Chapter 38: Shaming You

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“Did Duan Wang Shizi come to Jiangnan for an important matter?”

“This is Duan Wang Shizi’s first time in Jiangnan, right? Don’t you feel the scenery of Jiangnan is pretty good?”

“If Duan Wang Shizi has any free time, we could gather here again tomorrow. Jiangnan’s scenery is completely different from the capital, especially the scenery near the lake. Is Duan Wang Shizi interested?”

“How long will Duan Wang Shizi stay in Jiangnan this time?”

Qi Shaodong’s birthday feast, because of the emergence of Duan Wang shizi, everyone’s attention had shifted to attempting to please Duan Wang Shizi. Observing nearby, Qi Shaodong felt particularly uncomfortable being deliberately ignored by everyone. He had originally felt honored when he invited Duan Wang shizi to his home, but at the moment he was somewhat jealous of Duan Wang Shizi.  

“It is rare for Shizi to come over, why not stay here for a few days? My home has a few guest rooms, if Shizi does not mind then stay here, this way I can fully display my ability as a host.”

Although he was jealous of Duan Wang Shizi for snatching his spotlight, Qi Shaodong knew that the difference between him and Duan Wang Shizi was not a little, thus he would not dare to show any sign of disrespect.

“That is not necessary, I have my own house here.” Duan Wang Shizi’s attitude was very cold and his rejection was also crisp and simple; Qi Shaodong suddenly felt very embarrassed, “Haha, really? I did not know, with it like this, I will definitely visit you someday!” Humph! What’s so great, isn’t it just a noble birth? Besides his birth status what’s so remarkable?

Qi Shaodong, this person, had always been arrogant, for Duan Wang Shizi not to give him respect made him feel really uncomfortable. Unfortunately, he still had to accompany him with a smiling face, needless to say, he felt a deep sense of outrage. But no matter whether he was smiling or not, Duan Wang Shizi did not give him any attention. Although he only sat there quietly and spoke very few words, he was still able to attract everyone’s attention, this made Qi Shaodong even more depressed.

If he had known earlier, he would not have asked the other person to come over. Originally, he was the protagonist today, but why did it turn out like this?

Seeing that his own sister’s eyes had not left Duan Wang Shizi from the beginning, Qi Shaodong felt somewhat anxious and glanced at Shen Jingshu. He saw that Shen Jingshu had her head down from the beginning and do not know what she was thinking. Qi Shaodong suddenly felt somewhat comforted: Fortunately, fortunately Shen meimei’s heart only had him and she was not fascinated with Duan Wang Shizi.

But he could not let this situation continue, Qi Shaodong thought for a moment and finally thought of something while looking at Shen Jingshu’s particularly warm and friendly face.

“Shen meimei, you came?” It seemed like he had only just become aware of Shen Jingshu, Qi Shaodong’s entire face was filled with anticipation towards Shen Jingshu’s gift, but he did not see it. Instead he saw a very delicate box in Chun Xiao’s hands, thinking about the thing inside, Qi Shaodong grew more and more happy.

Haha, in a while when he opened his gift, wouldn’t everyone’s eyes return to him? This time, he had taken a fancy to Shen Wenhua’s recently obtained calligraphy. That calligraphy was left by a famous calligrapher from the previous dynasty and was extremely rare. If he were not especially fond of it, he would not have hinted at Shen Jingshu about it these past few days.

Looking at the thing that Shen Jingshu had brought, it seemed to look exactly like calligraphy, Qi Shaodong felt relieved.

Haha, wait until that calligraphy comes out, when the time comes won’t it attract everyone’s attention?

Thinking this way, Qi Shaodong’s smiling expression became a little more sincere. Looking into Shen Jingshu’s eyes, naturally he acted kinder, “Shen meimei, didn’t I say that you did not need to bring a gift? Why are you treating me so kindly? The things you gave me in the past were really too precious, the first time it was a rabbit hair ink brush and last time it was Jiangnan ink, it is really too expensive … … “

Qi Shaodong was acting this way because he also wanted to show off. Shen Jingshu was Shen family’s Di daughter; in those days Shen Wenhua was the extremely popular scholar who placed third in the imperial exam and married the great scholar Dan’s Di daughter. On top of that, the Shen family in the capital was a hundred-year noble family. Amongst these people, Shen Jingshu’s status was naturally considered very high. Only he was able to gain Shen Jingshu’s favor, which for men, of course it was something worth showing off!

