Chapter 30: Yunyin Temple

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Shu-er, one must be careful when going out, do you understand? You must follow Qi furen, you can not run around wildly!

“I know Mom!”

“Chun Xiao, Chun Mei, you must properly take care of Xiaojie. There will be many people at Yunyin Temple today, you can not let Xiaojie have an accident!”

“Yes, Furen!”

“It is cold today, Shu-er, you must wear more clothes, do not catch a cold. Liu Zhi, Chun Xiao, go bring another coat over!”

“Mom, there is no need. I am already very warm, it’s enough.”

“Shu-er, it is not the same outside as it is in the household. Yunyin Temple is in the mountains it is very cold, do not be willful.”

“Alright, alright mom!” Since Dan Yuerong found out that Shen Jingshu was going to Yunyin Temple, she had not relaxed. She wanted to go out to the temple as well, but of course, that was impossible. Because of this, Dan Yuerong had nagged for a long time, Shen Jingshu felt very helpless.

“Alright mom, if you speak like that again, I will not go to Yunyin Temple today.”

“This yatou, do you dislike my nagging?” Although her daughter did not cause trouble and was a lot more sensible, in the end she was still young. To let her daughter go out like this, how could she be at ease?

“Do not worry mom, Qi furen will be there so it will be fine!”

“I know, but …” Not being able to go herself, Dan Yuerong could not be at ease. But at that moment, Qi furen had already arrived, “Are you ready? It is best to set off a bit earlier, leaving late is not good.”

“You’re here? Today Shu-er will be troubling you.”

“What are you saying? For these children to have a companion to walk around with is good. If it weren’t for it not being convenient for your body right now, I would have pulled you to go with us!”

“I also want to go, but … …” Dan Yuerong was not past the three month danger period. It was not dangerous to go out, but Shen Jingshu and Shen Wenhua were very careful, how could they be willing to let her go? Thinking of this, Dan Yuerong also felt quite helpless.

“Alright, I will take good care of Jingshu, you properly rest at home.”

“Shen furen, do not worry, I will take good care of Shen meimei!” It was rare for Qi Shaodong to go out but recently he had become more fond of Shen Jingshu and wanted to stick close to her.

“Also me, Shen furen!” Qi Xueyan smiled, with the two children both showing their modest expressions in front of Dan Yuerong, Dan Yuerong was finally able to relax, “En, I will inconvenience you.” Watching Qi furen take Shen Jingshu away, Dan Yuerong could only let her worries go.

“Shen meimei, I heard that there would be a lot of people today, in a while you can not run around, you must follow us!”

Today, Qi Shaodong seemed more like an older brother and his voice sounded like an adult. Qi furen burst into laughter at this. However, Shen Jingshu’s heart held disdain, “Rest assured Shaodong gege, I will not run around!”

Did they really think they could still woo her like she was just a small child? In this life she would not be deceived by them again!

“Jingshu, here are some snacks, eat whatever you want to eat, do not be reserved!” Qi furen paid a lot of attention to status, naturally she also focused on enjoyment. The carriage was arranged very comfortably, things were also fully prepared, it made people feel intimate.

“Thank you, Qi furen. Before leaving my mom let me eat a lot of things, I am not hungry!” Politely rejecting, she would not eat Qi furen’s things!

“That’s fine, if you want to eat in a while, then eat.” Smiling, Qi furen did not show any displeasure because of Shen Jingshu’s rejection.

Yunyin temple was Jingnan’s largest temple, burning incense there was very popular. Today was Bodhisattva’s birthday so many people had come to worship, fortunately they had left early, otherwise they may have been stuck in traffic.

“Mother, there are really a lot of people!”

“Everyone must carefully follow me, do not run around, do you understand?” With three children at her side, Qi furen would naturally have to be a bit more careful, especially with Shen Jingshu, Qi furen would certainly be 100% alert.

“Mother, are we going to pray to Buddha first?”

“Naturally, today is Bodhisattva’s birthday, of course, we have to pay respects to ask for good blessings. Jingshu, in a while, you can kowtow to Bodhisattva a few times to bless and protect your mom in giving you a little brother. “

“En!” Nodding, Shen Jingshu came today for the safety of her family, of course, there were other reasons but those were unknown.

“Let’s go, remember to properly take care of each other!” Commanding the next generation to take good care of their younger counterpart, Qi furen led the group of people forward. With their superior temperament,  they attracted a lot of attention.

