Chapter 20: Diverting Disaster

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Laoye, this old servant did not do anything. Laoye, please judge wisely!” Zhao momo saw Xi Que’s disheveled and distressed appearance and knew for certain that she had failed. Her heart could not help but have some anger towards Xi Que’s uselessness, at that moment, she decided to protect herself!

“You did not do anything? Xi Que is someone who was brought to this house by you, and these days, you have also been teaching her the household rules. Can it be that you do not know what the rules are?” When Shen Wenhua thought of what happened he was extremely angry, especially when he saw his daughter’s confused face. He was determined to not let it go!

Laoye, from the beginning this old servant has been dedicated to serving Laoye and Furen and would absolutely not dare to be negligent. This old servant did not think that this Xi Que would be so bold!”

“Zhao momo, how can you say that?” Xi Que did not expect that, not only would Zhao momo have no intention of defending her, but also destroy the bridge after crossing the river. Her heart was filled with anger and fear. Looking at Zhao momo, it was inconceivable! She did not understand how Zhao momo could treat her like this!

“Shut your mouth! Xi Que, you really wasted my trust in you. How could you do such a shameless thing?” Looking at the pained expression on Xi Que’s face, Zhao momo decided to protect herself; how could she also care about Xi Que?

“You … …” Xi Que also wanted to say something, but Shen Wenhua had seen enough.

“Enough, shut up! Do you think this is the place for you to argue?” Shen Wenhua had never liked the plotting and scheming done by concubines and wives in the household, but today he unexpectedly experienced it. He almost got involved with something that would have disappointed his wife, so how could he be happy?

Laoye, nubi, nubi is innocent!”

From Shen Wenhua’s eyes, Xi Que knew that if she were not acknowledged today, she would be ruined for the rest of her life, “Nubi was framed by someone. Nubi, how could nubi dare to do such a thing? ” Tears immediately started to fall down. It had to be said, Xi Que was a woman who knew how to act. Looking delicate and weak, it was very moving when she cried and it made people feel sorry for her.

Nubi,nubi is already one of Laoye’s people in name, why would nubi do this kind of thing to humiliate herself? This is certainly a misunderstanding! I hope Laoye will investigate thoroughly to prove nubi’s innocence!”

If Xi Que did not take this opportunity, if she did nothing, she knew she would be finished!

“Really? If that’s the case then explain. How have I wronged you?” Looking at Xi Que’s unrelenting appearance, Shen Wenhua felt even more disgusted. In his mind, he came to a decision that this time, he would definitely get rid of Xi Que!

Nubi, nubi also does not know what’s going on. These several days nubi has stayed in the house. Thinking of the cold, nubi personally made new clothes for Laoye, this was all done with Nubi’s good intention. But this morning someone gave nubi a note saying that nubi should come to the study to find Laoye. Nubi’s heart was overjoyed, naturally nubi dressed up nicely to come. When nubi came to see Laoye, do not know why … Laoye, every sentence nubi said is true, I hope Laoye will investigate this matter to prove nubi’s innocence!”

It had to be said that Xi Que was a bit clever; if it were proved that she really tried to seduce Laoye then Shen Wenhua would certainly not let her off. She was very clear on this point. Now, all she wanted was to find a method to exonerate herself!

However, when she said these words, Xi Que felt very resentful towards Lian Zhi.

Thinking of Lian Zhi’s words from a moment ago and Lian Zhi’s behavior these past few days, Xi Que was not stupid. She and Zhao momo arranged today’s matter very carefully but the result had become like this, “Laoye, this matter is certainly someone deliberately scheming against nubi to harm nubi! ” While saying these words Xi Que did not forget to glance fiercely at Lian Zhi, she believed that everyone would know who she was referring to.

Also, Xi Que and Lian Zhi were sent by Mother Shen. Xi Que had offered herself but Lian Zhi was still a small yatou serving in the study, to have some jealousy was also justifiable.

Zhao momo listened to Xi Que’s words and suddenly thought that this matter was suspicious. Naturally she now stood on Xi Que’s side, “Laoye, Xi Que’s words are true. These days Xi Que has been continuously making clothes for Laoye, she wanted Laoye to have more comfortable clothes. The old servant knows that Xi Que, this yatou, has always been thoughtful. Furthermore, she is already Laoye’s concubine, how could she do such a thing?”

Helping to exonerate Xi Que was also helping to exonerate herself. Originally Zhao momo had this matter tightly secured in her grasp, but she never thought a mistake would suddenly appear.

The only possibility was that someone had done something midway, and the only person who could have done it was Lian Zhi!

In the end, Lian Zhi was the branch family’s person, Zhao momo and Xi Que naturally did not trust her. Moreover, if this matter was not handled properly, she would also be in trouble!

Laoye, if nubi did this thing, wouldn’t nubi be harming herself? How could nubi be that foolish?” Xi Que said this, not only for self-preservation, but also because she wanted to get rid of Lian Zhi. When interacting with her, Xi Que felt that Lian Zhi was a strong opponent. In this matter, if she could save herself and get rid of Lian Zhi, wouldn’t that be very good?

In her mind she was somewhat pleased with herself; a moment ago Xi Que was afraid, but now she could already see victory!

Lian Zhi saw the two people use contradicting views to implicate her but she was not a fool, she directly knelt in front of Shen Wenhua, “Laoye, nubi did not do this thing!” Kneeling as straight as a ramrod, Lian Zhi knew that Xi Que and Zhao momo wanted to use her as a scapegoat, but her heart was not the least bit anxious.

Xi Que saw Lian Zhi kneeling down, and her heart could not help but be more pleased. “Laoye, you see. If Lian Zhi did not have a guilty conscience, why did she not take the initiative come out standing? From the beginning, she has been in Laoye’s study serving tea, water, and refreshments; if she wanted to do something, naturally it would be easy!”

Laoye, nubi did not!” Kneeling without speaking or moving, compared to Xi Que’s threatening gestures, Lian Zhi appeared even more trustworthy.

“Did not? You and I came together to serve Laoye. I have offered myself but you have nothing. It can not be guaranteed that you are not jealous!”

“Exactly. Xi Que is already Laoye’s person, for her to do this thing it is not beneficial for her. If someone did not frame her, why would she have come to the study? Furthermore, at that time, you were not here either!” With Zhao momo chiming in, these two people echoed each other, it indeed sounded more and more like the same thing!

“Why nubi was not here, doesn’t momo know exactly why that is?!” Looking at Zhao momo, the corner of Lian Zhi’s mouth showed a trace of ridicule. Seeing it, Zhao momo’s heart had some panic, “What do you mean?”


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