Chapter 51.1: Accepting her as a concubine?

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Shen Jingshu heard this news and knew it was bad, she was very worried. “Then where is Mom? Has she left yet?”

Furen let people prepare the carriage in preparation to go.  Xiaojie, how can this be good? Furen’s belly is really big!”

“Go, let’s go and see first!”

When Shen Jingshu hurried over, Dan Yuerong had already ordered the carriage to be prepared. Shen Jingshu looked at her mother’s round belly and was really worried, “Mom!”

“Shu-er, why did you come?” Seeing that her daughter had come, Dan Yuerong’s eyes were a bit uneasy. Just now when the Qi family’s people came Dan Yuerong could sense from their attitude that it was definitely not a good thing, she didn’t want her daughter know! But, how could the current Shen Jingshu not be a child who was versed in life affairs? She always had Chun Xiao pay attention to the situation at Dan Yuerong’s side. She only did this as a precautionary measure but since she now knew of today’s matter, how could she let it be? “Mom, where are you going? “Dan Yuerong’s belly was very big, Shen Jingshu could not let Dan Yuerong go alone and be bullied!”

“Haha, Mom has things to do and must go out for a while. You obediently stay at home, alright?” Dan Yuerong did not saying anything about the matter because she did not want her daughter to know about bad things.

“Mom, I want to go with you!” For the Qi family to suddenly call her heavily pregnant mom over, it was definitely because something had happened. She couldn’t let this happen!

“Shu-er be obedient. Wait for me at home, alright?” This time, Dan Yuerong was uncharacteristically persistent. She did not know what happened at the Qi household, but the people from the Qi family’s way of speaking was secretive, Dan Yuerong knew that it could not be a good thing!

“Mom, are you going to the Qi household? I want to go, I also want to see Xueyan!” Seeing that Dan Yuerong did not want to let her go, Shen Jingshu could not let that happen.  

“Shu-er, you?” Dan Yuerong was surprised that Shen Jingshu knew of this matter so quickly and knew that it was not good to refuse her now.  

“Mom, you let me go,  I will definitely be obedient!” Pulling at Dan Yuerong, Shen Jingshu had the attitude that if the other person would not let her go, she would not give up. Dan Yuerong had no choice but to let Shen Jingshu go in the end, “Then alright. You can go, but later you go and find Xueyan. Mom has something to deal with!” Dan Yuerong knew that her daughter was stubborn, if she did not allow Shen Jingshu to go today she was afraid that she would not be able to get out of the door. Dan Yuerong still did not know what happened but she still had to go take a look and settle it.

“Mom, don’t worry, I know!” Of course Shen Jingshu was obedient now. If Dan Yuerong did not take her, what would she have done?

Once they got there she would certainly not allow Dan Yuerong to let it be!  She would not let anyone bully her mother!

But, what exactly happened at the Qi household?

Thinking of Zhang Xiangling’s previous entanglement with Shen Wenhua, Shen Jingshu did not feel at ease. However, Zhang Xiangling had been very peaceful these days, is it possible that the other person had not given up?


Along the way, Dan Yuerong and Shen Jingshu each had their own thoughts. When the two people arrived at Qi fu, although the people in Qi fu welcomed them with smiling faces, they were obviously less enthusiastic. Shen Jingshu noticed these people’s reactions and felt uneasy. She then looked Dan Yuerong’s face and saw an imposing expression, “Where is Qi furen?”

“Shen furen, Qi Furen is waiting for you, please come with nubi!” Taking Dan Yuerong inside the residence, the yatou’s expression was a bit weird the entire journey. Dan Yuerong inquired once but the yatou did not answer, this made Dan Yuerong’s heart more and more uneasy. When she arrived at the inner garden, she saw Qi furen sitting there panting with rage. Noticing that Dan Yuerong had arrived she looked relieved, ” Shen furen, you came?”

“Qi furen, you called me in a hurry to come over, what happened?”

“Shen furen, this…” Qi furen wanted to speak but she noticed that Shen Jingshu had also come,   Qi furen’s face became a bit unsightly. Dan Yuerong naturally noticed Qi furen’s apprehension, “Shu-er, didn’t you say that you wanted to find Xueyan? Mom and Qi furen have something to discuss, you go find Xueyan to play alright?

