Chapter 4: Arrival of Good Tidings

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“Doctor, what’s wrong with me?” Dan Yuerong had just thought that she was too tired, and that was why her complexion was uneven. In order to placate her daughter, she had allowed the doctor to take a look. But now, looking at the doctor’s expression, Dan Yuerong could not help but feel anxious in her heart.  

“Yes, doctor, what’s wrong with mother? Doctor, why aren’t you saying anything?” Sitting to the side, Shen Jingshu was also anxious. In her previous life, Dan Yuerong had only thought of her. She had worried so much that it affected her health, and she lost the baby in her stomach. Shen Jingshu hoped that, in this life, her mother would not experience that pain again.

“The only thing wrong with Furen’s body is that she has been pushing herself too hard these past few days. Since she is pregnant, her body should be carefully taken care of. If not, then I’m afraid that she will lose the child!” The doctor frowned. “Since Furen is still not very far along in her pregnancy, it can be hard to detect. This is precisely the most dangerous time for her. If she doesn’t meticulously look after her health, it will be easy for a problem to arise. Furen needs to carefully recuperate. I will give Furen some medicine to calm the fetus, Furen needs to take it punctually every day. Now, seeing that you are not far along, I will come again for Furen.”

“You, what did you say?” She had first thought that she had a serious ailment, but, unbelievably, she was actually pregnant! Dan Yuerong was momentarily unable to respond properly.

It had been four years since Shu-er was in her stomach, and her stomach had not exhibited any activity afterward. These past few years, she had seen many doctors and taken many medications, so she had long given up hope. After enduring so much stress these past couple years, she was now pregnant. How could she not feel emotional?   

“Doctor, is it true?” Doubtful, Dan Yuerong needed to confirm that it was true.

“It is certainly a slippery pulse, but you are not far along now, so I am only nine-tenths certain. Furen should be aware of her own body, and should not act recklessly.

 “I-is it true?” Crying tears of joy, teardrops gleamed in the corner of Dan Yuerong’s eyes.

“Is it true, Mom? I want to have a little brother.” Shen Jingshu was feeling very anxious, but felt relieved after hearing the doctor speak.

Good, there was still time. Otherwise, in this life, she was afraid that she would regret it for the rest of her life!

“How do you know it is a younger brother? What if it is a younger sister?”

“It is definitely a younger brother, I like little brother!” Although it made no difference to her whether it was a younger brother or younger sister, Shen Jingshu knew Dan Yuerong’s situation. If the fetus was a boy, Dan Yuerong’s days would become easier, and Grandmother’s pressure would lessen.

Shen Jingshu also wished for her parents’ happiness. She knew that her parents’ feelings toward her were good, but desiring a son whom they could depend on was inevitable. With this child, mother could worry less about matters in the future. The tragedies from her previous life could also be avoided.

“This child!” Seeing her daughter’s understanding and clever attitude, the worry in Dan Yuerong’s anxious heart decreased. She had been anxious that, because of spoiling and pampering that child, in the future, it would be hard for that child not to be headstrong, and later suffer losses. Therefore, Shen Jingshu’s illness was actually a good thing, as it allowed her to feel a little more relieved.

“Doctor, we’ll have to trouble you to write a prescription for mother. Mom, did you hear? From now on, you cannot overwork yourself and have to rest well, do you understand?” The first three months of her pregnancy were dangerous, so Shen Jingshu would not allow any accidents to occur!

“Okay, okay, I will rest well!” Laughing, Dan Yuerong could not help but stroke her stomach. Now, even though it did not show, there was already a child. Dan Yuerong was in exceedingly high spirits.

If it was truly a son, then her standing in the family would improve by leaps and bounds in the future…

When she thought about the future, Dan Yuerong felt a small sense of anticipation.

“Doctor, we’ll have to trouble you”

Furen, this is what I should do!”


Happily sending the doctor away, Shen Jingshu quickly had the servants boil the herbs. Dan Yuerong’s body was currently weak, so Shen Jingshu was eager for Dan Yuerong to rest well in order to nourish her body. After Dan Yuerong became aware of her pregnancy, she was met with Shen Jingshu pressing her down on the bed, and not allowing her to get up. She did not know whether to laugh or cry. Towards Shen Jingshu, Dan Yuerong was actually quite happy. Now that her daughter had learned to be considerate, naturally her mood was excellent.

“Shu-er, okay, you should also rest. Your body has not fully recovered, and the doctor said that you have to rest well!” Her daughter had recovered, so Dan Yuerong was relieved; but if her daughter’s complexion became haggard again, she would regret it.

“Mom, I am fine, but you now have little brother in your stomach. You are not allowed to overwork yourself and must rest well in order to give birth safely.” Fearing for Dan Yuerong’s health, Shen Jingshu was anxious for Dan Yuerong to lie down on the couch and rest.

“You, this child. Okay, be obedient and rest with mom,” said Dan Yuerong as she pulled Shen Jingshu down to sit next to her. Dan Yuerong was happy that there was now a child in her stomach, but she also understood her daughter’s intentions.

“Okay Mom!” In the past, Shen Jingshu would have already thrown herself at Dan Yuerong’s body, but now she did not dare to, so she carefully sat down. Her mother was fragile since she was with child.

 “Shu-er, about your little brother, are you happy?” knowing that Shen Jingshu had previously exclusively enjoyed her parents spoiling, Dan Yuerong was worried.

“Naturally I am happy. Before, father and mother only had one daughter, me, so of course having a little brother is good. I will also have a companion!”

“With Shu-er like this, mom is relieved.” Affected by her daughter, Dan Yuerong’s face was filled with love. The two were in a cheerful mood when they saw an anxious figure hurrying over. “Rong-er…” Shen Wenhua had came back just as a maid was bringing over medicine. Unsure who was sick, he was extremely anxious. He had not paused to change out of his court dress before rushing over, and at this moment his handsome face was filled with worry. It was quite obvious that he doted on his wife and daughter.

“Wenhua, you’re back?” Dan Yuerong saw her husband’s anxious appearance,but before she could say anything, Shen Wenhua rushed over. “I just saw Chun Xiao boiling medicine for you, do you have an illness? Where does your body feel discomfort?”

Anxiously holding his wife’s hand, Shen Wenhua, for the moment, could not even worry about his daughter. For both his wife and his child’s health to be unwell, Shen Wenhua was truly worried.

“Wenhua, I am fine…” Laughing at her husband’s tense expression, Dan Yuerong tried to hide her smile. After seeing Shen Wenhua worried about her like this, she found it hard to speak, suddenly becoming bashful.

“If you are fine, then why are you taking medicine? You can not hide it from me!” Carefully looking at Dan Yuerong, he discovered that Dan Yuerong’s face looked thin and pale. However, she seemed rather spirited, and her cheeks began to blush. Shen Wenhua was clueless about what was going on.

“This, ah…” Dan Yuerong looked at her husband’s expression and smiled, beginning to feel a bit guilty for teasing him. At the side, Shen Jingshu looked at Shen Wenhua’s anxious expression and hurriedly said, “Daddy, you do not need to worry. Momis not sick, she’s carrying little brother. She just needs to drink her pregnancy medicine.”

After hearing the child’s clear and tender voice, Shen Wenhua did not immediately react. “Shu-er, you, what did you say?”


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