Chapter 41: Two Items Less

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“Shen, Shen xiaojie, what did you say?” The woman did not think that Shen Jingshu would actually say those words and secretly hated that she came at such an inopportune moment, too late to say anything to help herself. At that moment, she felt Qi Xueyan and Qi Shaodong’s eyes on her, she could predict that her future life would be very miserable!

She was only the daughter of a small sixth ranked official; how could she compare with the people in front of her?

In the past, she had curried favor with both sides in order to gain popularity for herself and get to know some of the children from affluent families. But today…

“Haha! Shaodong gege personally said that just a moment ago, these are not my words. Shaodong gege, am I right?” Looking at Qi Shaodong innocently, Shen Jingshu very much enjoyed seeing Qi Shaodong’s distorted face. Because of her, in the past life Qi Shaodong’s life was smooth and his official career was excellent. In this life, she should also let the other party taste all kinds of bitterness and distress.

“Of course it is true, Shen meimei. I said before that those gifts were too precious. It is really embarrassing to accept them. How about I return them to you in a while?” He originally believed that Shen Jingshu would decline. After all, to take back things that had already been sent out, how many people would feel that this person was stingy? Qi Shaodong was not anxious at all, but he did not anticipate that Shen Jingshu would actually be confused and look at him with pursed lips, “Shaodong gege, is that alright?” There was no direct refusal, instead, this problem was thrown to Qi Shaodong, thus Qi Shaodong truly felt his head ache.

“What’s not alright? They were originally yours.  What’s more, they are incredibly precious. Shen laoye must also be fond of them. Previously, I thought you were too young and helped you take care of them. Today is the perfect opportunity to return them to you!” Qi Shaodong was confident that Shen Jingshu would not have the nerve to take them back. Therefore, the words he said were paired with a generous expression to restore his own image.

But with the current Shen Jingshu, would she still allow him to manipulate people?

“Shaodong gege, it is better to not return them. I gave them to you before so they are yours. There is no way I can take them back like Shaodong gege just said. I’ll just pretend Shaodong gege was only joking. We definitely can’t take it seriously!” Shen Jinghshu was rejecting on the surface, but because she said it like this, Qi Shaodong could not still keep those gifts. Otherwise, everyone would think that he was only putting in superficial effort a moment ago. “Shen meimei, I was just kidding! A-fu, you go and collect those valuable items that Shen meimei gave me before. I helped Shen meimei keep these precious gifts safe for such a long time, it’s time that they be returned!”

“Shaodong gege…” What she wanted to say was interrupted by Qi Shaodong. “It’s ok Shen meimei. I know you only wanted to make me happy, but things that are too precious make me feel burdened. Let’s do it like this, in a while, I will let A-Fu send them back to you!” Qi Shaodong already felt heartache, but with everyone’s attention focused on him, what else could he say? He just hoped that Shen Jingshu would righteously refuse, so that he could “reluctantly”take advantage of it at that time. However, Shen Jingshu’s next words made Qi Shaodong hate that could not bite off his own tongue and swallow his words!

“Then…. alright! Shaodong gege may not like these, I will take these and find a better gift to send to Shaodong gege later!” Shen Jingshu seemed very reluctant to accept those things and the corner of her mouth still held some grievance. It made it seem that her kind intentions were not being accepted. The people watching felt that Shen Jingshu was truly pitiful and that Qi Shaodong was not discreet.


“No, that is not necessary.” Qi Shaodong felt that he was certainly not having a lucky day. Otherwise, how could today turn out so bad? It was already very painful to send so many good things out and not receive anything in return. It really was…


Because of Shen Jingshu’s “meticulous arrangement”, Qi Shaodong’s birthday suddenly became one that he would never forget. Qi Shaodong found it difficult to keep a smile on his face all day. Whenever Shen Jingshu saw him, her mood was rejuvenated.  Shen Jingshu even treated the grievance-filled looks Qi Xueyan shot towards her from time to time as part of the scenery.

However, in the end, this was only a brief interlude, Qi Shaodong only felt that today his face was really lost!

When it was time to leave, Shen Jingshu let Chun Xiao and the others inspect the objects. Qi Xueyan, who was on the side, saw her and couldn’t stand it. “Jingshu, you have gone too far today. How could you do this to gege?”

