Chapter 28: Are you angry at me?

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“Shen meimei, are you really okay? I can see that your complexion is not good.” As Shen Jingshu was somewhat cold towards him today, Qi Shaodong was a little anxious.

“I am really fine, I just did not sleep well last night.”

“Did not sleep well? Did you have a nightmare?”

“En, it was a nightmare.” My nightmare is you! Oh Qi Shaodong, Qi Shaodong, all of this effort in your pretense…for what? In the past life, if you were truly genuine towards me, you never would have chosen to abandon me in the end.

“Was the dream about something not good? You look very tired.”

“That’s right, It was about something bad.” As long as I see you, I am afraid that there will be some days that I can not sleep well, right?

“Having nightmares is not good, Shen meimei, in a few days mother will go to Yunyin Temple to seek the Buddha’s blessing, do you also want to come along? I heard burning incense there is very effective!” Qi Shaodong suggested it because he wanted to go out with Shen Jingshu, but Shen Jingshu refused.

“No, I have probably just been a bit tired recently. In a few days, I will be better.”

“Jingshu, you should go, we have not gone out together recently. I heard Yunyin Temple’s vegetarian dishes are pretty good and the incense there is also very strong. In a few days it will be Bodhisattva’s birthday, we can go together and have fun!” Qi Xueyan also considered Shen Jingshu a good friend since the two did not have any conflicts of interest, of course they were “close friends”.

“I’d better not. Mom is pregnant and I want to stay with her at home.” Going together with these people, no matter how good her mood was, it would be ruined.

” Shen furen’s pregnancy is even more reason for you to go out. When the time comes you can ask Bodhisattva to bestow you a little brother and to bless and protect Shen furen, wouldn’t that be great?”

“… …” Hearing Qi Xueyan’s sincere invitation, although Shen Jingshu wanted to continue to refuse, they gave her no chance to do so.

“Then it’s settled. Jingshu, you can not refuse again or I will be angry!” Playfully, Qi Xueyan made an angry face. She knew that Shen Jingshu really cared about her and her brother, every time she wanted Shen Jingshu to do something and Shen Jingshu did not agree, she would act this way. Ultimately, Shen Jingshu had no choice but to agree. Of course today would be the same, but Qi Xueyan did not know, this Shen Jingshu had not been that Shen Jingshu from before for a long time.

“Then… alright!” Although she was somewhat unwilling, in the end, Shen Jingshu was still worried about Dan Yuerong. Being able to go to Yunyin Temple was a good thing, at the very least, she would be able to pray for a blessing of peace.

Moreover, she had long been looking for a way to prevent the marriage with the Qi family, going to Yunyin Temple in a few days might be just the opportunity!

“Haha, Jingshu, you are the best!” Pulling Shen Jingshu’s hand, Qi Xueyan did not care when Shen Jingshu subconsciously tried to avoid it. Seeing that her brother seemed to have something he wanted to say to Shen Jingshu, Qi Xueyan covered her stomach, “Jingshu, my stomach hurts, that … …”

“Go, you know where it is.”

“Alright, then you both wait for me, I’ll be back soon! Chun Mei, you accompany me!” She wanted to create an opportunity for Qi Shaodong and Shen Jingshu, but Chun Mei did not seem to understand the familiar signal and did not follow Qi Xueyan like she would have previously. She instead said, “Qi xiaojie, Yue-er can accompany you, nubi must accompany Xiaojie!”

“Jingshu, this … …” In the past, Chun Mei had always been very accommodating, why was this time different? Qi Xueyan looked at Shen Jingshu somewhat puzzled, instead Shen Jingshu just smiled.

“Really? It’s not like you have never been to my home before, but you still want Chun Mei to accompany you? Just let Yue-er accompany you.” If she were like this to other people then it would be considered somewhat inconsiderate, but Qi Xueyan and Shen Jingshu were very close. Shen Jingshu acting this way showed their close relationship. Naturally it was not good for Qi Xueyan to make a fuss but she was somewhat annoyed. Glancing at her brother, Qi Xueyan did not say anything in the end.

