Chapter 51.3

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Even though she had fainted, things could not be changed. When she woke up, Zhang Xiangling saw Qi furen’s cold expression,“ Aunt, aunt save me. I don’t want to marry that person and become his concubine!” Zhang Xiangling had always been proud and arrogant, otherwise, how would she have taken a liking to Shen Wenhua? She’d always wanted to marry a person with a high status, how could she be willing to become the concubine of a scholar who did not have any achievements?

“Aunt I beg you, daddy let me come to you in Jingnan so that you could look for a good marriage for me. If daddy knew that you made me become a scholar’s concubine he would be very angry!” Qi furen did not say anything and continued to stare at her, Zhang Xiangling had a slightly guilty conscience, “ Aunt, I’m also an official’s daughter, how could I marry a person who has no achievements? Eve more, become his concubine? If other people found out, in the future, what would they think of us?”

No matter what, she could not marry this person, absolutely not!

Zhang Xiangling thought of many arguments and pointed out the powerful ones, but,  she never would have thought that Qi furen would not speak. Zhang Xiangling’s voice became smaller and smaller and her heart was getting more and more unsettled. Looking at Qi furen’s ice cold expression, it seemed as if Qi furen did not recognize her. For no reason, Zhang Xiangling’s heart filled with fear, “Aunt…”

“Don’t call me aunt. I don’t have a shameless niece like you!”

“Aunt, I was also forced. How could I have known that person would be so shameless and in the name of saving me would actually philander me? And to make me become his concubine, how could he be a match? How could I become a concubine?”

“You do not want to be a concubine, then why did you act this way today?”


“I already said not to call me aunt! ”

“I…” Zhang Xiangling wanted to say something, but when she saw Qi furen’s expression that showed she understood everything, Zhang Xiangling suddenly became timid and could only kneel down and plead. “ Aunt save me, I don’t want to become a concubine!”

“Weren’t you trying to become Shen laoye’s concubine? Now that the person has changed, don’t you want to become a concubine? Who do you think you are, can you choose anyone?”


“Shut up!” If it wasn’t for her older brother, Qi furen really wished she could seal Zhang Xiangling’s mouth. She now looked at Zhang Xiangling with disgust, “ You should have known that it would be this way when you schemed against Shen laoye, you should have expected these consequences. Now, you can only suffer the consequences of your actions. I have already written a letter to elder brother to inform him of everything, you properly reflect is this room for the next several days and wait for a reply from elder brother. I will prepare for your marriage with that scholar!”

“Aunt, you can’t do this to me! How is that person a match?”

“How is it not a match? You have already been intimate, didn’t you make a disturbance saying you wanted to marry Shen laoye and become his concubine? But Shen laoye did not see your body, someone else did instead, how are you unwilling?”

“ Aunt, if you do this, are you not afraid of being criticized by others? If you marry off your niece like this, aren’t you afraid that when other people find out, my little cousins will not be able to behave with integrity later?” This matter had created a lot of trouble, the Qi household would also be affected. Zhang Xiangling did not believe that Qi furen would really do it!

“You don’t have to worry about this, if you were not the Zhang family’s daughter, then everything would be easier.” Watching Zhang Xiangling’s extreme impudence, Qi furen lost her last bit of patience.

“Aunt, what do you mean?”

“I already said that I do not have a shameless niece like you, I’m not your aunt. Do you actually believe that with this kind of thing happening elder brother will still tolerate you? Come to your senses!”

“What are you all doing?” After listening to Qi furen’s words, Zhang Xiangling could not believe it, she would never have imagined that these people would treat her this way!

“What they want to do, you probably also understand. You all must carefully watch her, if you let her out of this room, be careful of your head!”

“Yes, Furen!”

After Qi furen finished giving instructions, she did not even glance at Zhang Xiangling before leaving. Zhang Xiangling knew that if Qi furen really left, she would really be finished. She quickly chased after her, “Aunt, you cannot do this to me! ”

” Aunt, no! Aunt, father can not do this to me!”

” Aunt, I beg you, I know I was wrong. Please, please spare me!”

” Aunt, I really don’t want to become that person’s concubine!”


