Chapter 18: Emerging Clues

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“Is that so?” Smiling, Shen Jingshu peeked through her fingers to see the warm sunshine, and an understanding flashed across her mind.

It seemed that Xi Que could not sit still, this showed that recently those people she had sent to spy had done well, very well!

Xiaojie, nubi can see that Xi Que has been very restless lately and has continuously tried to approach Laoye. I’m afraid today… …”

“Good, the show is about to start. But we do not have to act with too much haste, do not worry, all of this will work out on its own!” Smiling, she believed that everyone could see Xi Que’s thoughts . This yatou really thought too highly of herself.  Did she actually believe that she could rely on her youth and good looks to fly to the top branch and act like a phoenix? What’s more, is being a phoenix that great?

The past several days had been very peaceful in the household and Shen Jingshu seemed to become more and more fond of practicing calligraphy. Everyday she would practice for one shichen and also asked Chun Ye to join her.

Shen Jingshu had never believed that her days would be so fulfilling and satisfying. In addition to accompanying her parents each day, she studied; in the past life, she was not interested is such things. Now that she took it seriously, Shen Jingshu actually found that if she sincerely tried to do them, these things were very interesting.

Today she practiced calligraphy for one shichen, Shen Jingshu could see that her calligraphy style was getting better and better, this made her especially happy, “Let’s go Chun Ye, perhaps daddy is back. Let’s go to the study!” She stretched as continuously maintaining one position was very tiring. Shen Jingshu changed her clothing and went out. When she arrived at the study she saw that Lian Zhi was serving Shen Wenhua tea while he was looking at an official document.

“Daddy!” Grinning, she rushed over. In front of her parents, Shen Jingshu had always been a small child, she really liked this current condition.

“Haha, Shu-er came?” Afraid his daughter would fall down, Shen Wenhua hurried over to meet Shen Jingshu.

“Is daddy busy? How fragrant! Daddy, what kind of tea are you drinking today?” Looking towards the fragrance, Shen Jingshu could see that it was a cup of fragrant tieguanyin tea. Shen Wenhua watched and smiled, “This is Lian Zhi’s newly brewed tea, it uses this morning’s morning dew, the taste is pretty good.Do you want to taste it?

“Of course I do, Lian Zhi jiejie pour me a cup.” Grinning, she saw a look of panic streak across Lian Zhi’s eyes. Shen Jingshu wanted to see how this Lian Zhi would solve this problem.

“Yes, Xiaojie!” Quickly getting a hold of herself, Lian Zhi immediately poured Shen Jingshu a cup of tea. But as she passed it over, she accidentally spilled it, “Xiaojie, I’m sorry. Nubi, nubi did not do it on purpose , nubi will immediately clean it up!”

Seeing that the tea had splashed onto Shen Jingshu’s clothes, Lian Zhi quickly pulled out a handkerchief to wipe it off. Shen Jingshu quickly moved out of her reach, “It’s nothing, I’ll do it myself.” Wiping her own clothes,when she realized that the tea had already stained her clothes, Shen Jingshu frowned, “Daddy, my clothes are dirty, I’ll go back and change them!”

It seemed this Lian Zhi was not a fool! But since Lian Zhi had the misfortune of encountering her, Lian Zhi was not destined to achieve her own ambitions!

Xiaojie, this happened because nubi was careless, it is better to let nubi help you wash it!” Ultimately, Lian Zhi was a meticulous person, a moment ago she originally only wanted to pour the tea, she did not expect that it would actually stain Shen Jingshu’s clothes.

Just in case, she still had to remove the evidence!

“Please Xiaojie, give your clothes to nubi, nubi will wash them and return them to Xiaojie!” Pitifully looking at Shen Jingshu, Lian Zhi’s entire face asked to be allowed to correct her mistake. That heartbroken look really made it hard for people to refuse.

“Don’t worry about it, someone from my courtyard can wash it. You did not do it on purpose, do not blame yourself.” Refusing Lian Zhi’s suggestion, Shen Jingshu insisted on going back. Lian Zhi did not know what to say, Shen Wenhua interrupted the exchange, “That’s enough Lian Zhi, you did not do it on purpose. Since Shu-er does not blame you, you do not need to blame yourself. Shu-er, go back and change your clothes, do not catch a cold. Chun Ye, carefully take care of Xiaojie!”

“Yes Laoye!” Chun Ye glanced at Lian Zhi with a bit of suspicion. This Lian Zhi had always done thing properly, why suddenly …

With a trace of suspicion, they left. Shen Jingshu was originally laughing as she went out but as soon as she left, her face immediately changed, “Chun Ye, did you notice anything?”

Xiaojie, you mean…. Lian Zhi, she, did it on purpose?” But why did she do that?

“Of course because she did not want me to drink that tea, but she did not expect that it would spill on my clothes. It seems that she is probably feeling very anxious now right? I’m afraid I really will not be able to keep these  clothes after all.” Looking at the large tea stain on her clothes, Shen Jingshu could not help but have some regret.

Xiaojie means …” These past few days, they had continually let people watch Xi Que secretly. Naturally they found out that Xi Que wanted to drug Laoye. However, it would be reasonable to say that Lian Zhi should not know about this matter. How was it possible…

It seemed that this Lian Zhi was not a bystander!

“If she did not know, why would she act that way just now? Before, I just wanted to confirm, but now it seems that this Lian Zhi’s thoughts are complex and calculating!” With this kind of person left at daddy’s side, how could she be at ease? So, she must find a way to remove this person!

“But isn’t Lian Zhi someone second Laoye sent over? How could it be this way?” Laoye and second Laoye are brothers!

“My second uncle has never let others know his thoughts!” Daddy and second uncle’s positions were not the same. Furthermore, these years, second uncle stayed in the capitol enjoying the prosperity of the Shen household. How could he easily give it up?”

These people were really greedy. Otherwise in the past life, after her parents left, why would second uncle and second aunt scheme against her!

Xiaojie … Looking at Shen Jingshu’s eyes, Chun Ye really could not understand how Xiaojie could be this young, and think of all these things.

“Chun Ye, I’m telling you this much because I want you to understand. Mother is pregnant and grandmother sent those worrisome people. If something happened with mother, I don’t know what I’d do.” The top of her small face was filled with a serious look, seeing it, Chun Ye felt her heart ache.

Xiaojie … ” In the past Xiaojie was carefree and mischievous, she really did not think Xiaojie would suddenly grew up and be considerate of Furen.

But in the end, what happened to Xiaojie? Why had she changed overnight?

“Chun Ye, can you help me?”

“What does Xiaojie want nubi to do?” Xiaojie was thoughtful of Furen, naturally she wanted to share Xiaojie’s burden.

“Xi Que is being watched by Chun Mei so I am not worried. I’m just worried about mother. If Xi Que really does something, mother will certainly be very sad. Mother can not be put under stress right now so I need you to go look out for mother in my stead. Do not let her go out, and do not let any rumors spread into mother’s courtyard!” Shen Jingshu had already urged Dan Yuerong to go rest earlier today but she was still somewhat worried.

Xiaojie, you rest assured, nubi knows what to do!”

“If you understand then that’s good.” With everything well-instructed Shen Jingshu looked at the tea stain on her clothes and had no intentions of removing it.

Xi Que, Lian Zhi, I hope you will not disappoint me!


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