Chapter 51.2

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“What did you say?” Qi furen was immediately frightened when she heard this and jumped. She suddenly was not able to deal with others and quickly stood up and immediately refused to take care of the others.  “Did I not let you all carefully look after her?  What is going on?”

Furen, Zhang xiaojie said that she could not bear the humiliation and would rather prove her innocence by dying. Nubi, nubi could not stop her!” The maid was frightened and her complexion was very pale, she was afraid that Zhang Xiangling would do something.

“Quick, quickly take me to see!” Qi furen quickly left in fear that someone would die in her home. If that happened, this matter would stir up even more trouble! Dan Yuerong was also not at ease and followed her out. Naturally Shen Wenhua and Qi laoye also had to go, “Rong-er! You slow down, beware of your stomach!” Shen Wenhua carefully supported Dan Yuerong. Regarding the news about Zhang Xiangling throwing herself into the lake, he did not have any feelings.

Wasn’t the purpose of this act to force him to marry her? However, he would absolutely not marry this kind of scheming woman!

“Wenhua, you say this Zhang xiaojie …” If the other person did this and they still refused to let the other person enter the door, when the time came and this was spread out, she did not how other people would see it. Dan Yuerong was really worried.

“Don’t worry, she will not do it!” This person racked her brains to marry him, how could she easily die? The only feeling Shen Wenhua now had for Zhang Xiangling was disgust.

“Ai, for such a thing to happen, if it spreads out, how can that be good? Wenhua, in a while, don’t say anything. It is better for me to handle it! “Shen Wenhua’s public appraisal had been very good these past few years, they were all excellent for consecutive years. Otherwise, how would he have been able to sit on top as the second prefectural magistrate? If a scandal arose, his future would certainly be destroyed. Dan Yuerong did not want Shen Wenhua to destroy his future for her. So, when she was forced to do so, she would give in.

“Rong-er, you cannot be soft-hearted in this matter. This woman’s thoughts are deep, I also feel that this matter is very suspicious, I’m sure that it is related to her. If we really let her do as she wants, how could our home still be peaceful?”

“Wenhua, what do you mean?”

“There are some things I didn’t want to tell you before because I was worried that you would be anxious. But now that things have reached this stage it is not good for me to hide it…” Along the way, Shen Wenhua simply stated Zhang Xiangling’s words to him and also explained what happened in today’s matter. When Dan Yuerong heard it she was suddenly surprised, “does she really have these thoughts towards you?” Previously she was only guessing, but to hear Shen Wenhua explain it out of his own mouth, Dan Yuerong felt that Zhang Xiangling, this woman,  was truly vile!

“Isn’t it? Today, I clearly did not see her body but she still insisted. So much so that she even loudly called out to others, her goal was obvious. So Rong-er, you absolutely must not be soft-hearted this time, do you understand? I don’t want you and Shu-er to be schemed against by her in the future!”

“Previously, I thought you were justing using that as an excuse, I didn’t think it was really like this. This Zhang xiaojie, how could she have no sense of shame and do this kind of thing? Does she not know that this kind of thing will make her close relatives feel ashamed?”

“She is nothing more than a small concubine born daughter who wants to fly up to the top branch and act like a phoenix. She will not be able to accomplish anything, in a while we will see and can talk about it later!”

“Wenhua, I am well aware of the situation. With Zhang xiaojie’s character like this, I absolutely can not allow her to marry in!” Although Dan Yuerong was kind, she was not stupid. Zhang Xiangling’s actions had already violated her bottom line, how could she really allow the other person to marry over?

“If you understand then it’s fine.” Seeing that Dan Yuerong did not have those thoughts, Shen Wenhua breathed a sigh of relief. Along the way he thought about how to solve this problem perfectly, but he never would have thought that what they saw when they reached the lakeside would shock them all.

The winter lake’s water was very cold and Zhang Xiangling had tried her best. On such a cold day she had actually jumped down all because she wanted to use this matter to make a big deal and force Shen Wenhua to marry her. However, she never would have thought she would be saved by someone, moreover, it was a man! Even worse, her clothes had become messy because of the struggle in the water. She did not know whether the man did it intentionally or unintentionally, but her clothes had been taken off and now she only wearing one piece of inner clothes and was being held in the man’s arms. Zhang Xiangling had originally had the feeling of someone who had a card up their sleeve but now that feeling had been completely replaced by anger. “Who are you? What are you doing?” Coming to her senses, Zhang Xiangling pushed herself out of the man’s grasp. But, when she pushed herself away, her inner clothes became loose and revealed a small dudou. Zhang Xiangling tried to cover herself but she never would have thought that she would see people at this time!  

