Chapter 29: Each with Their own Intent

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Gege, Jingshu, what are you talking about? Why are you so happy?” When Qi Xueyan came back she saw Qi Shaodong smiling. Although Shen Jingshu’s mind was in total shambles, she knew that now was not the time to show open hostility. Because she did not show any prominent emotions, Qi Xueyan and Qi Shaodong misunderstood her.

“Nothing! Why were you gone for so long? Are you feeling unwell?” Shen Jingshu smiled as she looked at Qi Xueyan, she knew exactly why Qi Xueyan had not come back quickly.

“Haha, no. I saw beautiful scenery on the way back and got delayed.” This was the first time Shen Jingshu had ever asked this kind of question, Qi Xueyan’s face looked somewhat perturbed.

“It’s not like you have not been to my house before, what scene have you not seen?” Knowing that Qi Xueyan said that as an excuse, Shen Jingshu deliberately spoke to make Qi Xueyan even more unsettled.

“I did not pay attention before… when I saw it today…I felt that it looked good …so… “

“Xueyan, come sit!” Qi Shaodong was a good brother, understanding the situation, how could he not rescue his own sister? Shen Jingshu had an expression that was like a smile but not a smile. As she glanced at the brother and sister pair, she also did not say anything else.

“Xueyan, do you want to some snacks?

“Yes, yes!” In the past, Shen Jingshu’s temper was somewhat impatient and usually very carefree. Her thoughts were very easy to guess, but now, Qi Xueyan could not make them out. Looking at Shen Jingshu now, one would find that Shen Jingshu’s temperament had an extra layer of elegance and she seemed much more beautiful than before. Qi Xueyan was somewhat jealous of her heart.

This person, what has she got that makes her better than me? Even mother likes her. Previously, when she was like a naughty monkey, she was nothing special. But now, she has become beautiful and also became Master Hui’s apprentice, how…

The hearts of little girls could be really shallow, Qi Xueyan had never sincerely wanted to be Shen Jingshu’s friend. In the past, she only felt that having Shen Jinghsu at her side would emphasize her grandeur and intelligence. Furthermore, Shen Jingshu’s status was high, being together with Shen Jingshu, she also gained some prestige. But now …

In the end, Qi Xueyan was still young, naturally Shen Jingshu was able to see the subtle changes in her heart.

“Oh that’s right, Xueyan, Master Hui has accepted me as an apprentice and I will start school soon. You started earlier than me, so in the future, you must take good care of me!”

The two people were of similar ages but Qi Xueyan was a lot more scheming, she was accepted as Master Hui’s apprentice much earlier. Of course Shen Jingshu knew that Qi furen, or better yet, Qi Xueyan herself, had very high aspirations. Because of this, preparations for Qi Xueyan’s education had been made early on, in the future ……

In the past life, Qi Xueyan had indeed climbed up and became close to marquis Zhongyi household’s second son. After that, she became very arrogant and feared that her sister-in-law’s status as an orphan would cause her to lose face, so she alienated her! But in this life …

Smiling, Shen Jingshu believed that with her here in this life, the Qi family’s people would absolutely not have the same kind of proud and arrogant demeanor as they did in the previous life!

Qi Xueyan saw Shen Jingshu smiling and felt that it was very good-looking, but also very annoying, “Of course, we are good friends!”

“Yes, we are good friends. In the future we can look out for each other!” The previous life’s Qi Xueyan had “looked out for her”, she remembered everything clearly. Since her rebirth her memory was even more profound, so, in this life she would also show Qi Xueyan “a lot of care”!

“Yes, yes!” Her face looked a bit embarrassed, previously Qi Xueyan had always pulled Shen Jingshu around by the nose since Shen Jingshu did not have any scheming thoughts. But now, Qi Xueyan suddenly felt that this was not the case.

It seemed like something had changed, but what was it? Why could she not figure it out!

“Yan-er, Shen meimei’s words are right. You have followed Master Hui longer, if Shen meimei has anything she does not understand, you must offer her a lot of guidance. Master Hui is strict, if she gets angry and punishes Shen meimei, that will not be good.”

It seemed that Shen Jingshu’s previous image had left a deep impression. Although she had also become one of Master Hui’s apprentices, many people were surprised. Everyone was doubtful towards her ability.

Gege, do not worry!” Smiling, Qi Xueyan’s expression had a bit of reluctance. She had been proud and arrogant since childhood, unwilling to accept mediocrity. It was only natural that she wanted the best of everything! Therefore, she had worked very hard, and put in a lot of effort. These years she gained a really good reputation, especially with Shen Jinghu there to counteract her, she appeared even more elegant and generous. But now …

This Shen Jingshu clearly caused mischief every day, how was she able to get Master Hui’s approval? Even though Mother helped her, it should not be this way …

Qi Xueyan firmly believed in her heart that Shen Jingshu was only able to gain Master Hui’s approval because of something her mother or Dan Yuerong did. She was very clear about Shen Jingshu’s ability, naturally she would not let Shen Jingshu surpass her!

This Jingnan was her world, her status was already below Shen Jingshu, she absolutely could not fall another place!

The few children’s thoughts were all different as they talked and laughed. Looking  at the sibling’s fake smiles, if Shen Jingshu’s manners were not so good, she would not have been able to help but tear off their masks. When she was finally able to say goodbye to those people, Shen Jingshu was suddenly able to relax. Seeing this, Chun Mei burst into laughter.

Xiaojie, why are you like this? It seems as if you were fighting a battle, in the past, you and the Qi siblings were not this way.” Chun Mei’s thoughts were meticulous, she had already discovered that there was something wrong with Shen Jingshu, but she was still not clear on what exactly.

Furthermore, how could they, nubi, interfere in the master’s affairs?

“Haha, maybe it’s because we have not seen each other in a long time and have become somewhat unfamiliar, right?” It was a valid excuse since small children’s feelings were exactly like this, changing quickly. Although Chun Mei had some doubts, she did not ask many questions.

Shen Jingshu was very satisfied with Chun Mei’s reading of the situation, this was the reason she decided to bring Chun Mei today, “Alright, they’ve left, we can go back now. I have not practiced writing today, it can not be neglected.”

Xiaojie has put in a lot of effort nowadays, if Furen were to know, she would certainly be happy!” If a woman was talented, it could be used as a bargaining chip for marriage in the future. Chun Mei knew that because Shen Jing Shu had not liked these things previously, it gave Dan Yuerong a headache. Naturally everyone was happy that Shen Jingshu had started to understand things propery herself.

“I used to make mom worry, now I will not.” The previous life’s Shen Jingshu had to endure bitter hardships, in this life, how could she let herself be caught in the same predicament?

To be humiliated once was enough! The things Qi Xueyan did to her in the past life, she had already engraved them in her heart. She would never forget, how could she dare to be neglectful?

Those people who wanted to play that kind of trick on her again, she would really like to see if they would still have the chance!


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