Chapter 47: Sudden Visit

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Towards Zhang Xiangling, Dan Yuerong and Shen Jingshu had a little wariness in their minds. Fortunately, Qi furen had people watching Zhang Xiangling and Zhang Xiangling had no opportunity to look for Dan Yuerong alone. Zhang Xiangling was very dissatisfied because of this, Qi furen also had to apologize many times. “Shen furen, today I…”

“Qi furen, I understand. You do not need to say it again. It’s getting late, I should also go. I’ll come back another day and sit here with you!” Of course Dan Yuerong was not as close with Qi furen as she was before, Dan Yuerong was doing nothing more than maintaining politeness on the surface now.

“Then alright. You are heavy with pregnancy, I will go visit you again some other day!”



They had believed that the matter with Zhang Xiangling would pass like this, but after a few days, Qi Xueyan came to invite Shen Jingshu over to play. Shen Jingshu did not want to go, but Qi Xueyan kept pulling her to go, Shen Jingshu was powerless and had no other choice but to go. However, she did not think that Zhang Xiangling would be there,“ Zhang xiaojie…” this Zhang Xiangling had already reached a marriageable age, it was reasonable to say that there was a large difference between their ages, why was she here?

“Haha, Shen xiaojie, you came? Quick, come sit!” Zhang Xiangling was acting just like the master of the household, she intimately pulled Shen Jingshu down to sit. Compared to the disrespect she had shown to Dan Yuerong that day, Zhang Xiangling was a lot better towards Shen Jingshu.  “There are many snacks here, you can eat more. And, this is a gift I prepared for you. Take a look, do you like it?” Zhang Xiangling gave Shen Jingshu an exquisitely embroidered handkerchief. It was clear to see that the other person’s embroidery was very good, but they had only met once in person. It was reasonable to say that this kind of intimate thing was unnecessary, but why?

Unable to understand, Shen Jingshu declined, ” Zhang xiaojie your embroidery is beautiful, I can not accept it. You had better take it back.” She still did not understand the other person’s intention, how could she easily accept another person’s things?

“Shen xiaojie, you must not be polite. When I first saw you, it was like seeing a loved one, you should take it!”

“How is this proper?”

“It’s fine, I specifically made it for you. If you don’t take it, then I will be angry.”


After some resignation, Shen Jingshu had no choice but to say that if Zhang Xiangling, this person, wanted to please someone, it was very easy. This person was very intelligent and knew how to adapt to another person’s preferences and also how to make others have no way to refuse. So after saying a few words, Zhang Xiangling and Shen Jingshu had already become familiar with each other. “Shen xiaojie, when I first saw you, I really liked you. Can I call you Jingshu?”

“Haha, then can I call you Jiejie?” Innocently looking at Zhang Xiangling, she saw that the other person’s face was stiff. Zhang Xiangling looked at Shen Jingshu’s eager expression and was very annoyed. She quickly looked for an excuse to change the topic, “Ya! Jingshu, the pearl flowers on your head are really nice! “Clearly, Zhang Xiangling did not want Shen Jingshu to call her Jiejie. This kind of sudden change in topic was not obvious, but Shen Jingshu could still sense it.

This Zhang Xiangling…

“Haha, really? Zhang jiejie, is it really good-looking?” The other person did not want to be called “Jiejie“? Then she would insist on saying it! Staring at Zhang Xiangling’s somewhat distorted face, Shen Jingshu was amused.  

“Of course it is good-looking!” She had originally believed that Shen Jingshu had the temperament of a small child, she had heard that if you overly praised something, they would forget about things that just happened. However, she did not expect that the other person would directly change her words, Zhang Xiangling somewhat regretted that she had mentioned this topic. At this moment, it was also not good to say anything.

“Then does Zhang jiejie like it? If you say that you like it, I will give it to Zhang jiejie!”