“ Aunt, Uncle, Shen laoye… Ah! Go away, go away! What do you want to do?” Fortunately, Zhang Xiangling was still sensible and knew to push the other person away and quickly tried to cover her body. This was to support her pale and weak image, tears also immediately began to fill her eyes, “I, I don’t know what’s going on. I, I don’t want to live!” Even though Zhang Xiangling had thick skin, she was just a fifteen-year-old girl. How could she be able to endure this kind of matter? She had no better option than to try to gain sympathy again to avoid people’s scorn!

She quickly stood up and ran towards the lake once again. Although the lake water was very cold, Zhang Xiangling knew that she only had one route to take today. 

“What are you doing? Isn’t it enough to humiliate yourself like this?” When Qi laoye saw Zhang Xiangling’s appearance, he felt that he had no respect and his face flushed with anger. He hated that he could not send this niece back quickly!

“You all are still slow to pull her back? Is it possible that you all want her to jump into the lake again?” Qi furen was also angry, when she saw Zhang Xiangling’s disheveled appearance her face flushed with anger. She really hoped that Zhang Xiangling would quickly disappear to avoid making a disgrace!  

Wuwu, don’t stop me. I do not want to live. I do not want to live…” Crying, Zhang Xiangling tried to break free, but she had just jumped into the lake and her body wasn’t very strong. She didn’t have much strength, how could she break free?

How could things be fine now? Her body had been seen by another man and was even touched a moment ago, how could she still marry Shen Wenhua? Hadn’t all her painstaking efforts been wasted today?

“Alright, you stop making a fuss, shut up!” Qi furen felt a headache coming, but unfortunately, Shen Wenhua still refused to let her off this time. “Qi furen, Zhang xiaojie  has now been seen by so many people, is it possible that I still need to take responsibility?” Shen Wenhua’s words did not give any respect, Zhang Xiangling’s face immediately became white when she heard them and her body shook fiercely. When Qi furen herd them she was somewhat disturbed. But this situation had been seen by so many people today, what else could she say?

“Qi furen, just a moment ago in a moment of desperation, this small scholar acted impudently. Although this incident happened suddenly, this small scholar touched Zhang xiaojie ‘s body. There is a difference between men and women, this small scholar is willing to take responsibility!” The scholar who had rescued Zhang Xiangling was unwilling to be outdone and immediately knelt. After such a grandiose performance, what else could Qi furen say?

Touching her head because of her headache, Qi furen quickly exploded in anger. With so many eyes watching, could Qi furen really still force Shen Wenhua to marry Zhang Xiangling?

“You get up first, we will discuss this thing later! ”

“No! Qi furen if you don’t promise, this small scholar will not get up! Even though this small scholar already has a wife, I am a responsible person. No matter what, this small scholar will not abandon Zhang xiaojie .”

“You…”When Zhang Xiangling first heard that the other person wanted to marry her she was very dissatisfied, but in these circumstances, she also could not say anything. However, now that she heard that the other person already had a wife, how could Zhang Xiangling not speak, “I won’t marry you!” This person was only a scholar and did not have any achievements, how could she possibly become this person’s concubine?  

“Zhang xiaojie, just now in the water this small scholar committed many offenses and also touched your skin. Zhang xiaojie rest assured, I will be good to you later!” The scholar finished speaking and looked somewhat bashful, he never would have thought that such a good thing would come to him.

When he recalled the note that suddenly appeared when he was walking a moment ago, that told him that a good thing would happen here, the scholar was filled with gratitude.

The woman in front of him was an official Xiaojie, although she was only a concubine born daughter, he had heard that she was favored. When he married the other person, would he still have to worry about achievements in the future? What’s more, he still had gotten money. Wasn’t this killing two birds with one stone?

“You, you are speaking nonsense!” Zhang Xiangling’s anger had erupted. Pointing at the scholar, she really did not think that there would be a person with such a thick face in this world!

