Chapter 50: Really Not Good

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“Zhang jiejie, are you okay? Does it hurt a lot?” From far away people could hear Zhang Xiangling’s pitiful weeping, people who heard it really felt distressed. When Shen Jingshu saw her father sitting there, saw that he did not leave or walk away, her heart felt very uncomfortable. “It hurts a lot…” Zhang Xiangling’s hair had loosened a bit, her eyes were red, her body looked really disheveled, and her face was filled with grievance. It was really pitiful.  If it were a young man, one feared that he would take pity on her, right? It was just a pity that the other person’s scheme was useless against her father, “It really hurts? How did you suddenly fall?”

“A moment ago when I was walking around I carelessly fell. Fortunately Shen laoye was there, otherwise,  I really would not know what to do! Shen laoye, thank you!” After she finished speaking she prepared to get up to thank Shen Wenhua but he quickly refused, “Zhang xiaojie, you have a good rest, the doctor will be here soon.”

“Shen laoye, it was thanks to you just now. I was really afraid. If it weren’t for you, I really would not know what to do.” Using her handkerchief to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes, Zhang Xiangling’s dripping wet eyes looked at Shen Wenhua with genuine thankfulness. Accompanied with her good looks, if one lacked strength, one fears they would really be captivated with her.  

“You fell here because we did not look after things well, you must not take offense.” Not noticing Zhang Xiangling’s expression, Shen Wenhua saw that the doctor had arrived and quickly let the doctor give treatment to Zhang Xiangling. After all, the other party was their guest. It was really not good to get injured.


“Doctor, is Zhang xiaojie all right?” Listening to Zhang Xiangling’s weeping, Shen Wenhua thought of the scene from a moment ago and was really worried.

“Shen laoye, rest assured. Zhang xiaojie was just a little frightened and sprained her ankle. After taking a good rest for a few days she will be fine. Only, she must not put weight on it in these few days. ” The doctor noticed Zhang Xiangling giving him a look and naturally spoke up for her, but the doctor felt that it was very strange.

“No problem, I will have to trouble doctor to write a prescription and boil the medicine!”

“Shen laoye rest assured! ”

Zhang Xiangling listened to Shen Wenhua’s instructions and her heart immediately felt warm. Her face held a bit of bashfulness. “Shen laoye, today had really been troublesome for you. I really appreciate it!”

“Today was due to our negligence to our guests, this is what we should do.” Zhang Xiangling was a guest in the end, Shen Wenhua naturally wanted to handle this issue well. But, he did not think that because of this incident, that he would continue to met Zhang Xiangling several times in the next few days. He was rather distressed and annoyed, of course, this was something to speak of later.


Because of Zhang Xiangling’s injury today, Dan Yuerong also came over to nervously greet her. Fortunately, Zhang Xiangling was fine and Dan Yuerong let people send Zhang Xiangling back and sent over a lot of tonics, this matter ended just like this.  

But, everyone did not think that ever since that time, Zhang Xiangling would increasingly focus on Shen Wenhua. She would often create opportunities to meet with Shen Wenhua and used gratitude as an opportunity to approach Shen Wenhua. Shen Wenhua continously tried to avoid her but unexpectedly, this Zhang Xiangling knew his whereabouts, it made him feel quite helpless.

“Shen laoye, you, do you hate me this much?” After contacting Shen Wenhua several times and seeing the other person’s scholary appearance and Shen Wenhua’s spoling of Dan Yuerong, Zhang Xiangling was now unable to let go. She knew that with her identity as a concubine born daughter, if she wanted to be the legitimate wife, she could only marry a small official or a scholar. In order to come across a talented person like Shen Wenhua, who ranked third in the imperial exam, it was very difficult. What’s more, Shen Wenhua was very good to Dan Yuerong and did not take in a concubine. How could Zhang Xiangling not be moved?

If, if she were able to marry the other person and monopolize him, then in the future, wouldn’t she become the person that everyone was envious of?

She had heard of this person a long time ago. Previously she had been fortunate enough to see him several times, since then she was no longer able to tolerate others. Now that she had reached a marriageable age, she did not want to marry someone else. So, she had pleaded with her father to allow her to follow her aunt. She wanted to work hard, how could she give up after a few words?

She believed that with her appearance, the other person would have a glanced at her many times, but things did not turn out the way she wished. This made her more determined and resolute that she must win the other person!

“Shen laoye, am I doing anything wrong? Why are you always hiding from me? I only want to thank you, you, do you not want to see me?” Meeting Shen Wenhua once again, Zhang Xiangling could naturally sense Shen Wenhua’s coldness towards her. She felt very frustrated but she refused to give up and could only continue to work hard!

“Zhang xiaojie, the last time I hardly lifted a finger. You don’t need to worry about it. There is a difference between men and women, it is not good to see each other too often. “Secretly reminding the other person, Shen Wenhua was not a fool, he had seen the look in  Zhang Xiangling’s eyes when she looked at him from others. He ranked third in the imperial exam and his appearance and behavior were all top notch. These years, it’s not that there were not women who threw themselves at him, but it was him who was always firm in his original promise.

“Shen laoye, you …” Meet with the other person’s words,  Zhang Xiangling felt quite embarrassed.

“It’s late, Zhang xiaojie you go back!” He did not glance  at Zhang Xiangling, towards this kind of woman, Shen Wenhua had always been indifferent so as not to give the other person a chance.

“Shen laoye…” Looking on helplessly as Shen Wenhua left, Zhang Xiangling really didn’t understand why the other person didn’t look at her more.

Was she not good enough? Was she beautiful enough? But, there was also nothing great about how that Shen furen looked, furthermore, she was much older compared to her. How could she compare with her youthfulness?

Man, didn’t they all like young, beautiful woman? Why was this person different?

Because of Shen Wenhua’s refusal and  Zhang Xiangling’s arrogance, Zhang Xiangling became even more determined to marry Shen Wenhua!

Xiaojie, let’s go back. Otherwise, great aunt will be anxious.” Zhang Xiangling always went out these days and she always saw one person. This following after one person made one anxious!

“En, I know!” Before leaving she glanced in the direction that Shen Wenhua had departed, Zhang Xiangling’s eyes were filled with unrestrained desire!

She would not give up, this kind of good man should be hers!


Shen Wenhua had been weary dealing with Zhang Xiangling. Fortunately, Zhang Xiangling did not come looking for him again in the next several days. Shen Wenhua thought that the other person had given up and sighed in relief. However, he did not think that when he went over to discuss business with Qi laoye, that there would be an accident.  


Xiaojie, Xiaojie not good! The Qi household sent someone!” The weather was very good on this day, Shen Jingshu was originally reading in her room but came out when she saw Chun Xiao hurriedly running over. Shen Jingshu knew then that it  was not good!

“What happened?”

Xiaojie, nubi, nubi does not know. But the Qi family sent someone here today to invite Furen over. From the looks of things it is not good!”


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