice calligraphy for a shichen and could not bear it. It would be better for her to rest for a while.

“Chun Xiao, let’s go out and walk. I looked outside and the sun looks pretty good!”

“It is pretty good. Now it is late autumn, the weather is becoming more and more cold. today is a rare sunny day, it is really comfortable!”

“Yes, soon it will be winter!” In the past life’s winter, they did not go back to the capital for the New Year because of mother’s health. Daddy was afraid that grandmother would make things difficult for mother and chose to continue serving in Jiangnan. Would there be any changes in this life?

However, this was also good as she was still too young and could not help much. It was better to see those people in the capital at a much later date.

Thinking, Shen Jingshu looked outside at the autumn scenery and narrowed her eyes, she saw Chun Yi hurrying over, “Xiaojie, nubi saw Xi Que go out today but nubi did not let her go freely. I let Chun Mei follow her out. A few maids always watched Xi Que’s movements because these people were worried that Xi Que would not follow the rules and cause problems.


  1. One of the twelve hour periods in a day, 2 hours
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