“Zhang xiaojie, don’t feel embarrassed. Just now we all saw this small scholar carrying you ashore. Zhang xiaojie, I know I wronged you but you can rest assured that I will treat you well!” The scholar spoke with sincerity, Zhang Xiangling’s breathless lungs wanted to explode, “You…”

“Alright Xiangling, don’t say any more. I’ve got my own opinion on this matter!” Qi furen could not allow people to see a joke anymore. Now that this kind of thing had happened,  Zhang Xiangling could not marry Shen Wenhua. Qi furen would certainly not allow Zhang Xiangling to make a fuss!

“Aunt, I…”

“Shut up!” giving Zhang Xiangling a warning look, Qi furen did not want this useless niece to really ruin the Qi family’s reputation. Because of Qi furen’s reaction,  Zhang Xiangling knew that it would be hard for her to escape this time.  In her mind, she immediately began to panic, “No! Shen laoye you save me!  You also saw my body, you can’t ignore me!” Zhang Xiangling didn’t care about the others at this moment, she had to ask Shen Wenhua for help. She mistakenly believed that Shen Wenhua would see her pitiful appearance and help her, but she never would have thought that her previous actions had already made Shen Wenhua very angry, “Zhang xiaojie can’t speak nonsense,  when did I see you?”

“You, you can’t do this to me! ”

“Alright, I still have things to do. Qi laoye, Qi furen, Rong-er and I will say goodbye to you first and visit you on another day!”

“This is also good. For this kind of thing to happen, we’ve let Shen laoye see a joke. The matter from a moment ago when I did not say anything, I hope Shen laoye will not take offense. I was also forced…” The trouble that Zhang Xiangling had stirred up had turned into a big joke. When Qi furen thought of how she wanted to force Shen Wenhua to marry Zhang Xiangling a moment ago, her heart was very empty. She could not wrong Shen Wenhua and accompanied him with a smile in fear that Shen Wenhua would take offense.

“I understand. Qi furen, I hope you will handle this matter well so it will not affect the friendship between our  two families.” Qi furen understood Shen Wenhua’s meaning, this time he would not tolerate Qi furen saying ‘No’, ” Shen laoye do not worry, I understand. “

“No, don’t! Aunt, you can’t do this to me!”After listening to the dialogue between the two people, Zhang Xiangling vigorously resisted, but in the end, she had a thin and weak body. She had been soaked in cold water for so long, how could she bear a blow now?

“Enough, help Zhang xiaojie back to her room, I will deal with this matter in a moment!”

“No! Aunt don’t…” Zhang Xiangling felt anxious and immediately felt her surroundings go black and fainted. However, her fainting did not attract much of a reaction, Qi furen did not seem to notice and only continued to smile at Shen Wenhua and Dan Yuerong, “Shen laoye, Shen furen, I will see you off! ”

“No need, it could be assumed that Qi furen still has many things to handle. We will not disturb you from handling family affairs, goodbye!” Shen Wenhua’s attitude let Qi furen know that if she did not handle this matter satisfactorily, the friendship between the two families would be destroyed. Qi furen really hated Zhang Xiangling’s meddling. but she could only laugh, “Then, alright. I will pay a visit to apologize another day, I have truly wronged you today!”

“Qi furen, you are busy!” Supporting Dan Yuerong and leaving,  although Shen Wenhua never would have thought things would turn out this way, this also solved his troubles, Shen Wenhua was very happy.

Dan Yuerong could  also breathe easier, when she saw Qi furen’s expression from a moment ago, she knew that she did not need to worry about this matter, “Wenhua, let’s go find Shu-er!”

“En, alright!” The two people prepared to go find Shen Jingshu but saw a little girl heading their way. Noticing the two people, the little girl started running faster, “Dad, Mom!”

“Haha, Shu-er, why did you come over?”

“I heard of something and come to see! “Looking In the direction of the courtyard in front of her, Shen Jingshu’s eyes had a slight sly expression.

“There is nothing, let’s go. Shu-er,  let’s go home!” They could not let their daughter know about this matter, Shen Wenhua and Dan Yuerong had always been very protective of Shen Jingshu, of course they did not want Shen Jingshu to know about this thing.

“Alright, let’s go home, hahaha…” Seeing the embarrassed expressions on Shen Wenhua and Dan Yuerong’s face, Shen Jingshu felt relieved. She held both Dan Yuerong and Shen Wenhua’s hands and the three family members happily left.

When Dan Yuerong and Shen Jingshu arrived they were very worried, but when they left they were actually very happy. However, Zhang Xiangling was very unhappy.


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