Chapter 39: Destroying Your Reputation

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“Qi xiong, this is Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy? Haha, is Qi xiong kidding?”

“That is, if this calligraphy is Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy, then maybe my calligraphy can be sold for more than two thousand silvers!”

“Is Qi xiong trying to trick us because we haven’t seen Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy?”

“Haha, it seems that I can also become a master!”


Duan Wang shizi’s influence was still very tremendous, everyone was originally afraid to say anything in fear of offending Qi Shaodong. But when Duan Wang shizi said something, everyone responded one after the other. When Qi Shaodong heard these words, his face felt like it was burning. That handsome face was now as red as a pig’s liver and his temple was throbbing. Qi Shaodong firmly gnashed his teeth, fearing that he could not hold back his anger!

“Haha, Shen meimei, is this gift for me?” Qi Shaodong said the last two words very slowly, and when he saw Shen Jingshu’s expression, he wished that he could burn a hole in her. He had lost a lot of respect today, how could Qi Shaodong not blame Shen Jingshu?

“Shaodong gege, this is the word I’ve practiced for a long time, it is really hard to write. This is my most presentable version, does Shaodong gege not like it?” She looked at Qi Shaodong with a grievance filled expression. Shen Jingshu certainly knew that compared to Qi furen and Qi Xueyan, Qi Shaodong cherished his reputation the most. If that were not so, in the past life he would not have hidden his emotions so well and waited until he married her to finally step on her with the soles of his feet!

Qi Shaodong, Oh, Qi Shaodong, aren’t you very fond of your reputation? Don’t you care about your status? In the past life, for these reasons, you did not hesitate to force yourself to smile and deceive me. In front of everyone you safeguarded your image as a good man. In the end, you gained the appreciation of the Emperor. Step by step, you gradually climbed, your reputation was excellent and your future was bright!

But in this life, I will make you personally watch as you lose the things you care about most, little by little. Let’s see if you can still reach those heady heights!

“Shaodong gege, although this gift is not expensive, it was personally written by me. If Shaodong gege does not like it, I will immediately go back and ask daddy for Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy to give to you!” Shen Jingshu mutely observed as Qi Shaodong concealed his anger. In the end this person’s age was still too young. His scheming had still not reached the same level as the past life. Shen Jingshu’s expression showed that she was trying to compromise to lead everyone to think that Qi Shaodong had reacted to the gift discourteously.

Haha! Qi Shaodong, oh, Qi Shaodong, this life has me here. You still want to maintain your hypocritical fake appearance, I will never let that happen! Little by little I will make you reveal your true colors to let everyone see your hypocrisy, let them see your vanity, and let them see your unscrupulousness. Then, I will let them see you suffer ten thousand misfortunes and never recover!

Watching as Qi Shaodong’s veins started to appear, Shen Jingshu had a grievance filled expression and tears quickly appeared, “Shaodong gege, I’ll go back and get it. Shaodong gege don’t be angry!” After speaking she turned around and left. Before Qi Shaodong could react, Shen Jingshu had already run away.

“Wait! Shen meimei, I like it very much. Don’t go!” Qi Shaodong had really been angered, just a moment ago he had nearly exposed his true emotions. Watching Shen Jingshu leave now, Qi Shaodong finally reacted. Subconsciously, he wanted to chase after Shen Jingshu, he couldn’t let Shen Jingshu really go back!

If he really let her go like that, what would the others think of him?

Although he hinted at Shen Jingshu to bring these gifts for the past few years, he had never taken the initiative to directly say it. Every time he would act reluctant to accept them and would return them to Shen Wenhua afterward. However, he knew that the things a family had already gifted out would certainly not be accepted back, thus he was also happy to act. He had maintained a polite and modest appearance in front of Shen Wenhua these years because Shen Wenhua could help him in the future. So, he absolutely could not let his image slip the slightest bit!

“Yan’er, quickly go and stop Shen meimei. How could she think this way? Ai! Really, this gift represents her intentions, how could I not like it?” Simultaneously explaining hiding his true intentions, Qi Shaodong apologized to everyone and quickly allowed people to carefully put away Shen Jingshu’s gift. In front of everyone he let the page boy take the calligraphy and place it in his study, Qi Shaodong then rushed to chase after Shen Jingshu, leaving everyone to look at each other in astonishment at Qi Shaodong’s behavior.

If this matter happened ten years in the future, he would have certainly not allowed people to see the slight trace of displeasure. But currently, he was still very young, it was difficult to prevent his thoughts from being exposed. Everyone was not blind; naturally they all saw Qi Shaodong’s facial expression just a moment ago. They had a new impression of Qi Shaodong, making some of them think that Qi Shaodong was not worthy of developing a close relationship with. It had to be said that Shen Jingshu did well this time.


“Jingshu! Wait Jingshu!” Although Qi Xueyan did not know what happened a moment ago, she knew that she couldn’t let Shen Jingshu go back and made people block Shen Jingshu’s path along the way. Finally, they stopped at a small door.

“Jingshu, why are you running? Gege did not mean it!”

“Xueyan, don’t lie to me. I just saw Shaodong gege’s expression, he is very upset!” As tears dripped down from her grievance filled face, Shen Jingshu thought of everyone’s expression when she ran out and was extraordinarily happy.

Today was just the first step, Qi Shaodong, you slowly wait for the day that your reputation is ruined! When you lose everything, I would like to see if you will be as arrogant as you were in the past life!

In the past life, for the sake of fame and fortune you were ruthless towards me. In this life, I will let you get a taste of this cruelty.

“Jingshu, you misunderstood. Just now Gege, he, he just,… just did not react for a moment….” Who asked you to gift your own calligraphy? What Gege wanted was clearly not this, didn’t I tell you before? You caused me to be embarrassed!

When Qi Xueyan thought about everyone’s expression and what everyone would say, she was also very angry with Shen Jingshu. This time, she felt that Shen Jingshu’s brain was completely filled with rust. Otherwise, how could she gift that worthless thing? Especially in front of Duan Wang shizi!

Duan Wang shizi was handsome, noble beyond compare, and was the husband she had always longed for. She had originally believed that she could strive for attention in front of Duan Wang shizi, but the result was actually this. What a mess…

Qi Xueyan now felt that Shen Jingshu was really becoming more and more foolish and always holding her back!

Although she really hated Shen Jingshu, Qi Xueyan had no choice but to accompany her with a smiling face. At the same time, she also squeezed Shen Jingshu’s hand very hard to vent her anger!

One day, she would step over this person! Watch how proud she would be!

“But Shaodong gege’s expression just now…” Seeing Qi Xueyan’s helpless look, Shen Jingshu became aware that her hand hurt very badly. She noticed that someone was walking over and immediately started crying more. “Xueyan, do you also blame me?” Wuwu, you are squeezing my hand, it hurts a lot. I know I was wrong, can you let go? Wuwu……”

“Yan-er, what are you doing? Don’t you see Shen meimei crying?” Qi Shaodong had quickly followed them, when he saw Shen Jingshu’s pitiful appearance he suddenly felt that his own heart was also hurt. He started to feel resentful with his sister, “You are still not letting go? Shen meimei is hurt!”

“Ge, Gege…”


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