Qi furen took them to go offer incense to Bodhisattva and made a show of asking for blessings for Dan Yuerong. She then took them to go get fortune telling oracle sticks. Qi furen laughed, “Jingshu, look! Your mom will definitely get her wish, Jingshu will soon have a younger brother!”

“Haha, thank you Qi furen!” Although Qi furen was putting on an act, Shen Jingshu would not expose her.

After drawing a fortune for Dan Yuerong, Qi furen choose several for herself, but they were all great misfortune sticks, her face suddenly changed.

“Master Monk, what is going on?” Why had all the oracle sticks that she pick only showed great misfortune? Could it be…..that the limit of the Qi family was just this? Does Laoye really have no hope for a better future? And even their son…

No, no!

“This patron, the meaning of the words on the drawn fortune is that things can not be forced, otherwise one will be met with destruction of the whole lineage. I hope this patron will keep this in mind.”

“Can Master Monk tell me how I can find a way around this future?” Can not be forced? How can that be possible?

“Emitoufo, everything is karmic, it has a cause and effect. If dear patron wants to avoid misfortune, then you must light a peace lamp inside the temple and ensure that it stays lit for one day and one night. By doing this, you can lessen a bit of the disaster. But, to truly avoid the coming misfortune, you must not force things and let things happen naturally!”

“Then, I will thank Master Monk.” Originally, she was happy to come here, but after drawing those oracle sticks, Qi furen’s mood had significantly worsened. She quickly donated a large sum money to the temple and paid for a large amount of oil for her peace lamp to stay burning, she was very generous. Watching her, Shen Jingshu’s eyes held some disdain.

Do you want peace? Haha, Qi furen , if you really did not insist, you might be able to have peace. But with your personality, is it possible?

Qi furen was an ambitious person, Shen Jingshu was very clear on this point. Qi furen was not someone that could give up on fame and prosperity. So, the little bit of protection from this peace lamp was destined to be purchased in vain.

It had to be said, Shen Jingshu was still very understanding towards Qi furen, after Qi furen lit the peace lamp, she was still worried. So she also gave the monks money to do a ceremony to eliminate bad luck. Finally she was able to relax. Qi furen then let people prepare some vegetarian dishes, “Dong-er, you go with Jingshu and Yan-er and wait in the side room, I’ll come quickly. “

“Yes, mother!” In the end, Qi Shaodong was someone who attended school, even though he was still young, his temper was very calm and reliable. As he walked toward the side room with a few people and Shen Jingshu, he suddenly remembered the things that Shen Jingshu mentioned before and thought that now was the perfect opportunity. In the end, Qi Shaodong still had a bit of a child’s temperament, it was difficult for him to avoid being excited.

“Shen meimei, Yan-er, I heard Yunyin Temple has an extremely beautiful scenery, should we go see it together?”

“But mother said for us to go to the side room and wait for her!” Qi Xueyan was also a bit excited, but she also knew that there were many people out today,  so she was bit hesitant.

“It doesn’t matter, the average person is not allowed on this side. We can go and quickly return, mother and the master monk still have some things to discuss, it will certainly not be finished quickly.” Qi Shaodong could clearly tell that Qi furen cared about the words inscribed on the oracle stick a lot and that she wanted to find more solutions. So, it was impossible that she would come back so soon.

“But … …” Qi Xueyan really wanted to go at that moment, but in the end she was still a young girl, she was not courageous. Watching from the side, Shen Jingshu decided to add fuel to the fire.

“We had better not go, or else, Qi furen will be angry. We are not familiar with this place, it would be better to not run around. Furthermore, I can see that this place does not look like it has any good scenery. Shaodong gege, you probably made a mistake, right?”

“How can that be? I have been here several times, I have not made a mistake. Shen meimei, you come with me, Yan-er, are you coming?” As Shen Jingshu suspected, in the end, Qi Shaodong was still young, of course he would want to prove himself.

“Then, alright!” Seeing Qi Shaodong’s resolute attitude, Qi Xueyan could not suppress the curiosity in her heart and agreed.

“Good, let’s go, quick!” Finished speaking, he tried to to pull Shen Jingshu to walk together with him but Shen Jingshu deliberately avoided him. Instead, she pulled Qi Xueyan.

“Let’s go Xueyan!” Her movements were very natural, not to mention, Qi Shaodong was only eight years old. Where had he not seen this many times? So, of course, he did not mind.


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