Chapter 21: Three Birds with One Stone

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Zhao momo made eye contact with Lian Zhi and became a little flustered, so she avoided her gaze, “I, I do not know what you are saying.”

“Haha, do you really not know? Just now, if it weren’t for momo calling me over to do something, why would I leave? Nubi asks Laoye for justice!” Glancing at Shen Wenhua, Lian Zhi did not say anything else and continued to kneel. With this kind of appearance, she really invoked a feeling of pity.

“Lian Zhi you rest assured, I will certainly investigate this matter clearly. I will absolutely not wrong anyone!” Shen Wenhua seemed to believe Lian Zhi’s words. Shen Jingshu watched from the side and could not help but sigh in her mind.

It seemed that this Lian Zhi was really hard to deal with. Her acting skills were much better than Xi Que and Zhao momo; it was no wonder that those two people were schemed against by her instead.

“Daddy, what should we do?” Shen Jingshu did not want Shen Wenhua to trust Lian Zhi, otherwise, there would be trouble later!

Even if she could not deal with Lian Zhi today, then at least she could use them to suppress her so as to avoid too much trouble in the future!

“Shu-er do not worry, you go see mom, alright?” Shen Wenhua felt it wasn’t right to have his daughter there. This kind of thing, it was better for his daughter to have less contact with it.

“No, I want to stay with daddy!” Hugging Shen Wenhua tightly, Shen Jingshu would not easily give up on today’s matter!

“Alright, alright, then you have to be well behaved, okay?” Shen Wenhua, a man who loved his daughter dearly, had no way of saying no to her. He did not say anything more and just held Shen Jingshu close.

Shen Jingshu saw that Shen Wenhua did not force her to go, and obediently stayed in Shen Wenhua’s arms, looking at the scene in front of her. Shen Jingshu’s thoughts were moving as fast as lightning trying to think of what to do.

Ai, it seems that her age was too young, it was still inconvenient to do many things!

Thinking for a moment, Shen Jingshu remembered, “Right daddy, just now Xi Que jiejie said Lian Zhi jiejie framed her, but does she have any evidence?”

Xiaojie, there is evidence. Just a moment ago when nubi entered the door, I became aware that Laoye was sleeping. How could Laoye sleep in his study during the day? Surely someone drugged Laoye!”

Xi Que was not foolish, she knew that her medicine had either been replaced by Lian Zhi or it was still there. Luckily she and Zhao momo had left a way out. Therefore, as long as someone investigated Shen Wenhua’s food, they would certainly notice a problem!

“Daddy, Xi Que jiejie is right. Daddy, did you eat anything in the study? Investigate it and you will know.” Hearing Shen Jingshu’s question the corner of Lian Zhi’s mouth twitched a bit.

At that moment she knew it was impossible for Lian Zhi not to have done anything! Otherwise when Xi Que arrived, why was daddy asleep, to give Xi Que this opportunity? This drama really had to be performed to the end, right?

“That’s right, Lian Zhi, where are the tea and snacks I just ate…..?”

Laoye, it’s in the study, nubi will go get it!”

“No need, I’ll have someone else get it!” Lian Zhi was still someone under suspicion, naturally it was not suitable for her to come in contact with the evidence. Lian Zhi saw Shen Wenhua’s thoughts and was not nervous as she had expected this. She continued to kneel there with a calm heart.

The snacks had no problem and she had also changed the tea, therefore, Lian Zhi had no reason to worry. However, when she saw that Shen Jingshu had not changed her clothes, Lian Zhi felt a little worried in her heart.

Xiaojie was still young, she should not know anything, right? Maybe she was just overthinking it.

“Chun Xiao, you go get it!”

“Yes, Xiaojie!” Chun Xiao grinned and went to get it. Shen Wenhua called for the doctor and had the tea and snacks tested; which showed that there was nothing wrong with them.

“This, this is impossible, absolutely impossible!” Xi Que had firmly believed that even if Lian Zhi knew they had slipped in medicine and had then changed the medicine as a result, it was impossible for the results to show nothing. Otherwise, when she came in, why was Laoye asleep? If Laoye were awake, would she still be so daring?

So, Xi Que absolutely could not believe it!

“Xi Que, with the facts in front of you, what do you still have to say?” Originally, Shen Wenhua still had some doubts, but hearing the doctor say this, Shen Wenhua did not know what to think.

Laoye, the tea and snacks must have been changed. Laoye, did you not notice it? If Laoye had not been drugged, why was Laoye lying on your stomach, asleep on top of the desk?” Xi Que looked frightened as she looked at Shen Wenhua. Of course she did not want to die without knowing the reason why!

“The doctor has already checked, is it possible that the doctor would lie?” Shen Wenhua, of course, still had some doubts but with the facts in front of him, he also could not say anything.

Laoye, there must be something inside, Laoye can not be tricked by Lian Zhi, this yatou!”

“Yes, Laoye. These days, this old servant has been carefully taking care of Laoye and Furen, I’ve never dared to make the slightest mistake. For this type of matter to come up now, Laoye must definitely clearly investigate it! This matter is definitely not as it seems, what Xi Que said is right!” A moment ago, Zhao momo had seen Lian Zhi’s expression and knew that Lian Zhi, this yatou, knew something. Zhao momo’s anger towards Lian Zhi grew substantially.

She was positive that this yatou had ruined her good plan , she would never forgive her for that!

“Daddy, daughter’s clothes still has tea on them, it would be better to let the doctor examine them as well. This way, there will be no doubts about Lian Zhi jiejie’s innocence.” Shen Jingshu had watched Xi Que and Zhao momo’s hard work; of course she wanted to add fuel to the fire. None of these three people were good, she absolutely would not let any of them go!

Shen Jingshu’s words made Lian Zhi’s entire body stiff, while Xi Que and Zhao momo cheered up, “Laoye, Xiaojie’s words are right, let the doctor take a look ok? Maybe Lian Zhi, this yatou, really changed them!” Today Shen Jingshutowards these two peoplewas simply a savior!

“This … …” To let the doctor check his own daughter’s clothes, Shen Wenhua was ultimately somewhat unwilling. After all, his daughter was still young, Shen Wenhua did not want Shen Jingshu to participate in this kind of matter!

Of course Shen Jingshu knew Shen Wenhua’s thoughts, so she quickly grabbed Shen Wenhua and said, “Daddy, it’s nothing. In today’s big matter, daughter does not want to see anyone falsely accused. So, it is better to investigate this matter and punish those who should be punished. It will also let us avoid mom becoming aware and worrying.”

Undoubtedly, Shen Jingshu’s words hit Shen Wenhua’s weakness. These three people were certainly troublesome. For this matter to happen today, it was better to deal with it cleanly. When the time came for it to be put in front of Mother Shen, Shen Wenhua’s words would not be baseless, “Then okay. Shu-er, I will have to trouble you.”

“Daddy, it’s nothing!” It was only one piece of clothing, daddy was too concerned.

The doctor was allowed to check her clothes and the results of the doctor’s inspection was revealed in front of everyone.  “Laoye, the tea stain on Xiaojie’s clothes held traces of a sedative, if Laoye ingested it, you would have been asleep for a while!”

Hearing the results, Shen Wenhua immediately exploded, “Lian Zhi, I trusted you in vain! Why would you do this kind of thing?”


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