Qi Shaodong watched as everyone’s expression toward him changed and became proud. Thinking of how everyone would look at him even more different in a while, Qi Shaodong could not conceal the smile on his lips, “Shen meimei, did you bring a precious object this time too? Nevermind, you are always like this, I am really embarrassed … … “

Although he was eager for Shen Jingshu to immediately take it out for him to see, Qi Shaodong knew the skill of not showing it on the surface. Otherwise, over the years, how would he have been able to obtain that many treasures from Shen Jingshu without batting an eyelid?

Shen Jingshu saw the greedy look in Qi Shaodong’s eyes and her heart filled with contempt, but her face showed a naive smile, “Shaodong gege, no matter what the gift is, Shaodong gege must like it. I have spent a lot of effort to prepare this gift, I hope Shaodong gege will accept this as a token of my affections or I will be sad!” Shen Jingshu matched Qi Shaodong’s words well. After listening, Qi Shaodong was even more certain that Shen Jingshu’s object was very valuable. Standing at the side, Qi Xueyan cried out in alarm to make everyone’s eyes turn towards her, “Heavens! Jingshu, do you really intend to give Wang Xizhi’s1 calligraphy to my brother?”

For this gift, Qi Xueyan and Qi Shaodong had planned beforehand for Qi Xueyan to intentionally hint at Shen Jingshu. Previously, it was all done this way. The gifts that Shen Jingshu sent each time were very much in line with the feelings of the brothers and sister pair, it could be assumed that this year would also be the same.

“This…. once Shaodong gege sees it he will understand!” Appearing a bit embarrassed, Shen Jingshu only made everyone more curious with her appearance. In the end, Qi Shaodong received the gift but still did not forget to scold Shen Jingshu for spending too much. Looking at the envy in everyone’s eyes, Qi Shaodong’s vanity had been greatly satisfied.

“Haha! Qi xiong2, let us open our eyes today!” Everyone in attendance was a child from an official family, but here in Jiangnan, there were not many highly ranked officials. Although they had some collections at home, how could it compare to the items of prefectural magistrate, Shen Wenhua’s?

Many of the boys looked at Qi Shaodong’s expression and became more envious. Everyone knew that Shen Jingshu had always treated Qi Shaodong pretty well, everyone could only admire and be jealous of the gift.

Ai, they could only blame the heavens for not letting them have the good fortune to have Shen xiaojie’s favor.

“Yes! Qi xiong, quickly open it and let us broaden our horizons. These days, teacher has been continuously teaching us calligraphy; to be able to learn from a senior is extremely good!”

“Qi shaoye can not be selfish and hide it!”


“Haha, rest assured. Since we are all here today, we can look together!” Qi Shaodong was extremely satisfied seeing everyone’s expression urging him to slowly unwrap the exquisite gift.

This gift was packaged very delicately, Shen Jingshu had mischievously let Chun Xiao wrap it in many layers. Qi Shaodong grew somewhat tired from unraveling it and secretly blamed Shen Jingshu for being too cautious in wrapping this thing. But when he saw that everyone’s attention was on him, Qi Shaodong became more patient. After peeling back layer by layer, when he saw the ordinary writing paper, Qi Shaodong’s heart that was originally full of joy, suddenly became embarrassed.

“This … …” The surroundings immediately became quiet, when everyone saw the simple words on the fine writing paper, they all had different expressions, Qi Shaodong’s face was also a bit weird. However, because of Qi Shaodong’s status, naturally they could not say anything. After all, in Jiangnan, Qi Shaodong’s status was much more respectable than many people!

However, amongst these people, there was one who was not afraid of Qi Shaodong, such as Duan Wang Shizi. Seeing that fine writing paper, Duan Wang Shizi’s mouth immediately raised in a sneer, “Qi shaoye, are you playing a practical joke on everyone? This is the first time that I’ve seen Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy like this!”


  1. Famous calligrapher from Eastern Jin
  2. Elder/older brother
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