Chapter 23: Previous Life’s Plan

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In the peaceful room, it was so quiet that you would have been able to hear a pin drop. At the moment, Qian momo stood there motionless but her expression showed some subtle hints of pain. She had maintained this position for such a long time that Qian momo truly found it unbearable. However, Dan Yuerong looked as though she had not noticed her as she was sitting there slowly making clothes. Qian momo wanted to say something several times but when she thought of what happened to Zhao momo and those people, Qian momo decided to keep her mouth shut.

It seemed that they had underestimated Furen; when Qian momo recalled how disrespectful she had been a few days ago, she felt particularly anxious.

For a long time, until Qian momo found it difficult to support her weary old body, did Dan Yuerong finally put down down her things. It seemed as if she had suddenly seen Qian momo, “Qian momo? If you came over, why did you not say anything?”

“This old servant saw that Furen was busy and it was not good to disturb you.”

“Haha, really? But I’ve made Momo wait a long time.”

“No, no, this old servant did not wait very long.” Perhaps today’s matter had given Qian momo a bit of a shock, as Qian momo’s attitude had changed a lot.

“Qian momo, for such a thing happened today, what do you think?”

Furen, Zhao momo and the others reaped what they sowed, they can not blame others.” How could Qian momo dare to say something now? Now, the most important thing was saving herself! She did not want to end up like Zhao momo!

Momo, it’s good you understand.” Nodding her head a bit, because she saw Qian momo being more tactful, Dan Yuerong was happy.

Momo is smart. Now that you have come to Jingnan to serve me, as long as you serve well, I will not treat you unfairly. In the future, when I give birth to the child, I will naturally remember momo’s hard work.” Of course, these words were used to entice Qian momo. Qian momo was an intelligent person, so naturally, she knew what she should do.

Furen rest assured, Old Madam let this old servant carefully serve Furen. This old servant has remembered it all, this old servant will certainly properly serve to help Furen give birth to a white, chubby young master!”

“En, very good. No matter what, Momo should go rest first. If there is a need, I will call Momo.”

The appropriate amount of pressure was needed, to see Qian momo so thoughtful now, Dan Yuerong could relax.

“Yes, Furen!” Finally relieved, when Qian momo went out, she could feel cold sweat all over her back!

It seems that Old Madam had underestimated Furen. In only a few months, they had lost three people in a row. Now, she was the only one left, what else could they do?

Looking back at Dan Yuerong’s room Qian momo knew that Dan Yuerong had been in Jiangnan for many years, she had no advantage here at all, especially under such circumstances. She could only temporarily stop planning and wait for the Old Madam’s countermeasures.

But, is Old Madam Furen’s opponent? Over the years, Laoye had become more protective over Furen, now even Old Madam’s people had been directly dealt with. It seems that during these years in Jiangnan the groundwork Furen laid was not lacking at all!

Furen, why did you not follow through and deal with this Qian momo? In nubi’s opinion, she is not the type of person who will not cause trouble.” Liu Zhi was somewhat unhappy to see Qian momo leave.

“The people mother sent have all been dealt with, when the time comes mother will be unhappy. Of course she will think I did something and did not show her the proper respect, at that time she will certainly send someone. Leaving Qian momo, at least for the time being, mother will not send someone. Now that I am pregnant I do not have the mood to deal with those people, wait until I have given birth to the child to bring it up again!”

“But Furen, this Qian momo restrains Furen every day. She will not allow Furen to go out and walk and the food she makes is always overly nutritious. This is not good for Furen’s body!”

“No harm, after today’s event, she will not dare to do those things again.” Qian momo was not foolish. This time, Shen Wenhua’s actions were significant, acting as a deterrent, who would dare be insolent at this crucial moment?

“But what if she says something in front of Old Madam in the future, then wouldn’t Furen …”

“Rest assured, she will not say anything!” In other words, whether she could go back was still uncertain, how could she say anything?

“…” Seeing Dan Yuerong insist, Liu Zhi did not say anything. But when she saw Dan Yuerong put the clothes she was making away, “Furen, you have sat for a long time, nubi will help you go walk around.”

