Chapter 36: Preparing Gifts

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“Jingshu, in a few days it will be gege’s birthday, do you want to come to my house to play?” Once New Year’s passed, Qi Shaodong would be nine years old and would then be considered a big child.

“Haha, of course I will go.”

“Really? Shen meimei, you really will come?” Although Shen Jingshu always said that she did not take offense regarding that matter, Qi Shaodong had not seen Shen Jingshu the past few days. He had believed all along that Shen Jingshu had taken offense.

“Does Shaodong gege want anything? I will carefully prepare it!”

“No need, for you to come is enough, I do not want anything!” As long as Shen meimei was not angry with him it was fine. These days, Qi Shaodong found that he cared about Shen Jingshu more.

“That is not ok. Shaodong gege, let me carefully think about it. If I go empty handed I will feel embarrassed. “

“If that’s the case, then alright. But Shen meimei can not spend a lot of money.”

“Haha……” Laughing, Shen Jingshu had never intended to spend a lot for Qi Shaodong’s gift anyway, but the relationship with the Qi family had to appear harmonious on the surface. She had three years left; within these three years she had to figure out what happened back then to save daddy!

In the end, children were still children, any scheme or plan they had would be exposed on their face. Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan originally believed that Shen Jingshu was still angry, but after seeing Shen Jingshu’s smiling face, they both felt at ease,”Jingshu, your snacks are very delicious.”

“Haha, this cook just came over from the capital, the flavors are truly not the same as Jiangnan”

“Jingshu, you are really fortunate. I do not have your good fortune, all of our cooks are from Jiangnan. Sometimes, I really miss the taste of the food from the capital.” The Qi family could also be considered a scholarly family and also had a certain standing in the capital. The previous generations had produced many talented people but Qi laoye, this one branch, had no skill. So, he could only mingle with Jingnan’s fourth ranked officials.

“If you like them then have as much as you want, you can also take some home with you. Whenever you want to eat them, just tell me!” Shen Jingshu naturally saw Qi Xueyan’s envious eyes. Shen Jingshu was currently feeling very generous, she pretended that she did not see it and watched Qi Xueyan conceal her jealousy.

At any rate, from an early age this ambitious person had set her sights high. At the moment, Shen Jingshu was not obstructing the other person; if she did, wouldn’t the other person ruthlessly remove her? Wasn’t that the case in her past life?

“Haha, Jingshu thank you!” Although her mouth said thank you, Qi Xueyan’s eyes were very jealous. In her opinion, she was better than Shen Jingshu in all aspects, but unfortunately, she did not have a father who placed third in the imperial exam. Otherwise, her life would certainly be better than Shen Jingshu’s!

“What are you saying, we are good friends!” Shen Jingshu said the last two words very slowly, the corner of Qi Xueyan’s mouth became somewhat stiff.

“Yes, we should not distinguish between each other. In the future if you get anything good, you cannot hide it! “

“Of course, of course!”

The three children seemed to have no grudges and chatted while laughing. Qi Xueyan and Qi Shaodong were finally able to feel at ease. Talking about the New Year and Qi Shaodong’s birthday, the time passed until someone called them. Shen Jingshu smiled as she sent off Qi furen and the others. Waiting until they left, Shen Jingshu looked at Dan Yuerong and smiled to make her relax, “Mom, just now Xueyan said that in a few days it will be Shaodong gege’s birthday and invited me to their home to play, can I go?”

“Shu-er wants to go?” Because of what happened last time Dan Yuerong was a bit reluctant, she was afraid that an accident would happen to Shen Jingshu again.

“Mom, I also want to go out and walk around. I am very bored always staying at home!”

“If Shu-er wants to go then go, but, do you have a gift prepared?”

“Haha, mom do not worry about this, I have already thought of what to give.”


“Shaodong gege is now older, I am a small child and also do not have anything to give. I plan to write a poem to give to Shaodong gege. It is the thought that is most important.”

“You this yatou … …” Dan Yuerong looked at her daughter’s happy-go-lucky attitude and felt relieved.

If this exchange had happened before, Shen Jingshu would be distressed over what to give. For her to have this attitude was good, Dan Yuerongcould now completely end the thought of marriage with the Qi family.

“Haha, then mom, can I go?” It would be good to have a look at the workings of the Qi family. Know yourself and know your enemy, then you will always emerge victorious!

“If you want to go, of course you can, but you have to bring Chun Xiao and Chun Ye.”

“Alright, mom!”

Regarding Qi Shaodong’s birthday, Shen Jingshu really did not put too much thought into it. The days passed by very comfortably as she practiced writing each day and studied.

On the day before Qi Shaodong’s birthday, Shen Jingshu felt that she should prepare the gift and put the brush to the paper and wrote. After seeing that it could be counted as satisfactory, she nodded her head, “Chun Xiao, carefully put away this writing and bring them to Qi fu tomorrow.”

Xiaojie, tomorrow is Qi shaoye’s birthday, is your gift ready?” Worried over Shen Jingshu’s forgetfulness, Chun Xiao wanted to give a reminder. After all, in the past, Shen Jingshu paid special attention to Qi Shaodong and prepared his birthday gifts very early.

“Is this not a gift?” Pointing towards the passable word that she just wrote, Shen Jingshu’s face had a “matter of fact” expression, but when Chun Xiao saw the writing she was somewhat surprised, “Xiaojie, can this word be presented?” Xiaojie’s writing, this, this is a little too……

“The most important thing about this gift is the thought, furthermore, Shaodong gege said that I did not have to give a gift. Isn’t my personal handwriting very good? Shaodong gege will certainly be happy!”

“Is, is that so?” In Chun Xiao’s heart she did not believe it. In previous years, Qi shaoye also said that he did not want a gift but hinted at Xiaojie every time. Last time, Xiaojie had gone to Laoye to coax and pester Laoye to take out his treasures. Although Qi shaoye told Xiaojie not to spend a lot of money each time, how could anyone continuously resist that smiling face? So this year, she was still really somewhat anxious about it!

“Alright, alright, carefully take it and wrap it up nicely and then send out the gift, it can not be too shabby.” What Qi Shaodong wanted, how could she not know? The other person had already hinted several times, but she would not allow him to have his way this year!

Why should she give her whole heart to someone to trample? Qi Shaodong, you are not worth it!

“Yes, Xiaojie …” This, isn’t this already too shabby? Xiaojie, do you really not understand, or is this intentional?

Chun Xiao was unable to understand Shen Jingshu; sometimes she said intelligent things but her actions were…

No matter, as long as Xiaojie was happy it was fine. Anyway, that Qi shaoye acted that way towards Xiaojie last time, it seemed that he was not a good person. Previously Xiaojie was completely devoted to him but was treated like this, he was really unworthy!

“Remember to wrap it very exquisitely, when the time comes Shaodong gege will get a big surprise!”

“Yes!” Xiaojie, I’m afraid this is not a pleasant surprise, right?

Ai, I wrote for so long that I’m tired. Let’s go Chun Ye, we will go visit Mom!” Thinking of Qi Shaodong’s expression tomorrow, Shen Jingshu was particularly happy.


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