“…” Shen Jingshu really wanted to say no, but when she saw that Qi furen would not speak unless she left, Shen Jingshu could only temporarily agree. “Alright mom! If there is a matter call me, I will go and look for Xueyan first!”

“En! Chun Mei, take good care of Xiaojie!”

“Yes, Furen!”

Qi furen did not relax her breathing until she saw the two people leave. At this moment, Shen Jingshu, who had walked out of the gate and quickly left those several people’s eyesight, stopped at the corner. Seeing this, Chun Mei was confused. “What’s wrong Xiaojie?”

“Chun Mei, I’ll go find  Xueyan first. You go back and see what Qi furen and Mom are talking about and then tell me right away. Do you understand?” Shen Jingshu’s face was serious, Chun Mei could not be indifferent, ” Yes Xiaojie! Nubi will go at once! “The atmosphere from a moment ago was really peculiar, Chun Mei had also noticed it and was naturally worried.

“Be careful, don’t let people see you!”

Xiaojie be at ease, nubi is very familiar with this place!” Smiling, Chun Mei could be considered as very stable amongst the servant girls, otherwise,  she would not have chosen Chun Mei to come today.

Watching as Chun Mei secretly went back, Shen Jingshu turned around and went to  look for Qi Xueyan. Along the way she was happy that she had come to the Qi household several times and was familiar with the Qi household as it would not have been convenient for her to follow behind someone from the Qi family at the moment.


On the other side, Dan Yuerong certainly did not know her daughter’s thoughts. Now that Shen Jingshu had left, Dan Yuerong looked at Qi furen’s bad expression and felt her heart sink. “Qi furen, what happened? Why did you anxiously call me to come over?”

Ai! Shen furen, I’m sorry!” Sighing, Qi furen’s eyes were a bit irritated and ashamed. Some words truly could not be said.

“What happened? Qi furen, you say it!”

“Ai, it’s all my ignorant niece…” Simply explaining the matter once, Dan Yuerong then knew. Originally, Shen Wenhua had come to Qi fu to discuss matters with Qi laoye but was unknowingly lead to Zhang  Xiangling’s room. At that time, Zhang Xiangling was in the process of bathing and as a result, was seen by Shen Wenhua! When Zhang Xiangling learned that her body had been seen by a man she was ashamed. Her innocence was destroyed and she was crying to marry Shen Wenhua! Currently, the noise she was making was difficult to deal with!

Now that this kind of thing had happened in Qi fu , Qi furen’s face was not pleasant. After this matter happened, she learned that Zhang Xiangling had used several schemes to get Shen Wenhua to come over.  Shen Wenhua thought that the person inside was Qi laoye,  how was he supposed to know that it was Zhang Xiangling? Qi furen was very annoyed at this niece who did not know how to conduct herself with dignity. However, this thing had already happened, could Qi furen still ignore it? Settling this issue was the most important now!

Simply explaining this matter with a thick face, Qi furen had no choice but to cover up for her niece so as to avoid losing respect for Qi fu. After she finished explaining, Qi furen only felt that her pride was gone and she was embarrassed to face Dan Yuerong, “This matter is also partly my fault,  I was loose in managing the inner residence, otherwise, how could this kind of thing happen? But you also know that a woman’s innocence is more important than life, let alone,  my niece is my elder brother’s most beloved concubine’s daughter. Her identity is not lacking and my elder brother also loves her dearly. To tell the truth, the reason she came this time was to look for a good marriage. I would never have thought that this kind of matter would happen, ai…”

When Qi furen was speaking she clearly lacked confidence. As she watched Dan Yuerong’s expression change, Qi furen became even more embarrassed,“ Shen furen, you see this…” In fact, Qi furen also did not want Zhang Xiangling to marry Shen Wenhua. After all, the two families still needed to become in-laws later, how was this good?

Wouldn’t it be awkward later?

“Qi furen, are your words true?” Although she had known that something must have happened earlier, Dan Yuerong did not think that it would be this!

How was it possible?

