Chapter 26: Sleepless Nights

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The matter of being accepted as an apprentice went smoothly. Although Shen Jingshu came prepared, she felt like she was dreaming when Master Hui accepted her, Dan Yuerong felt this way even more so. “Qi furen, these few days has really been thanks to you. If it weren’t for your recommendation, how would Shu-er be able to get such a good Master?”

“Shen furen is too kind, Jingshu is a such a great child, she deserves the best. Later when she follows Master Hui, she will be very studious, in the future she will have big achievements. Furthermore, I also did this with a small ulterior motive, Yan-er will also be following Master Hui to learn, they can accompany each other in the future so that neither of them will be lonely!”

“Mentioning Xueyan, is she better? I have not had time to see her, I am very worried.”

“Much better, she was able to get out of bed and walk around today.”

“That’s good.” With Qi Xueyan all right, Dan Yuerong could be at ease.

“Oh, Qi furen, I do not know if you have any free time for to come over and visit our home tomorrow? I have really troubled you these past few days.”

“Haha, Shen furen, you need to look after your body, you do not need to trouble yourself.”

“It’s no bother, it’s only eating a meal. You have been running around for our sake the past few days, if you don’t let us treat you I will not be able to forgive myself.”

“In that case, I will gladly accept. But this matter does not need to be rushed. How about waiting for Yan-er to get better? I will let her and Dong-er come over together. These children have not gathered together in a while, the little ones from my house really miss playing with your daughter!”

“That’s good, Shu-er and Yan-er are such close friends but they have not seen each other recently, it is good for them to meet. I will let Shu-er go and see Xueyan tomorrow, the two children can have a good talk!”

“Even though Jingshu is better now, she was sick just a few days ago, it will not be good for her to get sick again. Yan-er is almost fully recovered, let’s wait until after she is better. Visiting then will not be a problem.”

“If that’s the case, fine.” Qi furen’s words were correct, Dan Yuerong also did not want her daughter to be infected by sick air, so she did not say anything, “Then this matter is settled. In a few days we’ll get together and I will thank you in person!”

“Thanking me is not necessary, having your company is more than enough.”

Although Shen Jingshu did not want to be in contact with the Qi family again, when Dan Yuerong and Qi furen agreed upon it she could only listen and had no way of resisting it.

After all, she could not hide forever. Knowing that she would soon see that heartless rat from her previous life, Shen Jingshu’s mood was very erratic on the way back home. Sitting in the carriage, she did not say very much. Dan Yuerong felt something was wrong, “Shu-er, what’s wrong with you? Are you worried about Master Hui’s lesson?” Although Master Hui agreed to accept Shen Jingshu as a disciple, she had also arranged for some assignments in advance. Dan Yuerong did not know what Shen Jingshu was thinking, naturally she assumed Shen Jingshu was worried about this.

“It’s nothing mom, I was just somewhat nervous before. Now, I’m tired.”

“You, this child. Just a moment ago, mom was worried for you. But watching you write those words, I can be at ease. Shu-er’s progress is tremendous, these few days have been very hard, right?” Dan Yerong was happy to see her daughter suddenly interested in reading and writing.

The Shen family was a literary family but since her daughter had never been interested in these things before, to be honest, it really gave her a headache!

For a young lady, it was best to be educated and well balanced. Nowadays her daughter had become very gentle and quiet, her future would be good.

“No mom, reading and writing is very interesting!”

“But didn’t you used to feel that it was very boring? Every time I let you read a book or practice calligraphy, you would run away like a frightened animal!” Remembering her daughter’s past mischief, Dan Yuerong teased her daughter a little bit.  

“Mom, you can not mock me!” Shen Jingshu knew what she was like before, but after what she experienced, could she still afford to be the same carefree Di daughter from the Shen family?

It is only a pity that after experiencing so much, her thoughts could never be as innocent as before.

“Alright, alright, alright, I will not mock you!” Nestling her daughter, she could see that her daughter was becoming more thoughtful and mature everyday. Dan Yuerong was happy but at the same time, she was somewhat sad. “Shu-er, when you follow Master Hui in the future you can not naughty, Master Hui is very strict.” Her daughter was forced to suddenly grow up, perhaps it was because of her, right? She was her mother, had she failed to properly protect her own daughter?

“Mom, I know.”

“A moment ago Master Hui also said that her school would recruit a few good embroidery teachers. When the time comes you will be able to learn more so that in the future, you will not have to suffer people’s nitpicking.” Embroidery was used to measure a woman’s virtue. Dan Yuerong was talented in embroidery, but against expectations, her daughter was not. Dan Yuerong did not want to let Shen Jingshu work too hard, so towards this, she did not have too much hope.

“Mom, I understand.” Naturally Shen Jingshu understood Dan Yuerong’s painstaking efforts. She also knew that she was not omnipotent, but she would work hard!

In her past life, she had not accomplished anything and was always mocked by other people. It’s true that people were working against her but it was also true that she did not work hard.

Although she could not be perfect in everything, she would work hard to adapt to everything, and would never be so headstrong and reckless again.

Ever since she became aware that she would see Qi Shaodong in a few days, she was not able to rest. Especially on the day before Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan’s visit, she could not sleep peacefully the entire night.

All of the things from her past life flashed across her mind. Qi Shaodong’s gentleness as well as his stinging betrayal. How their lives had intertwined, she remembered it all clearly. She also remembered that he was once a dear friend …

Remembering her wedding day, she thought of how she knelt on the ice cold ground, Qi furen’s disgusted face, Qi Shaodong’s merciless words, and Qi Xueyan’s face filled with sadistic delight. Shen Jingshu really did not expect that the people she originally trusted would be so heartless towards her!

Tomorrow, tomorrow she would see them. When the time came, she did not know what kind of scene it would be.

After a sleepless night, although Shen Jingshu could now suppress her hatred, she could not calm her mind. When she woke up the next day, Dan Yuerong saw her face and became worried, “Shu-er, are you are sick? Why is your complexion so pale?”

“No, mom. I must have kicked away my blanket and tossed and turned last night, I did not sleep well.”

“Was it a nightmare?” Small children were easily awakened by nightmares, looking at her daughter’s appearance, the tone of Dan Yuerong’s voice inevitably held some blame, “Chun Mei, how did you serve last night? How could you not know Xiaojie tossed and turned all night?”

Furen, nubi … …” Chun Mei had started to admit her mistake, but Shen Jingshu stopped her, “Mom, this can not be blamed on Chun Mei and the others. They did not know because I do not like people serving me at night and wanted to sleep alone.”

“You can not be so protective of them. You are young, it is easy to catch a cold at night when you kick away your blanket. You just recently got over your illness, what if it happens again?” Shen Jingshu’s previous illness was serious, Dan Yuerong did not want to experience it again.

“Mom, I’m really fine. I just did not sleep well last night, I just need to take a nap later on.”

“Then you go back to rest first, your health is important.”

“Isn’t Qi furen and the others arriving soon? Mom, I’m fine.” Although she could take advantage of this reason to temporarily avoid those people she did not want to see, Shen Jingshu knew that even if she could hide this time, she could not hide forever. Since they were forced to meet again in this life then she could only face it head on. But this time, she would not be manipulated by those people. She could never allow them to have the opportunity to get close to her.

Qi Shaodong, in the past life you humiliated and injured me, I will surely repay you one hundred thousand times over!


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