Chapter 3: Protect the family

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“Ai~” The girl seated on top of the bed sighed. She had a look of joy and anxiousness on her face. After a few days of observing, Shen Jingshu finally understood what had happened. She did not go to the afterlife, but rather she went back to her childhood.

Looking at that small, round hand, Shen Jingshu was shocked when she saw her former self in the mirror. She almost thought she was seeing a ghost. Now, with great difficulty, she had come to her senses. Shen Jingshu realized that the heavens had not completely abandoned her.

Now, she was just a five-year-old child, and her father served as a magistrate in Jingnan. The whole family was blessed, and happily passed their days, but not for long…

In her previous life, she lost her parents early and was reduced to an orphan. Her grandmother protected her; however, in the end she was still plotted and schemed against by those people. Now, since heaven cared for her, she could start over. She would carefully live to change her father and mother’s fate, and not let those tragedies befall her body.

These past few days, Shen Jingshu took advantage of recuperating to carefully review what had happened in her previous life this year. This was a crucial and eventful year.

To keep her father from quickly meeting an unexpected calamity in three years, she must clearly investigate the truth to prevent her father from dying senselessly, and her mother from dying miserably.

Thinking of this, a little smile appeared on Shen Jingshu’s face. Her previous life was filled with despair, but now, to be reborn and see her parents, how could she not feel happy?

No matter what, in this life she would never allow anyone to hurt the people she loved. And, those people who harmed her in the previous life, she would make them pay the price!

At that moment, there was a sound from the door. Shen Jingshu saw the people entering and quickly went over to welcome them “Mom, why did you come? Didn’t I say you should rest well?” Her mother’s wan complexion made Shen Jingshu feel extremely guilty and worried.

In her past life, Dan Yuerong was overworked and did not sleep for several nights because of her cold. It caused Dan Yuerong to become infected with a cold, and the undiscovered child in her stomach was lost. Because of this, Dan Yuerong continuously suffered from depression, and her health got worse. After learning about her father’s sudden demise that day, Dan Yuerong was unable to withstand the continuous shocks and later followed Shen Wenhua in death.  

This was a huge blow to Shen Jingshu. During those years she was still young and silly, and thus did not understand what happened. Plus, the people at home hid it from her, so she did not understand. But later, when both her parents died, her second aunt often retold these events and used them to call her a jinx. It was from this that she gradually understood.

But, the present situation was also thanks to second aunt’s words. Otherwise, how would she know about her mother’s current condition. What could be done for mother’s body?

Shen Jingshu was very happy that her future brother or sister was inside mother’s stomach. Grandmother was not very fond of mother, because in those days, father insisted on marrying mother and rejected grandmother’s niece. All these years, father had only loved mother and had never taken a concubine. Also, mother only had her, a daughter. As a result, grandmother was unhappy with mother. Now, mother was pregnant, so it should lessen her grandmother’s grudge toward mother, right? Shen Jingshu’s entire face filled with passion, the child in mother’s stomach, no matter what, she would protect her future little brother or sister in this life! She does not want to be alone with no one to rely on.

But now, Dan Yuerong’s complexion was pale, and Shen Jingshu was worried.

Mother was still too worried about her health to discover that she was pregnant. Otherwise, how could the previous life’s tragedy happen?

But what could she do to let her mother know that she was pregnant, and to carefully take care of her body?

Shen Jingshu carefully supported Dan Yuerong, treating her like a precious treasure, but Dan Yuerong was still very worried about her. “Shu-er, weren’t you lying down in bed? How come you’re up? Be good and lie down, you still have a cold. To have good health, you cannot afford to catch a cold!” Her daughter, with great difficulty, had managed to reduce her fever, but her complexion was still uneven. How could she allow her daughter to catch a cold again?

“Mom, I’m already a lot better. Look, my fever’s gone already, but look at you. Your face is pale, why don’t we let the doctor have a look at you?” Shen Jingshu went to help Dan Yuerong sit down. Nowadays, Dan Yuerong was like a porcelain doll, she could not be touched rashly.

“I am fine. It’s just a few days without sleep. I just need a bit of rest and I will be fine.”

“Mother should let the doctor take a look so that I will not be worried!” In her previous life, it was exactly because of mother worrying about her that she failed to notice her own poor health. It was because of this…

She vowed that, in this life, no matter what, she will not let it happen again!

“This child!” With her daughter struggling to support her, Dan Yuerong’s heart filled with warmth. Overall, it felt like her daughter had been reborn. After falling sick, she seemed to be more sensible, and not as naughty as before. This made Dan Yuerong happy.

“Mom, let the doctor come, alright?” Shen Jingshu thought, although it was still early in the pregnancy, the doctor should be able to sense it. Also, Shen Jingshu was really worried about Dan Yuerong’s body, so naturally, letting the doctor come would help her feel relieved.

“Alright, alright, let the doctor come have a look at our Shu-er, to see if her health is good!”

“No, for Mom!”

“En, for me and also for you!” Although her daughter’s complexion was good, to allow the doctor to come was not a waste. These several days, when Dan Yuerong had personally gone to attend to her, she was met with Shen Jingshu’s order to go back each time. Dan Yuerong’s heart was not at ease.

“Okay, let him have a look at both of us. If mom’s health is good, then my health is also good.” Shen Jingshu smiled mischievously. It had been a long time since Shen Jingshu was able to live this freely. Since mother and father passed away, she was no longer that naive and lively Shen family’s Di daughter. Without her parent’s protection, she had to do everything carefully. In no way could she live as free as she was currently living.  

Fortunately, she had the opportunity to make this beautiful path continue.

“Good, our Shu-er has grown up. Mom is happy!” Nowadays, Shen Jingshu had really changed. Before, if Shen Jingshu had fallen ill, she would loudly refuse to take her medicine and would naughtily toss from side to side, throwing a tantrum. But today’s Shen Jingshu was not the same. Not only did she obediently take her medicine, but she showed consideration and stubbornly tried to get her to rest. Her daughter had grown up overnight, Dan Yuerong was pleased beyond words.

“Mom, in the future Shu-er will show good filial piety!” Now returning, Shen Jingshu knew that she was actually a naughty child. Because she was her parents’ only child, it was hard to avoid spoiling her. Her bad temper and also refusing to take her medicine back then caused her cold to drag on for a month.

In her previous lifetime, Shen Jingshu was very regretful. Therefore, in this life she would not act willful and rashly, causing the people at home to suffer harm!


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