“Shen furen, how would I dare joke about his matter? This thing is really unfair to you, I also did not think … …” Qi furen was too embarrassed to say the rest. Her own niece did such a foolish thing, Qi furen’s face was dark.“That girl is crying in the room now saying that her innocence has been destroyed. If she does marry Shen laoye then she will become a Buddhist nun,  I am also powerless! Shen furen, you see this… ” Qi furen was unwilling to facilitate this matter but this happened in her home,  if this matter were spread out,  how could that be good?

She still had a son and daughter, she could not let their futures be destroyed because of this niece!

Dan Yuerong now had some confusion but she knew that this matter definitely had to be handled. Dan Yuerong can only control herself, “Where is my family’s laoye now?”

“My family’s laoye is accompanying Shen laoye. To have this kind of thing happen and my niece crying continuously, there is really no other way!” Once the accident happened Zhang Xiangling’s crying was difficult to deal with, how could Qi laoye and Qi furen let Shen Wenhua go like this?

“Qi furen, can you take me to meet my family’s laoye? I must discuss this matter with him!”

“Alright. Shen furen, you come with me!” In fact, Qi furen did not want Dan Yuerong to go see Shen Wenhua. Just now when Zhang Xiangling was crying, Shen Wenhua had already clearly shown that he would not marry Zhang Xiangling. If it weren’t for Qi laoye blocking him now, Shen Wenhua would have already left.

However, these people were husband and wife. Furthermore, this matter involved feelings so they should be given the opportunity to discuss it. It was not good for Qi furen to stop it but she did try to persuade her on the way, “Shen furen, no one expected this kind of matter to happen, but a woman’s reputation is bigger than the sky. Although Shen laoye did not do it intentionally, it still ruined my niece’s reputation. This child has high morals, if this matter is not properly handled, I will also be worried! My older brother is also very loving towards this niece, when the time comes I will not be able to explain it. Furthermore, this matter involves Shen laoye in the end, when the time comes and this is spread out, I fear it will not be good… You and I both have children who haven’t married yet, Shen furen, you must properly think this over…”

On the way, Qi furen used every possible method to highlight the importance of reputation and even implied that this matter would effect Shen Wenhua. This was to make Dan Yuerong attach importance to this issue and see that she could not solve it as she wished so as to avoid really losing that person.

“Qi furen, you be at ease. I have my own thoughts!” Dan Yuerong understood Qi furen’s thoughts. However, she and Shen Wenhua had been married for many years, they also understood each other’s thoughts. Although she was not virtuous and talented, she hoped that she and Shen Wenhua could remain a devoted couple until the end of their lives and would not abandon each other. Of course, she also hoped that there would not be other people who stepped in between them!

“Shen furen, if you understand than good, ai … …” sighing, this matter truly made Qi furen’s face dark and left her with no courage to approach Dan Yuerong. However, this matter had already happened and it had to be resolved. She certainly did not want this thing to affect her children.

The matter from last time had already done a great deal of damage to their family’s reputation. If something like that happened again, how would that be good? When the time comes, how would her family have a foothold in Jingnan?


Along the way, the two people each had their own thoughts. Dan Yuerong was agonizing over how to deal with this matter and Qi furen was very worried when she saw Dan Yuerong’s attitude. Finally, they arrived at Qi’ laoye’s study. Looking at the two people playing chess, Qi furen saw  Shen Wenhua’s expressionless face  sitting there, and hert heart became more and more uneasy, “Laoye, Shen laoye, Shen furen came!”

“Rong-er …” Hearing that Dan Yuerong had come, Shen Wenhua quickly got up. At the moment, he was not able to do anything because outsiders were there. He came to Dan Yuerong’s side with an apologetic face, “Why did you come? “With this kind of thing happening, Shen Wenhua hated that he had been careless. He had originally wanted to deal with it himself, but he never would have thought that the Qi family’s people would call Dan Yuerong over. Looking at his wife’s anxious face and bulging stomach, Shen Wenhua’s heart became more and more guilty. “Rong-er, I…”

Laoye, you don’t have to say anything, I understand!” Originally she was still somewhat anxious, but looking at Shen Wenhua’s eyes, Dan Yuerong already knew Shen Wenhua’s attitude.

