Chapter 19: Xi Que’s Scheme

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Xiaojie, your clothes are dirty, do you want to change them?” Chun Xi noticed that Shen Jingshu had sat there for some time but her clothes were still soiled with tea, of course Chun Xi was anxious.

“It’s fine. Besides, it’s not much, I will change them later!” Waving her hand, Shen Jingshu smiled as she watched Chun Xi’s expression. It made Chun Xi feel that Shen Jingshu knew something.

“But Xiaojie, your clothes are wet, it is easy to catch a cold. Xiaojie should change immediately. Because the weather is cold today, it is very easy to catch a cold.” Chun Xi is not someone that would easily give up, “Also Xiaojie, these clothes are dirty, wearing them on your body is not good. What’s more, Xiaojie has many beautiful clothes, nubi will go find a better looking item for you to change into, alright?”

In Chun Xi’s opinion, although Shen Jingshu had recently changed a lot, in the end she was just a child; all she needed to do was use something to entice her.

Xiaojie look, these clothes are very pretty. It’s pink and contrasts very well with Xiaojie‘s complexion. It is also newly made. Xiaojie, why don’t you change?” Chun Xi had the attitude of someone trying to coax a child, watching her, Shen Jingshu’s face was unmoved.

“That’s enough Chun Xi, just leave them here, alright? I do not want to change right now!” Since Shen Jingshu said this much, Chun Xi could not say anything more and could only leave unwillingly, so as to avoid Shen Jingshu’s displeasure. However, her heart was very anxious; Xiaojie refused to change, what should she do?

While thinking of various methods to make Shen Jingshu take off her clothes, Chun Xi saw Chun Mei’s look which was telling her to quickly come over. Chun Xi went over to take a look but Chun Xiao pulled her to a stop, “Chun Xi, Xiaojie said she wants to eat meatballs. Let’s go to to the kitchen to get them!” Chun Xiao finished speaking and without delay, pulled Chun Xi away. Chun Xi did not have time to protest and could only follow along.

Forget it. She would have to think of a method later.

Chun Mei closed the door. At this moment, she could not take it anymore, “Xiaojie, this Xi Que is really shameless!” Speaking of Xi Que , Chun Mei’s face filled with anger!

“What happened?” Xi Que only had a few methods she could use, they had done very well in delaying Xi Que from moving for so long. But in this life, Xi Que would not have the same luck that she had in the past life. There would be no way to succeed.

“Just now, nubi saw her going towards the study seductively dressed. I fear she went to seduce Laoye! Xiaojie, fortunately we were prepared, otherwise Laoye would have really fallen into her trap!” If Shen Wenhua had really drunk that tea, he would certainly be mesmerized at this very moment!

“What about Lian Zhi? Was she not serving in the study?”

“Lian Zhi was called away by Zhao momo, only Laoye is in the study now.” It seems that this Zhao momo was really in collusion with Xi Que; otherwise how could there be such a coincidence?

Xiaojie, do you want to notify Furen?” Chun Mei was somewhat worried since it was not good for Shen Jingshu to handle this matter.

“Mom is now heavily pregnant, she needs to properly rest. Do not disturb her with these annoying things. Don’t worry, daddy can handle it. Let’s go and have a look!” To have a chance to see some drama, how could she not go? Now, she really needed to see, how all of this would end for Xi Que!

Xiaojie, this type of matter, it is better for Xiaojie not to go, lest you dirty your eyes.” Shen Jingshu was still young, Chun Mei do not want Shen Jingshu to see these things at such a young age.

“It’s fine. Let’s go and take a look. Xi Que, this yatou, doesn’t know her place, it’s best to put an end to her now!” To leave her alone was just a problem waiting to happen and it would make things more stressful for mom in the future.  

“Alright, nubi will also go!” She was worried about Shen Jingshu so naturally Chun Mei would accompany her to go. When the two people arrived at the study they saw an unkempt Xi Que kneeling in front of the study’s door. A lot of people where pointing fingers and Xi Que looked ashamed, her head was almost buried into the ground!

“Ze Ze, this Xi Que is really shameless! When she offered herself to Laoye before,he did not go to her room. She has still not given up, now she’s doing this kind of thing. She is really disgracing our entire Shen family!”

“When I saw her fox-like face, I knew she would not be satisfied with her status. Laoye does not like her, these days she keeps trying to create an opportunity. Now that such a thing has happened, she is still a person from Old madam’s house. Shaming herself this way, she must want to be a concubine so much that it has driven her insane.”

“Exactly, obsessed. But, with her like this, how can Laoye be happy? She can not even compare to one of Furen’s fingertips. Furen should really not have wasted so much effort worrying about her!”

This matter of climbing into the master’s bed, many people could not stand it, especially Xi Que. Met with people’s direct insults, of course she was humiliated!

When Shen Jingshu arrived she saw Xi Que kneeling there with her small tear stained face. Her eyes were filled with anger and indignance, and also unexpectedly had a pathetic appearance, it really made people notice how fake she was!

“What happened? What’s going on?” Zhao momo got the news and immediately came over with Lian Zhi following behind her. Lian Zhi’s face was filled with worry but Shen Jingshu still saw the pleased look that flashed across her eyes, “Xi Que, what happened to you? How could you be so foolish? What made you do this?”

“You … …” Xi Que saw Lian Zhi and did not know what to think. She wanted to say something; but before she could, Lian Zhi called out, “Xiaojie, you, you also came?” She did not know why but looking at Shen Jingshu’s tea stained clothes, Lian Zhi’s eyes were somewhat frantic, but she soon covered it up.

Xiaojie!” No one thought that Shen Jingshu would come over. As Shen Jingshu looked at the tightly closed doors of the study and saw Xi Que kneeling there shivering, she knew that her father intended to kill one to warn one hundred. Sure enough, at that moment the door opened, Shen Wenhua’s face had a cold look, making the murmuring crowd shut up.

Shen Wenhua’s eyes swept across the people present, when he saw Shen Jingshu his face had a trace of uneasiness, “Shu-er, why did you come?” Shen Wenhua was very unwiling to let his daughter see such a scene, naturally his resentment towards Xi Que grew.

“Daddy, I heard something came up over here and come to take a look.” Shen Jingshu put on an innocent expression. She knew that she was still young, with things that should be confusing to a child, she could only act confused. This also was to prevent her daddy from being uneasy towards her.

“You, should go back and rest.” This sort of thing was not appropriate for his daughter to see. Shen Wenhua was being considerate toward Shen Jingshu but she did not appreciate it, “Daddy I do not want too, I want to accompany daddy!” Finished speaking, she went directly to Shen Wenhua’s side. She firmly believed that with her there, daddy would severely punish these people.

“This child …” Towards Shen Jingshu, his entire face was filled with a look of adoration, but towards Zhao momo and Xi Que, Shen Wenhua’s face immediately changed, “Zhao momo, did this person come here under your instruction?”


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