“Fine, I will go and quickly come back.” On her way out Qi Xueyan gave Shen Jingshu a strange glance, she truly felt that something was wrong with Shen Jingshu today.

This Jingshu, they had only been separated for few months, how could she have changed so much?

In the past, even if she did not take the initiative to look for an opportunity to leave, Shen Jingshu would find opportunities herself, why today …

Qi Shaodong watched as his sister considerately left and looked at Chun Mei, he also felt that Chun Mei was somewhat in the way, “Shen meimei, are you thirsty? Do you want to drink tea?” In fact, he was using this as a pretext to get Chun Mei to leave, but Shen Jingshu and him did not have the same mutual understanding as they did in the past, “No, I am not thirsty.”

“…” But I am”thirsty”, Qi Shaodong felt that Shen Jingshu was a bit strange today. Before when he came, Shen Jingshu would send away all the people at her side, why was she so strange today? Having tried to find out a few times with no avail, in the end Qi Shaodong could not stand it anymore, “Shen meimei, are you angry at me?

“Shaodong gege, what are you talking about?” Anger? Towards him, apart from hatred, she felt nothing else. If it wasn’t due to the fact that she did not want anyone to know what she was truly feeling, she would have not let this Qi family anywhere near her.

“Are you angry with me for not coming to see you when you were sick? You know a few days ago it was uncle’s birthday, I did not have a choice, and later … …” Adding up his feelings towards Shen Jingshu, ultimately, he harbored a bit of conceit because Shen Jingshu liked him even though her status was higher. But, he also felt that Shen Jingshu was somewhat spoiled and willful. So earlier, when he found out that Shen Jingshu was sick, he was busy and he did not come to see her. If he were really sincere towards her, how could he not come to see her?

“Shaodong gege, you are worried over nothing, I’m not angry.” Angry? Haha, she had long stopped caring how this person would treat her. How could she be angry with him over something like that? Angry over him not coming to see her? For her, who had been reborn, the only things she worried about was not being able to suppress her desire to kill him!

“But why are you so cold to me today?” In the past, you were not like that!

Qi Shaodong used to enjoy being the object of Shen Jingshu’s infatuation;  previously Shen Jingshu was well behaved and obedient towards him, he liked it very much.

“Am I?”

“How aren’t you? I just gave you a gift and you did not even glance at it before giving it to Chun Mei.” When I gave you a gift before, you were very happy, you wished you could carry it on your body everyday.

Perhaps previously Qi Shaodong only felt that Shen Jingshu was cute and had a good family background, so he wooed her a little. But, he did not put too much effort into it. Now that Shen Jingshu was suddenly cold to him, naturally Qi Shaodong felt uncomfortable.

“Shaodong gege, you are overthinking it, I really like your gift!” Although she said those words, with her tone, she obviously did not like it!

“Then you … …” He still wanted to say something else, but Shen Jingshu did not give him the chance.

“Shaodong gege there is a pavilion over there, let’s go sit there and wait for Xueyan!”

After she finished speaking she left. How was she the same as she was in the past? Qi Shaodong followed feeling puzzled. He wanted to say something several times but he was interrupted by Shen Jingshu. In the end, Qi Shaodong glanced at Shen Jingshu, with this glance he discovered that Shen Jingshu had become a lot more beautiful and her manner had become much more gentle and quiet, this made him somewhat mesmerized.

Although he was still young, he was gradually maturing and had slowly started to become aware of other kinds of feelings. Now that he had discovered the changes in Shen Jingshu, his heart also changed.

“Shen meimei, I heard that Yunyin Temple’s chrysanthemums are very beautiful. It is currently chrysanthemum season, when we go to the temple, should we go see them together?”

The young man’s way of thinking ha matured a little, but Shen Jingshu’s thoughts were already mature, naturally she could sense it.

“Really? Alright!” She was currently concerned that she would not have the opportunity to get rid of this family, wasn’t this an opportunity now?

“Haha, that’s great!” Seeing Shen Jingshu readily agree, Qi Shaodong’s heart was also satisfied. He decided that when the time came, he would be sure to make Shen Jingshu happy!


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