Chapter 54.1: The Baby

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“Ah!” The shrill cry made those standing at the door feel anxious and extremely tormented.  

“How is Furen? It has been such a long time, how can there be no news?” The child was really tossing. It had already been over three hours, how…

When Shen Wenhua heard Dan Yuerong screaming, he was really worried.

Laoye don’t worry. Giving birth is like this, we can only wait.”

“But Furen has been in pain for such a long time, it can’t possibly be okay, right?”

“No. Laoye, rest assured. Furen’s fetus is very good and she has been well taken care of these days, nothing will happen.”

“Ai … …” The woman he loved was suffering inside but he could not do anything to help, Shen Wenhua could only wait outside anxiously.  

Laoye should sit for a while, all childbirth is like this. Some people are in labor one day and one night and still will not have given birth, you don’t worry!” When the servants saw that Shen Wenhua was nervous, a few naturally came to comfort him. Although Shen Wenhua understood, how could he not be nervous hearing Dan Yuerong scream?  

“Ai…” Welcoming a new life was a joyous occasion, but Shen Wenhua was also reluctant to have his wife be exhausted. His heart was tense and he could not go in, Shen Wenhua could only pace back and forth in front of the door.

Shen Jingshu was watching from the side and was worried. This child was not born in her previous life so she did not know how this situation ended. Therefore, she was also anxious after not seeing Dan Yuerong come out after such a long time. “Dad, nothing will happen to mom right?”

In the previous life her mother had not given birth to a child but this life was not the same.  Then, would mother be safe?

She knew that a woman giving birth was like taking a trip to the gates of hell and that Dan Yuerong’s health was not good, Shen Jingshu really could not be at ease.


“Rest assured, giving birth is like this. Do not worry.” Although he was anxious himself, Shen Wenhua still had to comfort his daughter as he did not want her to be afraid.

“Really?” Shen Jingshu knew that Shen Wenhua was only comforting her, she was not a real child who would believe that Dan Yuerong was ok.

Mom had been in pain for such a long time,  why wasn’t there any news yet?

Dan Yuerong had been screaming continuously, it really made the people waiting outside anxious. Pacing back and forth, one hoped it good soothe their mind.  

The two people were already worried, but after seeing the bloody water come out one basin after the other, the two were even more worried. Shen Wenhua could not take it anymore and quickly pulled someone aside, “What happened to Furen, why is there so much blood?”

Laoye, Furen is not dilated yet, nubi still has to get hot water!”

“Did Furen have a problem? Is she okay?”

“The fetus is very big so it has not been born yet,  Laoye don’t worry…”

“Then you go, properly take care of Furen!”


Dan Yuerong’s labor was very strenuous, Shen Wenhua and Shen Jingshu’s hearts slammed at the door. As a result, Dan Yuerong never dilated. Later, the doctor couldn’t stand it and couldn’t wait and finally gave Dan Yuerong medicine to induce labor. When she was dilated, Dan Yuerong’s screams became even louder.

“Dad, is mother in a lot of pain?” Was it painful to have children?

“It should be fast, don’t worry.” Just a moment ago, the midwife had said that the fetus’ position was very positive, but the fetus was a bit too big so it was not good. These past few days, Shen Wenhua had always made sure that Dan Yuerong received meticulous care,  Dan Yuerong’s health was pretty good so there should not be any big problem.

“En! “Everyone waited anxiously. Finally, after dark, they heard the sound of an infant crying.”Waaaaaaaa……..”

“Daddy, can you hear that? Has younger brother been born?” Excitedly pulling Shen Wenhua’s hand, Shen Jingshu felt tears quickly coming out.

Finally, she had a blood-related younger brother. From now on, she would not be lonely.

“Seems like it. Go, let’s go and see!” The father and daughter happily walked towards the door. At that moment, the door opened and the midwife came out holding a child with a smile on her face, “Congratulations Shen laoye, it is a chubby young master, he is very cute!”

“I, I have a son?” Looking at the clothed wrapped infant, Shen Wenhua was not able to respond for a moment.

