Chapter 49: Are There Gaps?

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“Xueyan, are you still angry with me? Why are you not speaking?”Actually, there was no need to ask, Shen Jingshu knew that  Zhang Xiangling had definitely thought of a way to call Qi Xueyan over today. She did not know what method the other person used, but the other person was really somewhat smart so, she still had to be really careful.

“Haha, how can that be? I just saw you speaking happily with cousin, it was not easy to interrupt.” In the end, Qi Xueyan was still young and her mind did not think that way, how could she know Zhang Xiangling’s thoughts?

“Haha, Zhang jiejie was very passionate.”

“Indeed, she was very enthusiastic. But in the end, she is only a concubine born child who can not appear in public!” Qi Xueyan, this person, cared most about status, how could she care about  Zhang Xiangling. This time, if it weren’t for Zhang Xiangling promising her benefits, would she have really come?

“How could you say that Xueyan? Zhang jiejie is very nice!” She gave Qi Xueyan a puzzled look, Qi Xueyan saw Shen Jingshu’s innocent expression and did know why she felt particularly annoyed. However, she had no choice but to Qi furen’s instructions and accompanied Shen Jingshu with a smiling face “She is very good, I was just kidding!”

“Haha, so you were telling a  joke! By the way, what are you thinking about Xueyan? Why does it seem that you are thinking about something?” Qi Xueyan had indeed been a little hard to get along with these days, she was always lost in thought. According to Shen Jingshu’s opinion, she was afraid that Qi Xueyan was pining after someone.

However, Qi Xueyan is still very young, is it possible that she had really met someone?

“No, how can that be?” Qi Xueyan was certainly thinking of something, but how could she tell Shen Jingshu what was on her mind?

“Xueyan, we are friends. If you have something in your heart, you have to tell me so that I can help you, I will definitely help you!”

“Haha, of course I will tell you, don’t worry!” Although her mouth said these words, Qi Xueyan certainly did not think this way in her mind. She did not want to deal with Shen Jingshu because she feared that the other person would snatch that thing away from her, it was important to note that Shen Jingshu’s status was higher than hers!

“That’s good. Seeing you this way, I can relax. I still thought you were angry with me and did not plan to interact with me!”

“No, if I didn’t care about you, I would not have invited you to my house to play or come here.”

“Haha, I  knew you were the best!” Really do not mind? Haha, you only said these words but I can see that you do not believe them.

“That’s right! Jingshu, I heard that during the New Year’s Duan Wang shizi gave you all New Year’s gifts, is that true?” Suddenly asking this, Qi Xueyan had actually wanted to ask this a while ago but was afraid that Shen Jingshu would discover something. After thinking about it she remembered that Shen Jingshu was only a child who did not have any scheming thoughts. If she asked this question, the other person would not have any ideas.  

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Shen Jingshu was very cooperative and did not show any suspicion,  Qi Xueyan was then able to relax.

“Does Duan Wang shizi come to your house often?” Why had Duan Wang shizi never visited her home after her brother’s birthday? Was it because her father was only a fourth-ranked official? Could they not compare to the Shen family? Or was it because of that one event that Duan Wang shizi had an opinion of them, so he did not come?

Thinking of this, Qi Xueyan’s resentment towards Shen Jingshu could not help but rise again.

“ Xueyan, how can Duan Wang shizi, this kind of person, come often? It was only because we sent New Year’s gifts to Duan Wang shizi first and Duan Wang shizi sent return gifts. Afterward, it is only normal to walk around, it was nothing!” Shen Jingshu said it this way of course because she saw Qi Xueyan’s feelings towards Duan Wang shizi. Furthermore,  she did not have any feeling toward Duan Wang shizi. Of course she had to explain it clearly to avoid Qi Xueyan considering her as an imaginary enemy.

“Really?” Looking at Shen Jingshu’s simple and harmless expression, Qi Xueyan felt that she was thinking too much. What was Duan Wang shizi’s status, how could he fall for Shen Jingshu? Aside from having a much better family background than her, how could the other person compare to her?

She was only a small child who did not understand anything. A person who had a peerless deity like appearance like Duan Wang shizi was naturally worthy of an outstanding woman like her!

“Haha, Xueyan, why did you suddenly ask about Duan Wang shizi?”

“No reason, I just randomly asked!” After obtaining the answer she relaxed, Qi Xueyan’s attitude towards Shen Jingshu became much better. Thinking of Qi furen’s instructions, Qi Xueyan started to talk about interesting things that had happened recently. The two girls talked and laughed and seem to have regained their intimacy with each other.

“Haha, Jingshu, it would be better to go out tomorrow evening to see the flower lanterns. I heard it is very fun!”


“Then it’s settled. When the time comes, Gege will also come!”



If Qi Xueyan really wanted to get someone to like her it was a very easy thing to do. The two girls talked so intimately that people who did not know would think that their feelings for each other were very good, but only they themselves clearly understood.

The two girls chatted and forgot about the time but after a while, Qi Xueyan discovered that something was wrong, “Jingshu, how come older cousin has still not returned?” Calculating the time,  Zhang Xiangling had already been gone for a very long time.

“Zhang jiejie has really been gone for a long time, Chun Mei, you go and see what happened!”

“Alright Xiaojie!” Just as Chun Mei was preparing to go she saw Chun Xiao frantically running in, “Xiaojie not good, not good.”

“What happened that made you so flustered?”

Xiaojie, Zhang xiaojie fell.”

“How could she fall?”

Nubi, nubi doesn’t know…”

“How did you take care of Zhang jiejie, did I not tell you to carefully serve her?”

Xiaojie, nubi…” Wanting to say something else, she suddenly stopped after seeing Shen Jingshu’s expression and her heart sank. “Alright, where is Zhang jiejie now?”

Laoye already called a doctor to come over, Xiaojie don’t worry.”

“Daddy?” This Zhang Xiangling was really taking advantage of an opportunity!

“En, when Zhang xiaojie fell Laoye saw and let people help Zhang xiaojie rest.”

“Was there anything blocking the path?” What was going on? Shen Jingshu wanted to ask but  Qi Xueyan was there so she did not.

“She fell on her leg, I don’t know about any other place. The doctor is on the way!”

“Then we will quickly go over and take a look!” This Zhang Xiangling really caused people to worry!

Xiaojie, in the garden!”

“Alright, you lead the way!” Shen Jingshu wanted to go and Qi Xueyan also did not want to stay behind, “Wait Jingshu, I will also go and see!” In the end, it was her cousin, although Qi Xueyan was not satisfied with  Zhang Xiangling’s birth, Zhang Xiangling was still a person who knew how to conduct herself. In these days that she had come to Jiangnan, she had sent many good things to Qi Xueyan to make her very happy. Otherwise, why would Qi Xueyan have brought Zhang Xiangling there today?

However, how could she be so careless? Really troublesome!


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