Chapter 40: Sowing Discord

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Qi Xueyan felt very wronged, she had loved her brother dearly since childhood but today he was so fierce towards her for an outsider.

Pitifully looking at Qi Shaodong, Qi Xueyan did not know what was wrong with him. He was suddenly concerned about Shen Jingshu, but the movement in her hand suddenly stopped.

“Shen meimei, are you okay? Does it hurt?” Looking at the tears on Shen Jingshu’s face and the painful appearance of her arm, Qi Shaodong placed the slightest blame on Qi Xueyan.

“No, it doesn’t matter. Shaodong gege, why did you chase after me? I’ll go back and get that thing for you, wait for me!” Looking at both Qi Xueyan’s expression and Qi Shaodong’s nervous expression, Shen Jingshu had to admit that, in her heart, the feeling of revenge overlapped with pleasure.  

“Shen meimei, are you really alright? Let me take a look, is it serious?” Qi Shaodong said that he only wanted to see Shen Jingshu’s arm, but Shen Jingshu avoided him, “No! Shaodong gege, this is not good …” Although she was still young, she was still a woman and Qi Shaodong was now nine years old. Although Shen Jingshu had a superficial relationship with the Qi family, she did not want to really be involved with them.

“Do you want to let a doctor see it? Is it really alright?”

“It only hurts a little bit, it should be better after a while…” Sniffing and snorting, Shen Jingshu went to leave but Qi Shaodong stopped her. “Shen meimei, don’t think too much about it. I really liked the gift you gave me, you don’t have to go back and get another. That calligraphy is really precious, how could I have the nerve to want it?” Qi Shaodong’s words were obviously not sincere, but he was really embarrassed to ask Shen Jingshu for that thing now! Otherwise, how would the others think of him?

Only, what a pity. He had looked at that calligraphy for a long time and had with great difficulty, finally found an opportunity but now it was completely ruined.

“Shaodong gege really, really? Do you really like it?” Recalling Qi Shaodong’s expression from just a moment ago and Qi Shaodong’s sullen appearance now, Shen Jingshu felt particularly pleased.

Qi Shaodong ah, Qi Shaodong, you treated me that way in the previous life. You put me high up in the clouds and then slammed me into hell. I believe that in the upcoming days you will get to know that kind of feeling a lot.

“Of course it is true. Shen meimei today is my birthday, you can’t leave this way or I will be angry!” If Shen Jingshu left today, then what would others think of him? So, no matter what, he had to make Shen Jingshu stay today!

“Shaodong gege, you really do not want that calligraphy?” Carefully watching Qi Shaodong, she saw that his face looked reluctant, Shen Jingshu could not help but laugh repeatedly in her heart.

“Shen meimei, I never wanted that calligraphy. It was you who thought too much.”

“Really? But when I gave you those gifts before you were clearly very happy, but today you were not happy …” These words were said very carefully. Shen Jingshu was leading Qi Shaodong into her trap step by step but Qi Shaodong did not realize it. At that moment, he only wanted to make Shen Jingshu believe him. “How can that be? Shen meimei, I never wanted the gifts you gave me before. If I were not afraid of hurting you I would have already given them back to you.”

“Really?” Seeking confirmation once again, Qi Shaodong painfully agreed, “Of course it is true. The fact that Shen meimei came, I am already very satisfied. Those precious objects are nothing but materialistic things, between you and me, why are those necessary?”

“Shaodong gege, you are really kind! “Finally hearing the words she wanted to hear, Shen Jingshu could already predict what Qi Shaodong’s expression would be in a while.

At that time, it would certainly be very marvelous!

“Shen meimei, since everything is now clear, then you can’t say that you want to go back. Otherwise, if you are not here, my birthday will not be complete.” The most important thing right now was to coax Shen Jingshu back.

“En! Alright, let’s go back!” When she had delivered those gifts before, it was not important if she returned. Today, she had prepared a lot and did not want her hard work to be for nothing.

Qi Shaodong naturally did not know what Shen Jingshu was thinking. At the moment, he only wanted to pull Shen Jingshu back. However, what happened later would make him regret it very much.  