She pleaded bitterly but no matter what Zhang Xiangling said, Qi furen was determined to let people watch her. Qi furen was a bit jittery because she was worried that Qi laoye would be cold toward her because of this incident and she still had to confront her older brother’s anger. Qi furen hated that she could not kill Zhang Xiangling immediately, but how would that help her?

Zhang Xiangling could only watch as Qi furen left and ultimately cried until she was mute. The help she begged for did not come, Zhang Xiangling really regretted that she took this risk!

However, this world had no medicine for regrets, Zhang laoye’s reply came a few days later. Knowing that Zhang Xiangling had done such a thing really hampered Zhang family’s face, as a result,  Zhang laoye and Qi furen had a good discussion. They then said that Zhang Xiangling was seriously ill, and later announced Zhang Xiangling’s death. Regarding this first scandal, it was sealed up tight by Qi furen. Ultimately, after Zhang Xiangling died, she was buried without a trace.

The scholar naturally got a large sum of money from Qi furen and had disappeared from Jiangnan since then. As for where he went, no one would know.

This matter was quickly ended under Qi furen’s high-pressure policy, no information was leaked. When Shen Jingshu learned of everything she could not help but sigh, although she had expected that Qi furen would definitely take action, she did not think that Qi furen would be so heartless!

However, this was also right. If Qi furen were not a determined person, how would she have been able to help Qi laoye sit in a second ranked official position in the past life? Everyone knew that Qi laoye was a hopeless fool!

Xiaojie, Furen called you to come over!” Chun Mei looked at Shen Jingshu and did not know why, but what happened at Qi fu that day, she always felt that it was related to Shen Jingshu. Especially when she let someone go outside the residence and throw out a note and silver, Chun Mei felt very suspicious. But these days Shen Jingshu’s expression had been very calm, Chun Mei was truly a bit uncertain.

“Haha, good! I just happened to want to go and talk with mom!” It wasn’t that she didn’t feel Chun Mei’s suspicion toward her these past several days, but Shen Jingshu was still young, it was not convenient to do some things and even more inconvenient to let others know. If it weren’t for her being too young, she would be very suspicious. She feared that if people knew, she would not have been able to let Chun Mei go. However, this matter had been resolved satisfactorily, Shen Jingshu was very happy.

Yes, that’s right. The scholar was indeed sent a message by Shen Jingshu. When she was at Qi fu she had learned the ins and outs of the matter, of course Shen Jingshu wouldn’t let Zhang Xiangling’s scheme succeed. Therefore, she quietly sent people to go tell Zhang Xiangling’s father to oppose this matter to make Zhang Xiangling come up with the plan to hurt herself to gain sympathy. Later, she had written a note and let Chun Mei deliver it to the outer courtyard because she knew that there was a scholar living there. He was temporarily relying on Qi laoye’s help, he was treacherous and greedy.

By knowing the scholar’s nature, Shen Jingshu knew that the other person would not let this opportunity slip by. So, she had given him a note and some silver, it was only natural that he would go. Following this matter,  of course she looked forward to its development, Zhang Xiangling paid the price for her own greed and schemes, and that scholar also went far away. This was very good, otherwise, when that scholar bullied a peasant woman later and made that peasant woman commit suicide,  wouldn’t that be harming others?


Shen Jingshu was very satisfied with this result. To resolve this problem with Zhang Xiangling, she was very happy, her mood had been pretty good these past several days. Now that the New Year had already past, she thought about starting school and was naturally happier.


In an instant, it was time for Master Hui’s school to open. Now that the New Year had passed the weather was still cold but Shen Jingshu, who could now attend school, was very happy.

Xiaojie, why did you get up so early? It’s still early, you can sleep for a little more!” Shen Jingshu had always dawdled in bed a bit, but today she had gotten up early. Chun Xiao knew that Shen Jingshu was anxious!

“Today is the first day of school, I can not be late.”

“Haha, Xiaojie is right, if that’s the case then hurry and freshen up. In a while, you must still go and eat with Furen!”