Duan Wang shizi was still there, because of this incident, Duan Wang shizi had not looked her from beginning to end. How could she not be angry?

“Xueyan, how could I? Can Shaodong gege not bear to give them up? Then I’ll return them at once!” Some people had still not left, when Shen Jingshu said this, Qi Xueyan’s face turned red. Qi Shaodong quickly glared at Qi Xueyan, and in the blink of an eye, faced Shen Jingshu with a smiling expression. It was getting hard to keep a smile on his face at this point,  “Shen meimei, Yan-er was joking with you. Don’t take it seriously, is everything in good condition? Is everything there?” What inspection? Did she not trust him?

“Shaodong gege, do not misunderstand, I am only worried that Shaodong gege made a mistake. There is no other meaning!” If these things were not personally inspected in front of everyone, then how would everyone know that Qi Shaodong did he said and did not secretly stashed some things?

She clearly remembered that some of the things she had given to Qi Shaodong had been taken away by Qi Laoye and some had been given away as gifts!

“Haha, you carefully examine them. If there is any damage, I will certainly help you repair it!”

“Many thanks Shaodong gege.” Smiling, Shen Jingshu peacefully watched Chun Xiao inspect the items. Chun Xiao was very clear about what Shen Jingshu had sent, so it wasn’t very long before she noticed one or two items missing. “Xiaojie, one inkstone is missing. And also one of Zhan Zi’s paintings!”

“How can it be?” Those two items, weren’t they taken by Qi laoye?

Haha, Qi Shaodong, Qi Shaodong, I think you were so full of yourself when you said those words a moment ago. How will you justify it now?

“Shaodong gege, this…”Looking at Qi Shaodong with a puzzled expression, Shen Jingshu did not appear to understand at allhow could there be less items?

“Shen meimei, don’t worry, I will ask! “Seeing the group of people who had originally been preparing to leave look over at him again, Qi Shaodong looked embarrassed. He immediately asked A-Fu to come over to ask him what happened. A-Fu looked at Qi Shaodong, wavering between speaking and staying silent.  Qi Shaodong immediately became angry, “What’s the matter?”

Shaoye, Laoye saw these two things and became fond of them. So, he took them away that  same day.”

“Then why aren’t you going to get them? Those are Shen meimei’s things, how can we freely give them away?”

“Yes, Shaoye!” A-Fu originally thought that he could conceal what happened in the past. After all, Shen Jingshu was really generous towards Qi Shaodong. It was unlikely that she would inspect the items in front of them. For this kind of joke to happen now,  A-Fu was very distressed. He quickly went to ask Qi laoye, but when he came back, he did not dare to speak.

“What? Where are the things?” Qi Shaodong stared at A-Fu’s appearance and had a bad feeling. How could he not be clear on what kind of person his father was? He normally spent everyday pretending he was cultured; however, he was only fond of these things because he sometimes wanted to curry favor with his boss. To give them away….this, he could not have given them away, right?

Shaoye…”In front of so many people A-Fu didn’t know what to say. Noticing Qi Shaodong’s meaningful glance, A-Fu suddenly came up with a plan. “Laoye is not in the residence now, this servant, this servant does not dare take them!”

“It seems that my father went out. Shen meimei, my father is not here today. How about we do it this way: when my father comes back I will get those things and send them to you, alright?”It was reasonable to say that if Shen Jingshu were generous and saw that the items had been taken by an elder, she should give them away, but Shen Jingshu only hesitated a bit and then nodded. “Then, all right!” When Shen Jingshu said this, Chun Ye whispered from the side, “Has Qi laoye gone out? Why did I just see Qi laoye in the courtyard? Did I make a mistake?”It was not know if what Chun Ye said was intentional or unintentional. When she said this, Qi Shaodong’s face immediately appeared embarrassed, “What did you say Chun Ye?” This Chun Ye, did she say it deliberately?

“Qi shaoye, nubi did not say anything, suppose it was nubi’s mistake.” Chun Ye’s face appeared a little frightened, like this it seemed like she was being bullied by Qi Shaodong. Qi Shaodong saw Chun Ye like this and hated that he could not hide her away somewhere. But, before he could say anything, he heard Qi laoye flusteredly coming over.“Shaodong, what’s going on? Did I just see you give away all those precious items? You absolutely cannot do that!”


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