Chapter 5: People sent by Grandmother

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“Hehe. Daddy, there is a baby inside mom’s belly! Oh! I will soon be an older sister!” Smiling happily, Shen Jingshu looked at her father’s shocked expression. Gradually, Shen Wenhua’s face brightened with joy.

 Hehe… Weren’t mom and daddy looking forward to a child? After waiting all these years, it was finally here! No wonder mom and dad were surprised today, Shen Jingshu thought happily.

“This…Is this true? Rong-er, tell me, is this true?” Unable to help himself, he held Dan Yuerong’s hand. At that moment, Shen Wenhua was very nervous. Had the day he had waited for so long finally arrived? Then, wouldn’t his mother’s dislike towards his wife, Rong-er, be lessened? Then, he wouldn’t always be caught between the two sides.

“The doctor said I am not far along, and that he will come in a few days to confirm it.” Although the doctor was 90% sure, Dan Yuerong thought it would be best to wait until it was confirmed, to avoid being disappointed in the end.

“Mom, it’s definitely confirmed! The doctor is an expert, and it is impossible for him to make a mistake!” Shen Jingshu knew because, in her past life, there was a little brother or sister inside her mom’s belly; but, they were unfortunately not fated to meet.

“Since the doctor is willing to confirm it, Rong-er, I am very happy! I am going to write a letter to mother to let her know. She will be happy for sure!” Shen Wenhua immediately stood up. He could not wait to tell his mother the good news since his mother had been waiting for a grandson for so long!

“It is true that she has been looking forward to this day for a long time. It is better to tell her soon.” These few years, they had stayed in Jingnan and did not go back. However, during this period Dan Yuerong had suffered a lot, and she knew that if she did not deliver good news, her in-laws would take action. Now, with this child, she could be temporarily relieved.

They wanted to spread the news around the capitol but Shen Jingshu was not confident. When she saw her father quickly stand up to go write the letter, Shen Jingshu quickly called out, “Aiya!” Daddy must not send a letter back. Grandmother dislikes mom and mom’s body is not yet stable. She must not have any accidents! Shen Jingshu thought anxiously.

“Shu-er, what’s wrong?” Hearing Shen Jingshu’s voice full of pain, Shen Wenhua could not think straight and anxiously asked Shen Jingshu, “Where does it hurt?”

“Daddy, my head hurts!” Shen Jingshu said as she pulled Shen Wenhua, causing him to be unable to walk away. Now, Shen Jingshu’s biggest weapon was her age, it made it convenient for her to do things.

“How can you suddenly have a headache? Is your health not good?” Dan Yuerong was also worried about Shen Jingshu but she, herself, also wanted to be in Shen Wenhua’s embrace. “Mom, I am fine. I think I will be fine if I rest for a while.” When she saw her mom’s worried and anxious face, Shen Jingshu felt guilty. But, for the sake of her future little brother or sister, she had to put on a bold face.

“Really? Why does your complexion not look good?”

“Really, mom. Daddy, can you take me to rest?” If she were able to drag this on for a few days, then what actions could grandmother’s side over there take? Shen Jingshu did not know what she should prioritize to protect, so she decided that it would best to keep everything protected.

“Okay, daddy will carry you to rest. Rong-er, don’t worry, I will be right back.” Because of Shen Jingshu’s matter, both people’s faces were less happy. At this moment, Shen Wenhua was worried about Shen Jingshu’s matter, so how could he worry about other matters?

Shen Jingshu saw her parent’s care towards her and felt guilty for pretending. The charade lasted most of the day, but, in the end, she could not pretend any longer. She paced around, trying to think of ways to prevent Shen Wenhua from sending the news to the capital.

Fortunately, Shen Wenhua was very busy in the government and Dan Yuerong’s body was very delicate, so both of them decided to set aside the idea of sending the news temporarily. Like this, half a month passed, and the doctor was able to make a definitive diagnosis that Dan Yuerong was pregnant. Both people were very happy and wanted to quickly pass on the news to the capital. At this time, Shen Jingshu was unable to prevent it, and she only hoped that her grandmother would not make things difficult for Dan Yuerong.

During desperate times, one must roll with the punches and find creative ways to find solutions. No matter what, in this life, she would not allow anyone to hurt those she cared about!

Once she thought about it, Shen Jingshu also did not mind these matters. These days, she revolved around Dan Yuerong. Dan Yuerong had just started to experience morning sickness and became thin. Shen Jingshu was worried and quickly tried to find a way to lessen the morning sickness. Everyone thought that Shen Jingshu was more understanding and filial. Naturally, everyone loved her more.

Today, Shen Jingshu had heard that pickled plum could possibly reduce morning sickness, and looked for a chance to go out and buy it. Upon returning, Shen Jingshu rushed to find Dan Yuerong, but what she saw in the room immediately made her heart sink.  

These four people…

Forcing a smile, Shen Jingshu pretended not to recognize them and happily went in. “Mom, I’m back!”

“Haha, Shu-er’s back?” Dan Yuerong saw Shen Jingshu had returned and smiled, but she saw a layer of anxiety in Shen Jingshu’s eyes.

“Yes, mom! I bought you a pickled plum jujube cake. Mom, taste it to see if it is delicious!” Pink, tender hands took the plum cake and passed it over. During the past two months, Shen Jingshu had become the picture of good health.

“This child!” Grinning, she ate the cake from Shen Jingshu’s hand. Dan Yuerong smiled, and her face was full of satisfaction. “Delicious! Shu-er, did you go out today just to buy this for me?”

“Yes, these days mom does not feel like eating things and is always spitting them out. Shu-er was worried about it!”

“Good girl!” Stroking Shen Jingshu’s head, she felt that her daughter had gotten more cheerful and grown up. Dan Yuerong was happy,  although there was trouble brewing in front of her, she did not mind.

“Oh, that’s right! Mom, who are they?”  Of course Shen Jingshu knew who the strangers in front of her were. In her previous life, when her mom miscarried, grandmother used the excuse of taking care of mom to send those people over. In the end…

Looking at the four woman, Shen Jingshu’s eyes and body filled with cold spite.

It was hard to believe that, even though there was a child in her mother’s stomach in this life, those people would still come after her. It seems that grandmother’s dislike towards mom was not just a little bit. What’s more, these people…

But…in this life, she would not allow them to run amok, and would not allow them to destroy the feelings between her parents!

With that thought, Shen Jingshu’s smile became wider and wider. The people watching her were oblivious as to why they suddenly felt a chill…

“Haha, Shu-er, they are the group of servants that your grandmother sent to take care of me because I am pregnant and it is inconvenient for me to move around.” They called it taking care of someone, but it was really a disguise to pave the way for someone. Dan Yuerong did not want Shen Jingshu to worry about these things since her daughter was still young.

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