“Haha, Shen furen came. Quickly sit, quickly sit!” When Qi laoye saw that Dan Yuerong had come, he finally let out a sigh of relief. To be honest, he had retained Shen Wenhua here, but Shen Wenhua ignored him and refused to listen to him. He also had no way!

Ai, it was all because of this niece that he felt embarrassed. If he had known earlier, he would have never allowed her to come!

“Someone come, bring tea! It must have been exhausting for Shen furen to come. Shen furen,  rest a bit first!” Just a moment ago he had been trying to persuade Shen Wenhua, but Shen Wenhua had never yielded. Qi laoye now hoped that Dan Yuerong could yield, so as to avoid him not having the nerve to meet people in the future.

“Many thanks Qi laoye, but for such a thing to happen today, how would I have the mood to drink tea?” Now that she knew Shen Wenhua’s attitude, Dan Yuerong had no reason to worry.

“Ai, this thing is also a misunderstanding. Who would have known that Shen laoye would walk over to my niece’s room? This, this is really…” It was strange for that person to be so careless,  how could they randomly lead a person there? “Now that this thing has happened, it also has to be handled, right? Otherwise, if this were to spread out, how would that be good?”

“Qi laoye I’ve already said, that place is where your household’s servants led me to, I thought it was your room and entered. I never would have thought it was Zhang xiaojie’s room. I’m very sorry about this, but just now, I did not see anything. Now Zhang xiaojie is crying for me to take responsibility, what is the meaning of this?” Just now when he entered, he could sense that something was wrong and quickly turned his body. He never would have thought that Zhang Xiangling would be so shameless and say that he saw her body. Shen Wenhua would never acknowledge this account!

“Shen laoye, your words are like this but a woman’s reputation is more valuable than life. Now that my poor niece’s body was seen by you, if you are not responsible, she can only hang her head and become a nun. Shen laoye, can you really be so cruel? If this thing were to spread out, both you and me would be at a disadvantage!” In the end, it was Shen Wenhua who had ruined another person’s reputation. If this were spread out,  although the Qi family would be affected, Shen Wenhua would also not be able to escape!

“Are you threatening me?” Listening to Qi laoye’s words, Shen Wenhua’s face immediately changed.

“Shen laoye, don’t misunderstand, laoye is only anxious. He also feels sorry for my niece!” Qi furen noticed that her laoye could not speak and quickly come out to mediate. Of course she did not want the two family’s relationship to become strained because of this matter.

As Qi furen explained, she gave Qi laoye a meaningful glance. Qi’s laoye also knew that he was a bit too anxious and quickly explained,“Y es, yes. That is not what I meant, wasn’t I just feeling anxious? Shen laoye, you must not take offense!”

“If that was not Qi laoye’s meaning then good. Today’s matter was nothing more than an accident. Only a few people know about this matter, if you and I don’t say anything and the servants in your household also show restraint, is it possible that this matter could be spread out? Or does Qi laoye want to take this opportunity to promote something?” Shen Wenhua certainly knew that he could not show weakness at this time, otherwise, his household would have one more person. How could he let down his wife and daughter?

“Shen laoye, how can you be like this?  With you like this, could it be that you do not want to take responsibility for this? My niece’s body was seen by you, how will she conduct herself in the future? If other people knew, how could she get married?” Qi laoye quickly stood up, this matter happened in his household, if it were not handled properly and it caused his wife’s older brother to resent him, how could that be good? His wife’s older brother was a minister in the government!

“Qi laoye, I just said that I did not see anything. Do you want to continuously splash dirty water on me?” He did not lower his guard but Shen Wenhua would have never imagined that this Zhang Xiangling would actually do this!

“Shen laoye, you…” Qi’s laoye was furious and almost angrily walked out. Fortunately, Qi furen promptly stopped him, “Laoye!” Qi laoye was a lacking individual, Qi furen could not put hope in Qi laoye. Smiling at Shen Wenhua now, she did not want this matter to end with no definite solution,“ Shen laoye, aren’t your words a bit excessive? Since ancient times, a woman’s reputation is bigger than heaven, are you really this cruel? My niece has talent and beauty, marrying her would certainly not be bad. For her to become a concubine for you is already a grievance. Do you still want to humiliate her?