“This is what you are wearing, it could be assumed that you also like it. If that’s the case, then there is no need to give it to me.” Zhang Xiangling rejected Shen Jingshu’s kindness. Although Zhang Xiangling was a daughter born from a concubine, her aspirations were very high, how could she take things from a small child like Shen Jingshu? However, as she thought of something, there was actually a smile on Zhang Xiangling’s face.”Right, Jingshu, do you have many good looking pearl flowers like this?”

“Of course, I have so many!”

“Then can you let me take a look?” Guiding step by step, Zhang Xiangling had not found an opportunity to go to Shen fu these days. Was this not a heaven-sent opportunity?

“But they are all at home!” It was reasonable to say that Shen Jingshu should have directly invited Zhang Xiangling at that moment, however, Shen Jingshu did not seem to understand the other person’s profound meaning. Looking rather distressed, Zhang Xiangling was worried and wanted to say something, but Qi Xueyan interrupted from the side, “Jingshu, come over and sit, drink some hot tea!” Qi Xueyan had not forgotten Qi furen’s instructions, she had to appear to be close friends with Zhang Xiangling.

This cousin of hers was very fishy. Out of all the people, why did she treat Shen Jingshu particularly good? Furthermore, that day…

In the end, Qi Xueyan was much younger and couldn’t guess what Zhang Xiangling was thinking, so she just acted in accordance with Qi furen’s instructions. However, Shen Jingshu had already experienced one life, she could see through many things. Seeing the light that had been in Zhang Xiangling’s eyes a moment ago coupled with Zhang Xiangling’s previous actions, Shen Jingshu now had a basic understanding.

But, why? Obviously, it was impossible for the two people to meet each other!

Suspicious, Shen Jingshu continued to accept Zhang Xiangling’s goodwill but did not show her much interest. No matter what Zhang Xiangling said, Shen Jingshu did not invite the other person to go to her home. Instead, she found an opportunity to question Qi Xueyan, “Xueyan, why did you suddenly remember to call me to play today?” Shen Jingshu had not forgotten that Qi Xueyan still held resentment towards her.

“Haha, I have not invited you in some time and my cousin said that it was somewhat boring so I let you come over. I also wanted it to be lively.” After Qi Xueyan said these several things, it was clear that she was very cold towards Shen Jingshu, Shen Jingshu naturally felt it. However, she did not mind.

“This…” As expected, Zhang Xiangling, Zhang Xiangling, what do you want to do?


With her thoughts becoming increasingly confirmed, Shen Jingshu did not know why, but looking at Zhang Qingling’s youthful appearance, she couldn’t tell what the other person was feeling. After sitting for a while, she found an excuse to leave. Zhang Xiangling chased after her, “ Jingshu, why are you leaving so fast? Why aren’t you sitting for a while? We want to talk to you!

“It’s late. Mom told me to come back early, I’ll come back another day!”

“Then, I, can I find you to play?” Courageously saying these words, Zhang Xiangling looked at Shen Jingshu with a nervous expression, “You, you also know that it is rare for me to come here.  I also do not know several people here, Xueyan is also busy, can I find you to play?” Looking at the other person’s friendly expression, if Shen Jingshu did not know that the other person was abnormal and did not now that there was a large gap between their ages, she was afraid that she would have already taken the other person’s expression as real.

“Haha, if  Zhang jiejie wants to come, then come with Xueyan!” Smiling, if she said it like this, could Shen Jingshu still refuse? However, the prerequisite was that she had to come with Qi Xueyan. According to Qi Xueyan’s recent attitude towards her, one’s afraid that she would not be willing.  But looking at Zhang Xiangling’s happy expression, it seemed that she was not worried at all, “Then it’s settled.”


Shen Jingshu had originally thought that Zhang Xiangling would not come for a while. After all, there was Qi Xueyan. However, she did not expect that just after the fifteenth, Zhang Xiangling would pull Qi Xueyan over looking very happy.

“Jingshu, I originally wanted to come over earlier but was busy celebrating the New year, Aunt also did not allow me to go out. It was difficult for us to come today, we should have a lot of fun!” This was Zhang Xiangling’s first time at Shen fu, looking at the exquisite decorations in the courtyard, Zhang Xiangling’s eyes held envy and a trace of longing.


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