Chapter 37: Duan Wang Shizi

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Towards Shen Jingshu’s present, Chun Xiao and the others were astonished, but they did not say anything when they saw Dan Yuerong.

“This is your kind intention, I believe Shaodong will like it.” Her daughter was still young and Dan Yuerong did not agree with the previous gifts that Shen Jingshu gave, it was better this way.

It was rare for Shen Wenhua to see Shen Jingshu not act like a spoiled child and ask him for something to give to Qi Shaodong, so he took the initiative to ask that night,”Shu-er, didn’t you say it will be Qi shaoye’s1 birthday in a few days? Did you prepare a gift?” In the past, his daughter would have already pestered him, but this time, there was no sign of her doing so.

“Daddy don’t worry, I prepared it earlier!” When Shen Jingshu thought of herself gifting those paintings and calligraphy of renowned masters previously, she felt distressed. Furthermore, the finest rabbit hair ink brush and ink stone were previously given to Qi Shaodong. It was truly a pity!

“What has Shu-er prepared?” Looking at his daughter’s expression that was full of confidence, Shen Wenhua was curious.

“Of course it is something good!”

“Can daddy take a look?”

“Okay!” Finished speaking, she immediately got someone to bring in the gift. When Shen Wenhua saw the exquisite packaging, he thought that Shen Jingshu had spent money outside to buy something valuable. His heart was gloomy to see that his daughter actually still cared so much for Qi Shaodong, this was not a good thing. But when he saw the thing inside, Shen Wenhua could not help but laugh, “Is this the gift Shu-er prepared?” This daughter, she was acting more and more peculiar.

“Yes, what does daddy think?” A lot of thought was put into the gift’s packaging but the rest was not worth much at all. This was the first time that Shen Jingshu had given this kind of gift to Qi Shaodong, it was very amusing.

“It’s a very unique present, Shu-er has put a lot of thought into it.” This gift was certainly very thoughtful, but it was not certain if the other party would be able to understand it.

Shen Wenhua had seen Qi Shaodong, but he felt that even though this youngster was intelligent, he was very impatient at times. This resulted in him being a bit too narrow minded.

“Really? I also think so. Daddy, do you think Shaodong gege will like it?” As to whether Qi Shaodong would like it, Shen Jingshu did not have to think too much to know the answer. Furthermore, she knew what gift Qi Shaodong really wanted, but she would not send it! Let him covet it!

“It shows Shu-er’s feelings, he will definitely like it!” If he does not like it, that only proves that this person was really unworthy of Shu-er’s deep feelings.

“Haha, that is good!” Having received Shen Wenhua’s reply, Shen Jingshu seemed relieved and left after staying for a few more minutes. Shen Wenhua looked at his daughter’s changes in recent months and could not help but sigh.

“Rong-er, our daughter has grown up.” Although I am proud that my daughter has grown up, I still hope my daughter can mature more slowly and happily.

“Really? Compared to before, this child causes less trouble.”

“Her acting this way is good, we can be at ease.”


The next day Shen Jingshu woke up as usual and calmly washed her face and rinsed her mouth. She slowly got ready and leisurely left the fu, arriving at Qi fu just in time. This caused Qi furen and the several people to be very anxious.

“You have finally arrived, I thought you would not come!”

“Qi furen, I set out a little late today and arrived late, I am really sorry.”

“Haha, no need. Dong-er and the others are waiting on you, go in quickly and have fun!”

“Alright Qi furen!” Along the way, she observed that because of the upcoming New Year, everyone in Qi fu was dressed up neatly. Especially today, because of Qi Shaodong’s birthday, although it was not a big celebration, it was still exceptionally lively.

“Jingshu you came, but you made us wait!”

“I went to sleep late last night and got up late today, I have made you wait for a long time.”

“No, no, it’s fine. Come quickly, my gege and the others are over there!” After she finished speaking, Qi Xueyan pulled Shen Jingshu away. Shen Jingshu keenly observed Qi Xueyan’s excited expression, she noticed that several of the other young ladies also had a bright expression, she could not help but find it somewhat strange.

Perhaps someone came today?

Reminiscing on her previous life, because she was sick, she missed Qi Shaodong’s 9th birthday, but she did not remember anything special happening. Why did the situation look like this today?

She wanted to ask Qi Xueyan, but after seeing that Qi Xueyan was clearly not herself, Shen Jingshu didn’t say anything. She only watched as Qi Xueyan carelessly let go of her hand and left her behind. Shen Jingshu then knew that the person that came today was not ordinary.

But, who was it? She could not remember at all.

Curious, Shen Jingshu quietly fell behind the crowd and watched the faces of the young ladies. Finally, she was able to see a tall body dressed in azure in the garden. The youth was peerless, just a glance made people gaze attentively at his body. At that moment, Shen Jingshu knew who he was.

This person……

While she was thinking of the person in front of her, Qi Xueyan had already reacted, “Duan Wang Shizi2 !”

Qi Shaodong noticed Qi Xueyan coming over and acted courteously like a host, “Duan Wang Shizi, this is my sister!”

“En!” The person nodded indifferently and barely looked at Qi Xueyan. Such a gesture, if it were done by others, Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan would have certainly been angry, but in front of this person of high status, how could they dare say anything?

“It is our honor to have Duan Wang Shizi visit!” It was an amazing coincidence; today was Qi Shaodong’s birthday so he had invited all of his good friends to celebrate his birthday. Duan Wang Shizi went to the academy by chance that day and was met with everyone’s suggestions that he should also attend. Much to everyone’s and his own surprise, Duan Wang Shizi agreed to come over, everyone was very excited.

In those days, Duan Wang 3was celebrated for his outstanding military exploits and accompanied the previous Emperor to lay down the foundation of the country. With great military power under him, he was able to win the previous Emperor’s trust and later married the previous emperor’s blood-related sister4, the two only had this one son! This Duan Wang Shizi and the current Emperor were cousins who were very close. Other people could not compare to this kind of prestige!

Usually, he was not someone that people could get close to but he was here today, how could they not be jealous? How could they not try to curry favor?

It was just a pity that Duan Wang Shizi, this person, was a man of few words. Although he came here today, for every ten words someone said to him, he would only return one. Shen Jingshu looked at the peerless appearance amongst the crowd and could not help but think of his magnificence in the past life.  She could not quite understand, why did this person come here?


  1. Young Master
  2. Heir son: This is not his name it’s his title, refers to the heir/son of a Duke. Soooooo, our Duan Wang Shizi is simply a son/heir of a Duke

  3. This is referring to Duan Wang Shizi’s father
  4. Meaning they have the same mother
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