Chapter 22: Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey

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Laoye, nubi, nubi doesn’t know anything!” Lian Zhi knew that her crime had been revealed and reacted quickly. Anyone in her shoes would do the samedeny any knowledge of the matter!  

“Do not know? You brewed the tea, how can you not know?!” Looking at Lian Zhi, he became disappointed. Honestly, Lian Zhi had served him well these few days, it was rare for Shen Wenhua to have such a caring person by his side. He originally intended to let Lian Zhi continue to serve him and in the future, let Dan Yuerong find Lian Zhi a good family to marry into, but he never thought …

Laoye, nubi does not know anything. Nubi acted the same as usual, how would nubi know that there was a sedative inside the tea? Nubi, nubi has only been inside the household these past few days and has not been outside, nubi is only a small maid, how could nubi get a sedative?”

Taking the blame off herself and shoving it aside, it could not help but be said that Lian Zhi had grasped the crucial point. Shen Wenhua quickly sent people to check, and sure enough, it was discovered that Xi Que had recently gone out.

“Xi Que, why did you go out?” Xi Que was a maid that served inside the household and she was also a stranger here, there was no reason for her to go out.

Laoye, nubi, nubi just went out to walk around!” When she avoided eye contact, Shen Wenhua knew something was wrong, “Are you going to tell the truth or not?!” His patience had already reached its limit; Shen Wenhua did not like being deceived but, most importantly, how could he sit and watch as these servants misbehaved?

Nubi, nubi really just went out to walk around!” When she made eye contact with Shen Wenhua she became somewhat scared, Xi Que lowered her head, it was clear that she had a guilty conscience. Watching from the side, Zhao momo could feel death quickly approaching, but she did not dare warn Xi Que.

In the end, Shen Wenhua realized the Xi Que refused to admit her mistake and immediately commanded, “Since you will not confess, that’s fine. Someone come, hit her twenty times with a paddle and then we’ll see what she has to say!” To be hit with a paddle was a serious punishment, Xi Que was only a delicate, young girl. To be hit twenty times, one was afraid it would take off a few layers of skin!

Laoye, Laoye don’t!” As the painful voice passed over, Zhao momo felt more and more that Xi Que was useless.


Laoye, Xi Que will confess!”

“Good, drag her up!” After Shen Wenhua learned everything, his face looked menacing. Looking at Xi Que, he wanted to kill her, so much so that even Zhao momo was afraid,

“Good, you all are very good. Lian Zhi, how did this sedative come about?” Since Xi Que purchased aphrodisiac, then why had it been changed to a sedative?

Laoye, nubi, nubi does not know!” Lian Zhi also felt regretful that she acted unnecessarily with the sedative and left herself with no way out. Now, she could only deny all knowledge until the end to avoid a more miserable fate!

“You do not know? Really? You are not honoring your rightful duties, I can not use you to serve now. Xi Que did something wrong, Zhao momo you also have some responsibility. Starting from today, you and Xi Que will go to the countryside. Until I have given permission, do not come back! Lian Zhi, you also go, this way you all can look out for one another!”

Shen Wenhua was not stupid; even without anyone explaining, he could guess one or two of these tricks. Using Xi Que to kill the chicken to warn the monkey was enough. Dan Yuerong was with child now, Shen Wenhua did not want to disturb his own child so for that person, what the eye does not see, the heart will not grieve over!

Laoye, Laoye, this old servant is Old Madam’s person, Laoye can not treat this old servant this way!” Go with Xi Que and Lian Zhi to the countryside? Then, in the future, what prospects would she have? She will not go!

“Since Mother sent you here then I have the right to punish you. Do not forget your status!”

Be it a servant or nubi, even if favored, in the end a servant was just a servant. Life and death were in the hands of the master, if the master wanted you to die, how could you dare to live!

“Yao momo, I will hand this matter over to you to manage, be sure to handle it well!”

Laoye rest assured, this old servant will absolutely manage it well!”