At the moment, Qi Xueyan, who was walking beside Shen Jingshu, noticed that Qi Shaodong was only gentle and thoughtful towards Shen Jingshu because Shen Jingshu feared her.  The young girl’s thoughts gradually began to change. She was still Shen Jingshu’s “friend”, but subconsciously, it felt like something had changed. Or perhaps it could be said that Qi Xueyan’s disguise had gradually faded away and the way she now treated Shen Jingshu revealed her true colors.


Along the way, Qi Xueyan’s face was somewhat gloomy but Shen Jingshu was not concerned. Anyway, she and Qi Xueyan would have a falling out sooner or later, she did not want this mental burden at all. In any case, this person was not her real friend in the end, why would she care?


When they returned to the courtyard Shen Jingshu could clearly feel that everyone was looking at her with all sorts of expressions, like they were watching a good play. There were also looks of pity……. but Shen Jingshu was not concerned with all those eyes and continued to have a trace of grievance on her face. Her face made everyone interpret what she had just encountered, it made everyone deeply think about Qi Shaodong’s actions a moment ago. Shen Jingshu was very satisfied with this kind of result.

After Qi Xueyan came to the courtyard, she said a few words to Shen Jingshu and then looked for an opportunity to stick to Duan Wang shizi. The other Xiaojies were also the same, they were very interested in this arrogant person. They were eager for the other party to glance at them so that their status could rise as a result.

Shen Jingshu looked at that fresh, youthful face that had not faded and couldn’t help but remember the glimpse of him she got in the past life. Although Duan Wang shizi was currently only eleven or twelve years old, he had already begun to show magnificence. Not to mention the limelight he would gain several years later, at that time he was the target that many women in the capital scrambled for!

Withdrawing her own eyes, Shen Jingshu treated Duan Wang shizi very mildly. No matter what, in the previous life this man was destined to be a star, but that fame seemed to be…

Smiling, Shen Jingshu had no time to manage other people’s matters. She knew what Duan Wang shizi experienced in the past life but what did it matter if she knew? This person did not have anything to do with her. Did she still have to rush in front of others and tell people? At that time, wouldn’t other people think that she was crazy?

What mattered now was to protect her own family. And what mattered at this moment was to recover the treasures that she had sent out before, those were daddy’s beloved things. She was not considerate in those days and wore down her father to give them to her, even though she knew that her father was reluctant to part with them. Now that she knew Qi Shaodong’s true character, how could she be willing to let the other person waste her kind intentions?

Smiling, Shen Jingshu was in the process of thinking how to solve this problem when someone came over who seemed very concerned about her appearance, “Is Shen xiaojie okay? I saw you standing here, do you feel unwell? “This person was Shen Wenhua’s subordinate’s daughter, she normally tried to curry favor with Shen Jingshu. Since she took the initiative to come over today, wouldn’t that give Shen Jingshu an opportunity?

“I’m fine.” Smiling and nodding her head a bit, her eyes still held a bit of grievance that she was trying to conceal from people.

“Shen xiaojie, did not think too much about it. Just now, Qi shaoye only hesitated a bit before going over. Qi shaoye did not mean it.” This woman was very clever in establishing social relationships, she was very young but was still able to read people. But today she was doomed to pay for her own cleverness.

“En, I know. Just now Shaodong gege said that he actually didn’t want me to give him those precious gifts and that he wanted to return those gifts to me. I understand all of this.” As Shen Jingshu said these words, although her voice was not very loud, it was not noisy there at all, many people naturally heard it. When the girl who had just tried to curry favor with her heard Shen Jingshu’s words, she immediately looked upset.

This, this is…

Shen Jingshu stared at the other person’s expression and did not feel any sympathy for her. Although this person fawned over her in the past life, didn’t she follow Qi Xueyan and secretly slandered her reputation? Otherwise, how would the rumor that she was an idiot be passed around? Didn’t they also say that she had a crafty and unruly temper?

Today, she was just letting the other party pay a price for their mouth.


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