Chapter 53.3: About to Produce

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“Oh, Jingshu, you coming? Come here, take your seat!” Qi furen rarely saw Shen Jingshu come here and was very happy to receive her. She wanted Shen Jingshu to stay to have a meal together, but Shen Jingshu refused. “Qi furen, my father has been busy recently, I have to accompany my mother to eat. I don’t want my mother to eat alone!” This excuse was very good, so Qi furen didn’t persuade anymore. “Jingshu is really a filial child! You’re much better than my Xueyan!”

“Mom!” Seeing Qi furen praise Shen Jingshu, compared to her she was much better, Qi Xueyan was very dissatisfied.

“Look at this child, still don’t agree with that, huh?  Hehe, if you want to accompany with Shen furen, I won’t persuade you to stay anymore. Just make yourself at home. If you want to eat something, just tell me, I’ll have servants prepare it for you.” Since the last time, Qi furen has clearly felt that the relationship with the Shen family is not as good as before. Although Dan Yuerong’s performance was same, Qi furen was not a fool. She was embarrassed deep in her mind. So this time she was very glad to see Shen Jingshu coming here. Soon, Qi furen called Qi Shaodong to come.

“Sister meimei!” Haven’t met for days, Qi Shaodong seems to be taller, and matured. The boy of this age grows very fast. Shen Jingshu observed him, and naturally found the change of him, “Shaodong gege, long time no see.”

“Yeah, I have been in the capital these days. It’s really some days since we met last time. Shen meimei, did you miss me?” Looking at Shen Jingshu, Qi Shaodong felt a bit of resentment towards her, but thinking of Shen Jingshu’s goodness to him over the years, and the cute appearance, Qi Shaodong’s anger faded.  What’s more, Qi furen exhorted him and let him know that he could not offend the Shen family. Qi Shaodong was sensible, so he treated Shen Jinshu nicely. But in his eyes, there were less true emotions.

“Of course I do miss you! How are you doing these days, Shaodong gege?”

“I am very good! Oh, Shen meimei, I brought you a gift. Hope you like it!” Qi Shaodong took out a box as he was speaking. Shen Jingshu smiled and opened it. It was a pair of lovely pearl flowers, light blue, very suitable for Shen Jingshu.

“Do you like it?” This gift was for girls. Qi Shaodong bought it according to Qi furen’s opinion.

“I like it very much, thank you Shaodong gege!”

“I’m glad you like it.” Qi Shaodong smiled. Saw Shen Jingshu playing with it seriously, he was relieved.  Qi furen saw this, her face was gratified too. “Well, you guys have fun, I have things to do. See you later.”

“See you, mom).” Qi furen is intentionally giving some space for these children. Shen Jingshu knew this quite well. She gazed at Qi furen leaving and smiled as if nothing had happened. Shen Jingshu covered the lid of the gift box and continued listening to Qi Shaodong talk.

Qi Shaodong spoke about his experiences in the capital with smiles. Watching the mellow face of Shen Jingshu, he found that Shen Jingshu was more and more beautiful these days. A boy was always growing up. Some ideas naturally gradually generated, it’s just that he did not understand it yet.

“Shen meimei, I heard that the school started, do you adapt to it?”

“En! very well!”

“How is your study? You have just joined, so if you have something don’t understand, you can ask Yan-er, she can teach you!”

“I know, Shaodong gege. Xueyan has helped me a lot!”

“You are good friends, it is essential to help each other.”

“Yeah, Jingshu, you can ask me anything. In fact, you can also ask gege. Gege, would you agree?”, said Qi Xueyan.


“En. I know!”


Although these children were talking and laughing, there was a gap between them. The previous days were long gone.

Many things changed. It seemed that they were amiable, but the deep down in their heart, they had grudges against each other. The seeds of hatred had been buried gradually.

They were unable to go back.


Leaving from the Qi household, Shen Jingshu looked back at the gate of Qi household and let out a sigh of relief. In fact, Shen Jingshu did not want to come. Every time she came, she had to be careful. She had to work hard to hide her emotions and smile to those she hated. If she can, she really wanted to tear away their mask!