“En!” Going to school today, Shen Jingshu did not want to show off on the first day so she only wore an almost new jacket. It was simple but elegant and blue, the top was embroidered with little colorful flowers. She appeared cute and elegant, Chun Mei had skillfully combed her hair. Although she had only used a gold hair ornament, this gold hair ornament was very cute. It had a pair of jade birds and a good looking tassel, when Shen Jingshu walked it sparkled, it was really innocent and cute!


“Mom! “Cheerfully going to look for Dan Yuerong, Dan Yuerong had already washed her face and rinsed her mouth and was now waiting. When she saw Shen Jingshu’s appearance, Dan Yuerong could not help but hold Shen Jingshu in her arms,” Haha, our Shu-er is growing up, you are getting cuter and cuter! “Looking at her daughter’s face, it looked very good. It had big eyes, a small straight nose, and pink,  tender cheeks and lips. She really seemed like a fairy or a girl made of jade, could a person not like her?

“Haha, good morning mom!”

“Today is your first day of school, you can’t be late.”

“I will not mom, I woke up very early today!”

“En, Shu-er is obedient, eat first!”

“En!” Obediently eating her meal, Shen Jingshu looked at Dan Yuerong’s increasingly growing belly and was very happy. Although she had not found the source of the Shen family’s destruction in the previous life, Shen Jingshu believed that she could still change the past, wasn’t her mother’s stomach proof?

She would be able to  meet her little brother very soon!

Thinking of that soft, doughy child, Shen Jingshu was very happy. She was accustomed to being alone, she really wanted to have more relatives!

“Mom, I will eat and then I’ll go first!” Happy, Shen Jingshu was smiling a lot more now. Dan Yuerong looked at Shen Jingshu and pulled her to fix her clothes and hair ornament, “Wait a moment, don’t be anxious. In a while, mom will go with you!”

“Mom it is not necessary, I can go by myself.” Dan Yuerong’s belly was much bigger now, Shen Jingshu did not want Dan Yuerong to suffer.  

“This is your first day of school, I don’t feel at ease. I must see you off.”

“Mom, I can!”

“Be obedient. Liu Zhu, is the carriage ready?”

“It is ready Furen!”

“Mom……” Shen Jingshu did not anticipate that Dan Yuerong would go. She had never listened to Dan Yuerong before when she mentioned it and thought that Dan Yuerong did not have this intention. Seeing that Dan Yuerong had a firm attitude now, Shen Jingshu could not do anything.

“This yatou, Mom is all right now. I also need to go out and walk around. Alright let’s go, you can not be late!” Today was her daughter’s first day of school, Dan Yuerong certainly wanted to personally drop her off.

“Then, alright! “Obiedently letting Dan Yuerong pull her out, Shen Jingshu knew that in Dan Yuerong’s eyes she was still only a small child, for Dan Yuerong to be anxious was also reasonable. She stopped resisting so as to avoid Dan Yuerong worrying at home.

Forget it, in any case, it was good for her mom to go out and walk around, they just had to be very careful on the road.

Seeing that Dan Yuerong had already prepared the carriage and that everything in the carriage was completely prepared, Shen Jingshu was able to relax. “Mom, you sit down!”

“En, Shu-er be obedient. Come, sit beside mom!” The inside of the carriage was very cozy, it had thick seats and a hot furnace so that it would not be cold. Shen Jingshu cautiously leaned against Dan Yuerong’s side. When Dan Yuerong noticed this she felt that her child was becoming increasingly more sensible but could not resist giving some instructions, “Shu-er, you must be obedient at school. School is not like home, there are many rules. Master Hui is very strict, you must endure the hardships temporarily.” She originally wanted her daughter to study hard, but knowing Master Hui’s strict requirements, it was inevitable that Dan Yuerong would worry.

In the end, her daughter was too young. She was only five years old. Ai, did she send her daughter off to learn too early?

“Mom, you don’t worry, I understand.” Knowing that Dan Yuerong was not at ease about her, Shen Jingshu could only give a clever response. When she finally arrived at the academy, Dan Yuerong took Shen Jingshu and solomly handed her off to Master Hui. Shen Jingshu knew that her mother was originally too loving towards her former self, “Master Hui my daughter is somewhat naughty and not sensible, if she does something wrong at the academy, I hope that Master Hui will be very forgiving.” As Dan Yuerong presented her gift, she could not help but say the words she head pondered earnestly over.  

