Chapter 46: Zhang Xiangling

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Dan Yuerong was very clear about the way Shen Wenhua treated her. He had sent those few people to the countryside for her.  However, those people were sent by mother Shen so it was not beneficial for them if this news was leaked out. Therefore, the always well-spoken Dan Yuerong looked at the somewhat unfamiliar woman in front of her and her attitude became annoyed, “This Xiaojie should know that gossip is not necessarily true. With Xiaojie acting this way, what is your intention?”

“Shen furen do not blame her, my niece is not sensible!” Qi furen did not think that her own niece would actually say these words in front of Dan Yuerong. Seeing that Dan Yuerong’s complexion was not good, Qi furen deeply regretted letting her niece come over. Unfortunately, she still had to accompany her guests with a smile, “This yatou is accustomed to being spoiled since childhood, I hope you will not take it to heart!” Dage1 really! Your daughter is so big, how can she still not be well disciplined? How can an unmarried girl say these kinds of things? She made her aunt look bad!

“So it is Qi furen’s niece.” Before Dan Yuerong only felt that it was strange, how could a person she had never seen before come here? However, she now understood.  

“Xiangling, your still slow to give Shen furen an apology? You are in your aunt’s home, are these the kind of words you should say?” With great difficulty, the relationship with the Shen family had finally been fixed. Of course Qi furen did not want it to deteriorate because of such a  trivial matter as this, so she gave Zhang Xiangling a warning look. Although Zhang Xiangling still wanted to say a few things, in the end, due to her aunt’s imposing manner she had no choice but to reluctantly apologize. “Shen furen, just now I was wrong. I wasn’t paying attention and spoke out of turn, I hope Shen furen will not take it to heart. “Although she said an apology with her mouth, Zhang Xiangling did not feel apologetic!

Why did a jealous woman not allow others to speak?  

“Zhang xiaojie is still young, she will inevitably be rude and impudent. Today it is only me,  but if one day it were someone else, I am afraid they will not let it go so easily. A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble, I believe that Zhang xiaojie is also clear on this point. I hope that Zhang xiaojie will not casually listen to and believe rumors in the future.” Seeing that the other party was not genuinely sorry, Dan Yuerong also did not say words of forgiveness. Teaching her a lesson, she could see the look of disdain on Zhang Xiangling’s face. Dan Yuerong shook her head and paid no further attention to her.

Qi furen saw Zhang Xiangling acting this way and truly felt powerless towards this niece and let people look at Zhang Xiangling. Qi furen repeatedly apologized to Dan Yuerong, “Shen furen, although my niece is only a concubine born daughter, she is very clever. My Dage is also proud and strict, as a result, he neglected to discipline her. She does not have a bad heart, I hope you will not take offense.”

“Qi furen does not have to explain, I understand.” Zhang Xiangling just looked into her eyes a moment ago, as a woman, Dan Yuerong naturally had some understanding. But towards Zhang Xiangling’s hostility and jealousy, Dan Yuefan felt somewhat confused.

“If you do not take offense that’s good.  She came with me this time, it may be assumed, because she wanted to play in Jingnan. I am also powerless, I didn’t originally plan to let her come today but she insisted on coming. This is not my own child, I, I am also powerless… “Qi furen tried to cast away the relationship between her and Zhang Xiangling as much as possible, Of course it was also to hide the true reasons why Zhang Xiangling came to Jingnan.

“Qi furen does not need to explain, you are the host today. There are still many guests that you must greet. You go, Shu-er and I will walk around.”

“Then alright, I’ll let someone accompany you two. You’re pregnant now, you must not have an accident!”

“Relax, I will not!” Smiling, Dan Yuerong showed a carefree expression, Qi furen also felt a little relieved and went to greet her other guests.

Just a moment ago, Shen Jingshu was watching the scene in front of her and noticed something in Zhang Xiangling’s eyes, she had seen it many times before in Shen Jingya’s eyes. Before she did not understand it, but when she was at the brink of death she finally understood. She could not help but be very worried about Dan Yuerong, “Mom……” That Zhang Xiangling was so rude just now, furthermore, her words also held some power. Shen Jingshu was really worried that the other person would do something.

“Shu-er I’m tired, let’s rest for a while!”

“Alright Mom!” Supporting Dan Yuerong in sitting down, Shen Jingshu then noticed Zhang Xiangling coming over. Although there was a smile on top of her face,  Shen Jingshu could sense that the other person had ill will when she looked at Dan Yuerong. “ Shen furen……” This time Zhang Xiangling was very polite and had a smile on her face. If it weren’t for her words from a  moment ago that leaked her thoughts, Shen Jingshu was afraid that she would not have been able to sense the other person’s fishy attitude,” Can I sit here?”

“There is room here if you want to sit then sit.” Dan Yuerong had been around for many years and Zhang Xiangling was just a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl, Dan Yuerong could sense Zhang Xiangling’s ill will towards her. But she did not understand why Zhang Xiangling would still come over now.

“I heard that Shen furen’s father is the great scholar Dan, is that true?” Wasn’t this asking a question while already knowing the answer?  Dan Yuerong answered the other person’s question with a nod.”Yes.”

“It is no wonder that Shen furen has a scholarly air.” Carefully looking at Dan Yuerong, Zhang Xiangling seemed a little curious. Dan Yuerong allowed the other person to size her up and did not ask any questions.  Zhang Xiangling noticed this and felt somewhat anxious, she still wanted to ask another question but was called away by Qi furen.

“Shen furen, I was reckless just now. Actually, I really like Shen furen. I have many questions that I would like to ask Shen furen’s advice on,  I wonder if Shen furen will mind me paying a visit someday?” Before leaving, Zhang Xiangling put a lot of effort into displaying her good intentions. Dan Yuerong noticed and smiled, of course she tactfully refused the other person’s request, “I am far along in my pregnancy now and things are inconvenient. I am afraid that it will not be good to entertain Zhang xiaojie.”

“It’s okay, I just…” Zhang Xiangling was very anxious towards Dan Yuerong’s rejection and wanted to say something but Qi furen had already personally come over. She offered an apology to Dan Yuerong and then pulled Zhang Xiangling away. How could she return Zhang Xiangling’s opportunity?

“Aunt…” Zhang Xiangling looked at the warning look in Qi furen’s eyes and shot a glance at Dan Yuerong before she was forced to say goodbye and leave. Before she left, she looked reluctantly at Dan Yuerong, her expression showed a completely different person than before!

Shen Jingshu noticed the contradiction in Zhang Xiangling’s expression and was somewhat confused, “Mom, did you know this Zhang xiaojie before?” In her memory, Dan Yuerong and this Zhang Xiangling had no prior interaction, but why were the words she spoke a moment ago and her expression just now so different?

“No, this is my first time meeting her.” Watching Zhang Xiangling’s departure, Dan Yuerong was also very confused. There was some speculation in her heart, but they come to Jiangnan many years ago and Zhang Xiangling had been in the capital… then, was it possible?


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