However, how is it possible?

Xiaojie, let’s go back, Furen will be worried.”    

“En, let’s go!”


Since Qi Shaodong had come back, Shen Jingshu would meet him inevitably. In addition to Qi Xueyan’s contribution, Shen Jingyu occasionally encountered Qi Shaodong herself. Every time, Qi Shaodong was kind to her. However, Shen Jingshu saw the ambition from his eyes. His invitations were more and more obvious and she was more and more vigilant.

It was peaceful for the better part of a year. The relationship with the Qi family was just so-so. The two families still maintained the peace of the surface, and the intercourses were still relatively close.

Day by day, Shen Jingshu was trying hard to learn and enrich herself every day. Her medical skills had greatly improved, but her progress in embroidery was not great. The teacher who taught her embroidery felt quite helpless, but she taught her resolutely because of her status.

Time flew,  Dan Yuerong’s belly was getting bigger and bigger. These days,  Qi laoye‘s career was very unsatisfactory. Since his annual appraisal was “bad”, there is no way for him to be promoted. Since then, Qi laoye always made mistakes and provoked his boss. Qi laoye was uncomfortable in his mind and often rebuked Qi furen and Qi Shaodong. He blamed his bad luck on his son and always reproached him. He became a womanizer, and increased the number of concubines he had, Qi furen was really upset!    

However, compared to the Qi family, the Shen family was smoother. Shen Wenhua’s annual appraisal was “excellent” every year but he did not want to return to the capital and  had been staying in Jiangnan. Although Ruan momo was in the house, she acted normal and took good care of Dan Yuerong. In the blink of an eye, it is time for Dan Yuerong to give birth.

On this day, Dan Yuerong was walking in the yard, as usual, looking at Dan Yuerong’s stomach, Ruan momo wrinkled her brow. “The date of the furen‘s child labor is near, I am ready. Furen should walk more these next few days so that you can give birth to the baby easier!”

Momo, I understand.”

Furen, I have been looking for shaoye‘s wet-nurse recently, and now there are already a few candidates. Furen, do you want to take a look at them personally?”

“I believe in your judgment. Momo, you can decide it!”

“I still recommend Furen to take a look on your own. A wet-nurse is very important she may serve shaoye in the future!”

“En, okay!” Walking, Dan Yuerong felt a pain in her stomach. She frowned and her face turned pale. Rong momo saw it, and she was worried. “What happened to you Furen?”

“I…my stomach…I am afraid that I am giving birth.” Dan Yuerong had experienced delivery before. Based on the pain she felt, she knew that it was time.  

Furen, don’t worry! Let me help you to go back and lie down!” Looking at Dan Yuerong’s face, Rong momo frowned and carefully supported Dan Yuerong back. Rong momo didn’t  forget to ask others to call the midwife. “Boil the water! And call the midwife! Furen is going to give birth!”

“Yes!” Methodically, servants run to fetch the person. These days, under the discipline and training of Rong momo, there was no chaos. In a while, water began to burn, and the midwife also came. Dan Yuerong’s face turned paler by the pain.

Furen. Don’t worry, labor will not happen immediately. You should eat something to fill your belly first, otherwise you will not have any strength!” The midwife checked Dan Yuerong’s situation and found it was still early. There was some time for orderly arrangement. Although Dan Yuerong was in so much pain that she had no appetite, she knew that it would be some time before she gave birth and could only eat something.

Furen, should we call laoye back?” Looking at the painful looking Dan Yuerong, Rong momo made this proposal, but she did not anticipate that Dan Yuerong would refuse. “I’m fine. The pain just began and it is still early. Laoye is busy, don’t call him to come back now.” She did not Shen Wenhua to come back so early and worry about her, Dan Yuerong hold back the pain.

“Then, Furen eat something first!” Seeing Dan Yuerong refuse, Rong momo didn’t say much. Rong momo arranged things at the side and did her best in case of any mistakes happened.

This was the first household’s eldest son, no mistakes could be tolerated!  



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