Many people were happy for these three people to leave, Yao momo could be considered one of them and she quickly arranged for the three to depart.

Although Zhao momo and Xi Que created a fuss in protest, in the end they had to leave. For those three to leave so miserably, there was very little chance that they would return again in the future. Everyone felt fear in their hearts, especially Qian momo, thus, she no longer dared to be disrespectful to Dan Yuerong. Even more, she did not dare to act on her own accord. The next few days were very peaceful at Shen Fu. Of course, something would happen to interrupt the peace later, but that’s another story.

Xiaojie, nubi noticed that when Lian Zhi left, she did not say a word. However, Xi Que and Zhao momo were noisy and difficult to deal with, but in the end, they still left. Very good!” Chun Xiao could not help but feel happy.

“I did not anticipate that this Lian Zhi would actually cause trouble, she usually appeared well-behaved.”

“If she did not scheme a bit, how would she have been able to gain daddy’s trust?” Wasn’t the previous Lian Zhi also this way? She was always like a hunter stalking a prey. She acted like a charming person, but during the critical moment, she would actually give someone a fatal blow!

But in this life, she and Xi Que were the same, they would not have a good future from now on.

“But Xiaojie, Laoye suddenly sent those three people that Old Madam sent away, the capital over there, will they not … …” Chun Mei thought a bit further, with Mother Shen’s attitude, would she allow those people to come back to the fu? They were the people she had sent if by chance they came back, then wouldn’t it be never-ending?

“Rest assured, this time they made a mistake themselves, grandmother will not say anything …”

Although she would not say anything, grandmother would certainly hold this matter against Mom. But grandmother had too much pride to send someone over again, so it was safe for the time being. As for the future, she would deal with it when the time comes.

“In nubi’s opinion, it is very good for those people to leave, the fu is now much more peaceful. Even Qian momo has been minding her place, Furen’s complexion has also been much better. As for others, let’s not worry about them for the time being!” In Chun Xiao’s opinion, it was not worrisome. Since the troublesome people had left, she was happy.

“You, this yatou … …” smiling, Shen Jingshu looked at Chun Xi who was standing at the side with an absent-minded expression. Her eyes had a dark glint, but in the end, she said nothing.

At Shen Jingshu’s side, everyone was happy, but when Dan Yuerong became aware of this matter, she looked at Shen Wenhua with a helpless expression, “Wenhua, why did you do this?”

Dan Yuerong knew that her mother-in-law did not like her; so in these years, she had also put in a lot of effort. But, she did not want to see her husband and mother-in-law become even more distant because of her.

“With them here there will always be little irritations affecting you, for them to leave is good. Kill the chicken to warn the monkey and other people would not dare to rekindle those thoughts.” Ever since Xi Que was promoted to a yiniang 1, others were not without this thought.  

After all, Shen Wenhua was not too old and he was well educated. He was one of Jiangnan’s prefectural magistrates and his appearance was excellent. Additionally, he was a passionate man,  naturally he was very attractive to women.

“Wenhua, you … …” Usually, men did not handle these inner courtyard matters, but her husband did so that she would not have much to do, how could Dan Yuerong not feel touched?

To have a husband like this, what more could she want?

“Alright, I will handle this matter well, you only need to carefully strengthen your body to give birth, you do not need to care about other things.” Smiling, Shen Wenhua hugged his wife. He actually used today’s matter as an excuse to get his own way, he did not want to see those people again! Although it would provoke mother, he had already thought of a countermeasure, he would not allow his wife to be wronged!

“Alright, I know.” Her husband did so much for her, how could Dan Yuerong return the favor by saying no? In her heart, she knew what Shen Wenhua did was right and it was also for her own good, so how could she blame him?

However, for some things, she still had to make preparations in advance, she could not let her husband’s efforts be wasted.

Waiting until Shen Wenhua was busy, Dan Yuerong instructed, “Tell Qian momo to come over!”


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