Chapter 45: Qi Family’s Invitation

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Seeing Qi furen once again, Qi furen’s complexion looked pretty good and her attitude was also excellent. It was as if the two families had never had a falling out over that matter and were still as close as before.

“Haha, these past few days have been very busy so I have not had time to personally come and visit you.  I can see that your belly has grown even more, how have you been recently? Has the child in your belly been moving?” Compared to Qi laoye, Qi furen was much more outgoing.  As soon as she saw Dan Yuerong, she immediately asked about her health with the utmost care. The smile on her face barely revealed any trace of insincerity and she did not mention the previous matter. It seemed as if she had completely forgotten about it, Shen Jingshu could not help but admire her.

“I’m very good. However, you seem quite a bit thinner.” How could Qi furen not lose weight? Her husband’s chance of promotion was hopeless and because of that matter, he had offended his superiors. In this life, she was afraid that everything would be suppressed.

How could Qi furen not have any resentment toward the Shen family these days, but so what? The other household was high above their heads; how could she afford to be hostile towards them?

Nowadays, she could only continue to cling to them. If the path of rising using his superiors was blocked then she would use the Shen family. Anyway, Shen Wenhua only had one daughter, Shen Jingshu. As long as her son could marry Shen Jingshu then she wouldn’t have to worry about her son having a path in the future.

Qi furen finally cleared up her thoughts and began to plan. This year’s New Year’s gift was not an ambiguous gift.

“You also know all of our family members have been very busy. I have been busy both inside and outside, how could I look after myself?” This time, Qi furen had returned to the capital to celebrate the New Year and was mocked by many people. How could Qi furen not lose weight?

“Right, when I went to the capital this time I brought you some things. You didn’t go back this year but you must have some things you wanted.”

“Many thanks.”

“Why is it necessary to be so polite between you and me? Come, Dong-er, Yan-er, wish Shen furen a happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year Shen furen…” Qi Shaodong was a lot older, and although he had a grudge against Shen Jingshu, he could still restrain himself in the end. But Qi Xueyan’s face still held an expression of unwillingness, Dan Yuerong noticed but did not mind it. She took out two red packets and gave one to each child. Qi furen noticed and with a deep smile said,“You are too kind.” Looking at Dan Yuerong’s appearance, it seemed that the two red envelopes had been prepared earlier. This showed that the two families did not have a suspicion because of that incident last time, making Qi furen relieved. Cheerfully taking out the red envelope she had prepared earlier, “Look, I forgot. Come Jingshu, this is for you!” Qi furen’s red envelope was very elaborate and was personally embroidered by Qi furen. It appeared as if there was something hefty inside of it, Shen Jingshu was not modest and accepted it. “Thank you, Qi furen!”

“This child really does not know how to be polite!” Smiling as she watched Shen Jingshu swiftly accept it, Dan Yuerong was somewhat embarrassed towards her daughter’s attitude.

Do our two families still need to be polite? I have watched Jingshu grow up, she is just like my own daughter. In my heart, she and Yan-er are the same.” The meaning of Qi furen’s words was that if Shen Jinshu married into the Qi family in the future, Qi furen would treat Shen Jingshu like her own biological daughter. She knew that Dan Yuerong did not care about status or money, furthermore, with Shen Jingshu’s status, these things did not need to be considered first. Therefore, if she wanted to pick up such a daughter-in-law as Shen Jingshu, kind feelings was the most important.

Parents who sincerely loved their children would certainly want their children to marry well with a future mother-in-law who was really affectionate. Qi furen had been in contact with Dan Yuerong for a long time, she had a very good understanding of Dan Yuerong and had always maintained a good image in front of her. It was only a pity that her image had been destroyed by Shen Jingshu not long ago.

“Shu-er, why are you so slow to say thank you to Qi furen?” Dan Yuerong may have considered Qi furen’s thoughts before but after those matters happened, Dan Yuerong had already stopped considering them.

“Thank you Qi furen!” Looking at the expression in Dan Yuerong’s eyes, Shen Jingshu knew that her marriage to Qi Shaodong was unlikely, thus the bit of anxiousness in her heart could finally be put down. However, she did not think that Qi furen would easily give up, so in the future, she would still have to watch out for her.  

“Look at this child, she is really clever. She looks even more good looking now,  I don’t know how many men will fall for her in the future!” Qi furen was now very clear about the changes in Shen Jingshu. Shen Jingshu had always been pretty but because she used to be so naughty, it made people overlook her appearance. Nowadays, Shen Jingshu had become quiet and gentle. Moreover, her whole temperament had undergone great changes; this aspect was becoming increasingly more obvious.

“Oh you, don’t praise her again. “While Dan Yuerong was proud of her daughter’s change, she was also worried.

When a woman’s appearance was too good it was sometimes not a good thing. She just hoped that she could protect her daughter!


Qi furen sat for a while and then left, but she still invited Dan Yuerong to come to a banquet in a few days. Dan Yuerong spoke without thinking and agreed, she had originally intended to find an excuse when the time came, but Qi furen personally came over with an invitation a few days later. Dan Yuerong had no choice but to bring Shen Jingshu and attend the banquet.

Perhaps in an attempt to save her image, Qi furen invited many people this time and the preparations were very thorough. She had brought many things from the capital that opened the eyes of the longtime residents of Jiangnan.

However, due to the status of Dan Yuerong, most people still fawned over Dan Yuerong.

“Shen furen how is your health now, I’m afraid you still have five more months, right? With such a large stomach, Shen furen’s baby is certainly a boy!”

“I have not seen Shen furen in several days and can see now that your complexion is getting better and better. Look at this stomach, Shen furen is very fortunate!”

“Haha, I’ve always wanted to meet Shen furen but have never had the chance and only heard that Shen furen was pregnant and wanted to recuperate. Seeing Shen furen today, we now know that everything is alright and can be at ease.”


As the second prefectural magistrate’s wife, Dan Yuerong was very popular in Jingnan. There weren’t many people with a higher status than her, therefore, Dan Yuerong was never wronged. However, some people’s words made Dan Yuerong feel somewhat uncomfortable. “In the past few years, Shen furen has always been spoiled by Shen daren1, there is not even a small concubine in the household. I heard that a few days ago, Old Madam Shen sent people to serve Shen daren but they were still sent to the countryside. Shen furen is really fortunate, Shen daren was actually so cold-hearted to a delicate concubine for Shen furen, it really makes us envious!

The woman who spoke only appeared to be fifteen or sixteen years old, having just reached the marriageable age, and was pretty with delicate features. Looking at Dan Yuerong, she did not know why but her eyes held a trace of longing and jealousy. Those words made Dan Yuerong frown, “I don’t know which household this Xiaojie is from? Where did you hear this? You can not gossip to ruin me and laoye’s reputation!” Of course Dan Yuerong did not want others to know her own personal matters. Not to mention that this matter would have a bad impact on her and Shen Wenhua. She did not want others to think that Shen Wenhua was a henpecked husband and that she was a jealous woman because of this small matter.


  1. Title of respect towards superior
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