Chapter 25: Meeting the Master

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Qi furen had always been a capable person. Additionally, Dan Yuerong was the person requesting this matter. She got the news very soon. “Shen furen, I personally asked Master Hui in the past few days. She has recently been thinking of accepting an apprentice but first, she wants to look at Jingshu.”

“If Shu-er can get Master Hui’s guidance, that will certainly be excellent. Whenever Master Hui is free, I will bring Shu-er to meet her.” Towards her daughter’s level, to be honest, Dan Yuerong was somewhat worried. But for the sake of her daughter’s future, Dan Yuerong naturally wanted to give Shen Jingshu the best teacher.

“She will be free in a few days. When the time comes, we will meet. For Jingshu to be under her tutelage, in the future she will be a cut above the rest!” It seemed that Qi furen already thought of Shen Jingshu as her daughter-in-law, so she wanted to give her the best, as only a capable person would match up to her son in the future.

“I hope so. You have worked hard these few days. Now that I am pregnant, it is not good for me to go out; otherwise, I would not have bothered you.”

“I have already said that there is no need to be polite between you and I. Oh right, where is Jingshu? Why have I not seen her?” Previously whenever Shen Jingshu heard that she was coming, she would take the initiative to find her. Furthermore, she would always ask about Qi Shaodong. Not seeing her these days, Qi furen thought it was a little strange.

“This yatou heard that Master Hui was a picky person so she has been studying hard these days. Even I rarely see her.”

“Oh, really? With Jingshu’s hard effort, Master Hui will certainly take her as an apprentice.” Hearing Dan Yuerong say this, it was hard for Qi furen to say anything. She talked about Dan Yuerong’s pregnancy and left after a while. In the end, she felt something was wrong but could not tell what it was.

“Has Qi furen left?” Shen Jingshu knew that Qi furen had come over these few days, but she did not want to face the person now, so she looked for an excuse to avoid her.

If she kept seeing her, she was afraid that she would not be able to stand it.

“She left, and before leaving, she asked about you Xiaojie. But Xiaojie, why did you not go?” Chun Xiao remembered that Shen Jingshu was quite fond of Qi furen before.

“Master Hui is a strict person. When the time comes, I do not want her to reject me and be humiliated.” Smiling, Shen Jingshu had really been working hard these days. In her past life, she was very spoiled, so she did not care about these things. Every day she was like a crazy monkey, but in this life she could not be that way.

“Haha, Xiaojie, do not worry. You have put in a lot of effort these days, and Xiaojie, you are bright, so Master Hui will certainly like you!”

“You only know how to flatter me. Look at this word I wrote, how can I let other people see it?” Compared to many young ladies from noble families, her own foundation was certainly lacking.

In her past life, when her parents were still alive, she was too naughty and did not care about anything. After her parents died, although she had a master to teach her, she was not good at studying because her foundation was poor. The master also did not like her so she did not learn much.

Xiaojie, do not say that. Xiaojie has progressed a lot!” Chun Xiao could see that Shen Jingshu’s progress these days could be considered very good, so she did not want Shen Jingshu to feel too insecure.

“Chun Xiao, you’re very good!” Putting down the writing brush, she felt that these hands were too small and too tender, she really needed to exercise.

Xiaojie should rest, do not practice too hard or you will ruin your hands”

“En!” Nodding a bit, Shen Jingshu obediently sat down to rest.

Qi furen took this matter to heart and quickly arranged things. Three days later, Dan Yuerong took Shen Jingshu to visit Master Hui.

“Master Hui, this is my daughter, Shen Jingshu.”

“En, she looks very proper!” Nodded a bit, Master Hui evaluated Shen Jingshu with a sweeping glance but showed no excessive expression.

She had heard that this girl was nothing special. If this were not done as a favor to Qi furen, she would not have met with her.

“Master Hui!” Looking at the lady in front of her, her face was young and refined and she looked very gentle, but the person’s eyes showed a sense of intense severity, this did not go unnoticed by Shen Jingshu.

She had heard of Master Hui’s reputation in her previous life. Dan Yuerong had also wanted to invite over Master Hui for her, but at that time, she was too disappointing so the matter was dropped. In this life, she would not disappoint her mom again.

“Master Hui, please sit!” Dan Yuerong could see that Master Hui’s attitude was unenthusiastic, so she was somewhat anxious.

