Chapter 48: Her Thoughts

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Zhang Xiangling wore a peach colored jacket today, she also had exquisite jewelry in her hair. As she walked up the road she swayed to showcase her appearance, it was clear that the other person had put a lot of effort into her appearance today. The objects on her body were all new, it seemed that in the past few days, the other person had prepared a lot!

Zhang Xiangling had never lacked beauty, now that she had attentively dressed and her makeup was refined, Shen Jingshu only felt that the prior bright look in her eyes had really come. Shen Jingshu inwardly sighed, “Haha, why didn’t you say anything in advance that you were coming? I would have prepared to entertain you. Say, without saying anything, isn’t it impolite?”

“No way, we just come and sit and talk. Oh, that’s right, Jingshu are Shen laoye and Shen furen home? Since we have come, it’s only right to go and pay respects.” When speaking, Zhang Xiangling’s eyes were somewhat eager, although she tried to hide it well, Shen Jingshu noticed it.

“My parents are home!” It had to be said that Zhang Xiangling had really picked a good day, Shen Wenhua just happened to be taking a rest at home today, Shen Jingshu suspected that this was what Zhang Xiangling had planned.

“Then we will have to trouble you to take us to see Shen laoye and Shen furen so as to avoid seeming impolite.” Zhang Xiangling’s request was reasonable, although Shen Jingshu was not willing, she had no way to refuse, “Alright, come with me!”

Along the way, Shen Jingshu deliberately walked slowly, looking at Zhang Xiangling’s eyes, they clearly held some anxiousness. So much so that she kept fixing her clothes and head ornament. When they finally reached the door Zhang Xiangling even stopped to touch her head ornament and clothes again, confirming that there was no problem, she let out a relieved sigh and smiled as she went in. Watching this from the corner of her eye, Shen Jingshu could not help but feel more certain and suspicious.


“Dad, Mom! “Walking in, she saw her parents’ friendly and affectionate expressions, Shen Jingshu smiled and went over. Shen Wenhua noticed that some people had come over and could not help but reveal a little smile.” Shu-er came? Haha, we have guests today? “Looking at Qi Xueyan, Shen Wenhua recognized her, but the other person…

Looking at the other person’s face, Shen Wenhua frowned, “This is…”

“Daddy, this is Zhang jiejie, Xueyan’s concubine born cousin!” Pointing out the other person’s status, Shen Jingshu saw a streak of anger cross Zhang Xiangling’s eyes, “Shen laoye, Shen furen!” Cutley bowing, Zhang Xiangling’s every move was filled with the tenderness of a young woman. The smile on Zhang Xiangling’s face was also just right, it made it seem that she was filled with gentleness.

“So it is Zhang xiaojie …” Nodding his head, Shen Wenhua did not look at Zhang Xiangling again. His eyes were locked on his wife, how could he notice another?

“Shen laoye, Yan-er and I paid a visit today,  I don’t know if we disturbed you?” Zhang Xiangling’s mother was a good concubine, naturally her status was much higher compared to ordinary concubine born daughters. What’s more, she had been intelligent since childhood and was pampered at home. After reaching a marriageable age, there had been many people who came and asked for her hand in marriage. She was also good-looking, any man that saw her would usually take several glances, why did this person in front of her only glance at her briefly? Zhang Xiangling was very upset.

“You are Shu-er‘s friend, how could you disturb us? Shu-er, it was hard for Zhang xiaojie to come over, you must carefully take care of your guests!”

“Yes, Daddy!” Smiled, Shen Jingshu was very satisfied with her daddy’s behavior, looking at  Zhang Xiangling’s disappointed expression, Shen Jingshu was too lazy to take care of this much and waited until Qi Xueyan said her greetings. Shen Jingshu sat for a while and then pulled them to leave.

Although Zhang Xiangling did not want to leave, she knew that she was older and as a guest, how could she justify staying behind? Reluctantly she glanced at Shen Wenhua, Zhang Xiangling was undoubtedly envious of Dan Yuerong, she was envious that the other person could obtain Shen Wenhua’s favor and envious of the other person’s fortune!


“Jingshu, Shen laoye treats Shen furen really well, it truly makes other people envious.” Zhang Xiangling recalled Shen Wenhua’s thoughtfulness and consideration toward Dan Yuerong just now, when she remembered that the other person had only glanced at her once, she became even more jealous.

“Of course daddy treats mom well. Mom is still pregnant with little brother, daddy wants to hold  mom in the palm of his hand!”

“How did you know that it is a younger brother? What if it’s a younger sister? Would Shen laoye not like it?” Wanting to comfort herself, Zhang Xiangling looked at Shen Jingshu and spoke with urgency.

“No matter if it is a younger brother or sister, daddy will like it. These years daddy has only had me, one daughter, he loves me a lot.”

“But I have heard that Shen furen has not been pregnant for many years. Now that she had finally become pregnant with great difficulty,  if it is a daughter, how can that be good? Shen furen is now very old….”

“Daddy said that regardless of whether it is a younger brother or sister in mom’s belly, he would love it equally!”

“Then what if there are no sons? How could that be good? Shen laoye, he…” Zhang Xiangling carelessly spoke the words in her heart, she quickly stopped at that moment in fear that other people would see something, “Jingshu, don’t misunderstand. I was merely worried, that’s it. There is no other meaning.” Zhang Xiangling appeared to be concerned about Shen Jingshu, but who knew what she was really thinking?

“Zhang jiejie, why does it seem that you especially hope that my mom will give birth to  a daughter?” Shen Jingshu looked strangely at Zhang Xiangling. A child’s heart was the most sensitive and direct, for her to speak like this was hardly taboo, Zhang Xiangling was filled with embarrassment,” No, no, I was just worried, that’s all. Really, I’ve always heard that Shen laoye and Shen furen had excellent feelings between them. In these years, Shen laoye has always kept his hands clean for Shen furen and is not like other males who have three wives and four concubines. It has made many people feel envious. I also admire Shen furen, naturally I was also worried for her.” In the end, Zhang Xiangling saying these things as an unmarried woman was still somewhat awkward. Furthermore, one did not know if she had a guilty conscience as she did not make eye contact.

“So it turns out to be like this. Haha, thank you Zhang jiejie. But, you don’t have to worry. Regardless if mom gives birth to a little brother, the way daddy treats her will not change!”Smiling as she looked at Zhang Xiangling, Shen Jingshu was still not sure what the other person was thinking. This is really stupid, Shen Jingshu really did not understand why Zhang Xiangling fancied her father.

“Haha, really?” Hearing Shen Jingshu’s words, Zhang Xiangling felt particularly uncomfortable and felt that Shen Jingshu had said this deliberately but could not find any evidence. She had no better option but to think of a way to deal with Shen Jingshu, after sitting for a while, Zhang Xiangling’s mind had already drifted far away. Thinking for a moment, Zhang Xiangling finally found an excuse, “Jingshu, my stomach hurts … …” covering her stomach, Zhang Xiangling’s face looked anxious. Shen Jingshu had no choice but to allow Chun Xiao to accompany her to go, “Chun Xiao, go with Zhang jiejie!”

“Yes, Xiaojie!”

“Jingshu, then I’ll go first and come back in a while!” Walking somewhat anxiously, one did not know if Zhang Xiangling was really anxious or if something was going on. Before they left, Shen Jingshu had instructed Chun Xiao to properly care for Zhang Xiangling so she relaxed and continued to speak with Qi Xueyan. However, Qi Xueyan did not speak much today. It still seemed that she had not laid down the grudge she held in her heart for Shen Jingshu.


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