Compared to Qi laoye, Qi furen’s words were much milder but also sparkling. Shen Wenhua looked at Qi furen’s unyielding apperance and knew that this matter was not good.  “A women’s reputation is important but I was only careless today, that’s it. What’s more, I did not see anything. Qi furen, why must you persistently grab and not let go? ” Wanting Shen Wenhua to marry Zhang Xiangling, it was absolutely impossible!

Everything happened today because he did not investigate and was schemed against. Such a scheming woman, he would definitely not allow her to enter Shen fu and stifle him!  

“Shen laoye, I’m not holding on without releasing. But apart from the several people present, there are still several maids. Can you guarantee that you can block their mouths? What’s more, my niece is not lacking, she is willing to become your concubine.  Is it possible that you are still willing to turn your back and abandon her?” The Qi household could not afford to lose this person, therefore, Qi furen had to let Zhang Xiangling enter the gates of Shen fu. “Shen furen, you are also a woman. Put yourself in her shoes, my niece is now in her prime but this happened. If this matter were spread out, how would you let her behave? We might as well let her become a nun so as to avoid her being met with people’s looks!” Qi furen finished speaking and wiped the teardrops from the corner of her eyes. She knew that since she could not get Shen Wenhua to do anything, Qi furen switched to Dan Yurong and played the sympathy card.

If Dan Yuerong really refused to accept Zhang Xiangling, then Dan Yuerong would appear jealous and cruel. After all, if this young woman were forced to become a nun by the other person, it would really be ruthless!  

“Qi furen, don’t worry. We will carefully discuss this matter.” Dan Yuerong was also unwilling to let Zhang Xiangling enter the fu, but now that Qi furen had said this, some of these words were really not easy for Dan Yuerong to handle.  She had to first think of a method to reassure the other person and then slowly solve it later!

However, Dan Yuerong was also very worried, she also had some complaints against Qi furen and Qi loaye in her heart. If it weren’t for them wanting Shen Wenhua to came today and their carelessness, how could such a thing happen? It almost affected Shen Wenhua’s reputation!

“How can I not feel anxious? My niece just cried so pitifully, I just let the maids go and look after her in fear that she would do something. How could I explain this to her father and mother?” Qi furen put down her handkerchief and her eyes were all red. At the moment, she could see that Shen Wenhua was not speaking and Dan Yuerong also had a concerned expression. Qi furen believed that this trick had workd and her heart felt a bit more at ease.  

“I can understand Qi furen’s mood, but this matter is not what my family’s laoye wants. In any case, we can not grievance Zhang xiaojie. She is still so young and will have several better prospects waiting for her. Wouldn’t it be better for Qi furen to carefully explain it to her?  If she agrees, we are willing to take this matter into our heart. In the future when she gets married, we can help financially, alright?” Share her husband with this other person, Dan Yuerong was not generous. Furthermore, this Zhang Xiangling had given Dan Yuerong a bad feeling from the first time they met. Of course Dan Yuerong was even more unwilling.  

Seeing Qi furen earnestly listening, Dan Yuerong pulled Qi furen and said words that were full of persuasion. ” Qi furen, you think about it.  Zhang xiaojie ‘s character and looks are all good, to become a lord’s concubine would grievance her. I have heard that there are several pretty good nobel sons in Jingnan. Those Furen have mentioned this matter to me before, if Qi furen does not disagree, I would like to help Zhang xiaojie take a look at them…” The meaning of Dan Yuerong’s words was that she was willing to be a matchmaker. With her status as the second prefectural magistrate’s wife, the people she contacted would naturally be upper class. Furthermore, with her as a matchmaker, of course they would be extremely talented people. This meant that Zhang Xiangling could climb to a higher status. As Qi furen listen to Dan Yuerong’s words she immediately relaxed a bit. Just as Dan Yuerong wanted to take it a step further someone interrupted. “Furen! Furen, it’s not good. Zhang xiaojie threw herself in the lake!”


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