“First, do not feel anxious Shen furen. Presumably, I will take an apprentice, you also know the rules. Family status is not the most important, I am looking for a good impression.”

“Of course.” A good impression was just a tactful way of speaking, in fact, Dan Yuerong knew that Master Hui cared about aptitude the most.

“Since it is this way, then I will have to trouble Shen xiaojie to write a few words first.” It seemed that this Master Hui had a straightforward temperament which was very much to Shen Jingshu’s liking, this also strengthened Shen Jingshu’s resolve to study under Master Hui.

It seemed that this person really lived up to her reputation, it was no wonder that so many people wanted to ask her to become their master. If she were able to follow this person and learn a lot, there would be many benefits in the future, right?

“This … …” Dan Yuerong had always known what her daughter was capable of, although Shen Jingshu had practiced writing recently,  but in the end, it was only a few months of effort. Dan Yuerong was really worried that Master Hui would cause her daughter to embarrass herself.

In her mind, she was somewhat worried, Dan Yuerong suddenly had some regret that the demand was too strict on her daughter and wanted to look for a way to resolve the immediate problem. However, Shen Jingshu calmly started to talk, “I do not know what words Master Hui wants me to write?” Although her writing was still very immature, Shen Jingshu still believed in her efforts.

She was not a talentless person. Her previous life was miserable because she never took these things to heart. However, she now knew that she must learn these things, so in this life, she would work hard!

“Write your name.” To be honest, Master Hui had little hope towards Shen Jingshu. At most, she only had to give it a try today. But when she saw Shen Jingshu calmly walk towards the side of the table and write her name, Master Hui’s eyes were somewhat surprised.

This girl was so different from what she expected.

Her eyes immediately changed a bit. When Master Hui saw the words Shen Jingshu had written, Master Hui could not help but cast a knowing smile, “To be able to write like this at this age is not bad.” Originally her hope towards Shen Jingshu was not high, but after seeing the words she had written although the calligraphy style was immature, it showed beauty and revealed a little bit of strength. In Master Hui’s heart, she had made a decision.

She prided herself on her discerning eyes, but today, she had almost been tricked by a bunch of rumors. It was truly fortunate that she met them today; otherwise, she would have missed out on a good apprentice.

“Master Hui’s praise is too kind.” Dan Yurong saw Shen Jingshu’s writing and was also surprised but she quickly masked it, feeling very proud.

“If I may ask, what does Shen xiaojie usually do at home?”

“Normally I write, practice words, and read books.”

“What about needlework?”

“I don’t really know it …” Mentioning this, Shen Jingshu did not have the nerve to continue, in fact, she had tried these days but it seemed that she really had no talent towards needlework.

“This does not matter, you can learn it slowly in the future … …” Smiling, everyone looked at Master Hui’s attitude and roughly guessed. Dan Yuerong could not help but be somewhat excited, “Master Hui means to say … …”

“Shen furen, Shen xiaojie has left me with a good impression, I really like this apprentice. I wonder when I can start teaching?”

“We can start at any time.” For Master Hui to agree, her daughter’s reputation in the future would naturally be brilliant.

“Good, but I had planned to open a small school, of course, I can not teach at your home. I wonder if Shen furen is willing?” These few years, Master Hui had accumulated lots of prestige and popularity, of course she could not be restricted to teaching in another’s home. Opening her own school was very good for her future.

“This … …” Her daughter was still young and she was pregnant, to be honest, Dan Yuerong was worried.

“Mother, I can.” Although Shen Jingshu also wanted to learn at home so that it would be convenient for Chun Xiao and the others to also learn, she had to change her plan a little.

“Since it is like this, then we will be troubling Master Hui.” Seeing that her daughter did not have any objections, Dan Yuerong knew that spoiling a child was not good, so she did not say anything.

“Of course, I will teach her unreservedly.”

“Master Hui, can I make a request?”

“Shu-er… …” Looking at her daughter, Dan Yuerong was really worried that her daughter had become unsensible once again. But Master Hui did not take offense, “It’s nothing, let her speak!”

“Master Hui’s knowledge is good; my few maids want to learn a bit from you. Later when I arrive at Master Hui’s to study, can they sit nearby and listen?” If a few maids were able to get Master Hui’s teachings, wouldn’t that be fortunate?

“As long as they are willing to learn, of course they can!” Master Hui did not expect Shen Jingshu would make this kind of request, she could not help but attach more importance to Shen Jingshu.

“Thank you Master Hui!”


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