Master Hui Master saw Dan Yuerong Yan like this and smiled a bit more, “I can see that this child is a smart person, in the future she will certainly be a capable person. Shen furen rest assured, I will certainly carefully teach her!”

“If it’s like this then I can be at ease. If there are any matters later, I still hope that Master Hui will inform me. My daughter will have to depend on Master Hui.”

“This is what I should do.” Master Hui was also a bit fond of Shen Jingshu. During the New Year, when Shen Jingshu accompanied Dan Yuerong to deliver her New Year’s gift, she had also been given a small gift. Although it was not precious it showed kind intention, Master Hui was very happy. Even more with the several times they had come in contact with each other, Master Hui had found that Shen Jingshu was actually very smart. Further, her temperament was different from other children. Master Hui had always had good insight and was also fond of gifted children, it was only natural that she was becoming increasingly more fond of Shen Jingshu.  

“Then I will have to trouble Master Hui.” After seeing Master Hu receive the gift and her kindness towards Shen Jingshu, Dan Yuerong could be at ease. She was preparing to go when she noticed Qi furen and Qi Xueyan coming over. Seeing Dan Yuerong, Qi furen’s face quickly became a bit uncomfortable but she quickly covered up, “Haha, Shen furen, you also came?” They could originally be considered close friends but after experiencing these several matters, seeing each other was a bit awkward. Qi furen really hated Zhang Xiangling!

“En, this is Shu-er’s first time at school, I had to drop her off!” Compared to Qi furen’s awkwardness, Dan Yuerong was a lot better and generously went along with Qi furen. It seemed as if everything was the same, but Qi furen could not overcome her shame, “Haha, we have not seen each other in several days but Jingshu has actually become a bit taller and more beautiful. Jingshu have you missed me and Xueyan?” Turing to look at Shen Jingshu, Qi furen felt that Dan Yuerong’s beaming smile was a bit of an eyesore.

“Haha, Qi furen, Xueyan, you came. I was wondering why I had not seen you two yet!” Smiling as she called out to them, Shen Jingshu perfectly acted like she was ignorant. When Qi furen saw Shen Jingshu this way she became much more relaxed, “Haha, in the future you and Xueyan will learn together, if you don’t understand something, you can ask Xueyan for guidance. If you missed Xueyan, you can also come to our house to play. Do you know?”

“En! Alright, Qi furen!” Obediently responding, Shen Jingshu looked at Qi furen’s artificial mask and felt nauseated. However, she could only accompany them with a smiling face, she still could not beat anyone’s face, right?

“Haha, this child is very cute!” After saying a few more words, Qi furen also spoke to Master Hui and gave her a gift. Finally saying a few more words, she left with Dan Yuerong. There demeanour was still as intimate as before but Shen Jingshu knew that  Qi furen, because of Zhang Xiangling’s matter, was afraid that they would have some resentment towards her and even held some resentment towards them because of that matter. After all, besides the people in the Qi household and that scholar, wasn’t their family of three the only other people who knew about that matter?

However, it did not matter. In any case, she did not intend to fix the relationship with the Qi household in this life anyway. If it weren’t for the purpose of clarifying matters from her past life, would she still need to maintain this false peaceful relationship with these people?  

In the previous life, her daddy died miserably and the people of the Qi household could certainly not escape being related to that matter. . Otherwise, out of so many people, how would Qi laoye  be capable of replacing her father’s position that year?  

Now, when she thought about it, Shen Jingshu had many doubts but she was temporarily powerless and could not do anything. Therefore, she still very much needed the Qi household, this chess piece!

Smiling as she watched Dan Yuerong board the carriage and leave, Shen Jingshu looked at Qi Xueyan eyes that  could not conceal her disgust. Sighing internally, in the end, the other person was still too young and could not conceal her inner thoughts. Shen Jingshu cheerfully pulled the other person’s hand, “Haha, Xueyan, long time no see.  Did you miss me?


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