“Alright!” Sending those three people away, deep in Dan Yuerong’s heart, of course she was happy. She quickly changed her clothes and went for a walk.

Peaceful days were restored within the fu, Qian momo also restrained herself a lot and Dan Yuerong’s belly got bigger each day. Shen Jingshu had nothing to do recently so she mentioned inviting a teacher over to Dan Yuerong. Naturally Dan Yuerong was happy, “Our Shu-er is finally growing up and also wants to study, naturally Mom will find a good one for you!”

“Thank you, Mom!” Looking at Dan Yuerong’s good complexion, the large stone in Shen Jingshu’s heart could finally be sat down. She would have a little brother, she was really happy!

However, these kind of happy days did not last long. As a matter of fact, only a few days later, Shen Jingshu saw the person whose blood she wanted to drink and flesh she wanted to gnaw on!

On this day, a guest came to Shen fu, this person was an acquaintance of Dan Yuerong’s in Jingnan. The reason Qi furen came over was naturally for the matter of looking for a teacher for Shen Jingshu,”Shu-er is older now and I want to find a teacher, I recently got pregnant so it is not convenient. Do you know which teacher is good? Can you introduce one to me?”

“Jingshu, this child, certainly can study at this age, I just happen to know a few teachers, all are very good. Among them, Master Hui is excellent, but this person’s temper is a little eccentric. When the time comes, I do not know if Jingshu can bear with it.”

“Master Hui? That one with exceptional needlework and vast scholarly knowledge? That Master Hui? I heard her father died a few years ago, even though the grieving period is over, she still has not gotten married. 1Even though she is very honorable, I’m afraid this person is not good to invite, right?” Naturally Dan Yuerong was satisfied with this person as she knew this person had ability. But, Dan Yuerong was worried that Shen Jingshu would have to suffer grievances.

“It is indeed not good, the apprentice she takes must be talented. But in my opinion, Jingshu, this child, has been clever since childhood. There certainly won’t be any problems!”

“Then, I will have to trouble you.”

“Between you and me, is it necessary to be so polite? What’s more, I have watched Jingshu, this child, grow up, I am very fond of her.” Smiling, Qi furen did not see Shen Jingshu so she asked about her.

“Right, why have I not seen Jingshu today? Doesn’t she usually come early? Today, Shaodong originally wanted to come but the teacher gave him homework so he could not come. I will bring him over the next time!” Since childhood, the two children had played together well, in Qi furen’s mind and heart, she also had a plan, of course it was only natural to treat Shen Jingshu different.

“I also wondered why Shaodong did not come today, so that’s the reason. Today, Shu-er, this yatou, started to restrain her temper by learning calligraphy. However, I already told someone to bring her over to greet our guest. I think she is hurrying over now.”

“Haha, Jingshu, this yatou, is really growing up. Seeing this makes me very happy.” At that moment, they saw Shen Jingshu’s cheerful figure. Shen Jingshu only knew that she had to come and meet the guest, so she came. But when she saw the person in front of her, Shen Jingshu could only stare with a blank expression. Watching, Dan Yuerong found it to be slightly strange, “Shu-er, how can you not recognize Qi furen?”

Recognize? Of course she recognized this person. In her past life, wasn’t it this person who declared that she was a woman who did not abide by the rules and called her a whore in front of so many people? Ultimately, she was pulled down from the position of wife and became a small concubine. How could she not recognize this person? Shen Jingshu’s heart filled with anger; if it weren’t for her working on her temperament these days, she was afraid she would not have been able to bear it.

Smiling, Shen Jingshu spared no effort to make herself maintain proper etiquette, bowing towards Qi furen she gave a greeting, “Qi furen!”

“Haha, look! I have not seen her for several days and this yatou actually understands etiquette a lot better than she used to. She really is learning.” Seeing Shen Jingshu this way, Qi furen was even more satisfied, but her expression really made Shen Jingshu feel uncomfortable!

“This yatou’s is really very mischievous, you are being too kind!” Smiling, Dan Yuerong, to some degree, knew Qi furen’s thoughts. But she only had one daughter, how could her marriage be decided so easily?


  1. cultural note: when close family dies, it is not proper to have a massive celebration like a wedding too soon
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