He had originally believed that he would not have any more children in this life, to have a child today, how could Shen Wenhua not be happy? With this child, he and Rong-er could straighten their backs and would not have to worry anymore.  Shu-er would also have someone to depend on in the future, this was truly great!

“Isn’t it? It’s a white, chubby little boy, he looks really good. Does Shen laoye want to hold him?”

“Haha, alright!” Carefully holding the baby, Shen Wenhua was very happy and had someone reward the midwife with twelve silvers. The midwife immediately said many more congratulations, Shen Wenhua was even happier.

“Congratulations daddy!” Shen Jingshu stood on her tiptoes to look at her younger brother and found that her brother was really cute. He was white and tender,  although his eyes were not open, it really made people want to touch him!

“Haha, Now, Shu-er has a  younger brother. Haha, you have all worked hard today and will be rewarded, each person will be given 10 silvers! ” Shen Wenhua was very pleased today, naturally he was also generous. He had finally gotten a son after so many years, Shen Wenhua was all smiles.

“Thank you Laoye!” There were many happy events in the household and they had also gotten money. To get 10 silvers all of a sudden, all of the servants were very happy and said congratulations many times. Holding the baby, Shen Wenhua thought of his beloved wife and prepared to enter the room,” how is Furen?”

Furen is tired, she is already asleep.”

“En, I’ll go in and see Furen!”

When he went in he saw that the people inside were in the middle of cleaning up, the air still had a faint smell of blood. This caused Shen Wenhua to frown when he smelled it,”is Furen ok?”

Laoye please rest assured. Furen is only tired and her body is a little weak, after having a good rest she should be fine.”

” That’s good!” Going over to look at Dan Yuerong, sure enough, Dan Yuerong’s complexion was pale and her eyebrows were slightly furrowed in her sleep, it was clear that she was not sleeping peacefully.

Handing the child to Ruan momo, Shen Wenhua walked over and picked up Dan Yuerong’s hand.  His heart was filled with gratitude, but Dan Yuerong was asleep and couldn’t hear him, “Rong-er, thank you!”


Shen Wenhua loved his son, it took him one day and one night to finally come up with a good name. The child was called Shen Zihan, and his childhood name was Hang-er. For the moment, the Shen household was filled with a celebratory mood and every face within the household had a never-ending smile.

“Look at this child, he really looks like Laoye!” Dan Yuerong had painstakingly given birth to this son and had only glanced at this child before falling asleep. Now that she had woken up, of course she wanted to embrace him.

“You, the doctor said that your body is weak. You must take a 2 month confinement period, it is better to hand over the child to me!” Giving birth to this child had certainly been a bit hard on Dan Yuerong, how could Shen Wenhua be willing to allow Dan Yuerong to suffer?

“That’s right, Wenhua, have you told mother about this child? ” Although the capital was far, now that this child had been born it was better to go and peacefully announce it.

“Do not worry, I have already written a letter to tell mother. Mother will know soon, it will certainly make her very happy!”

“Yes, mother has waited for many years and finally has a di grandson, she will certainly be happy!” Dan Yuerong had no doubt that Old madam would be fond of this child. Now, she could only hope that this child would make Old Madam hold less of a grudge against her. Otherwise, when they came in contact later, it would be troublesome.  

“This is natural.”

” Wenhua, what do you think the child’s name should be? “

“Do not worry, I have already thought about it when you were asleep, he is called Shen Zihan, little name Hang-er, what do you think?”

“Zihan, Zihan… Naturally, it is excellent, it is very suitable for this child! But, does mother agree with this name?”

“Do not worry, I already told mother when I wrote the letter, she will not object! ”

“That’s good. Ha ha, Hang-er has a name, it is what your father picked out, do you like it?” The baby had just been born and his eyes had not opened yet, he only knew how to sleep all day long. Dan Yuerong stroked the child’s fair little cheek but did not expect that Hang-er would not give her face, “Waa…”

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Dan Yuerong was really worried when the child suddenly started crying.

Furen, I’m afraid young master is hungry, this old servant will take him to the wet nurse.”

“En, alright. I will have to trouble Momo.” Reluctantly handing over the child to Ruan momo, although Dan Yuerong wanted to get close to her son, she could not bear to hear her son cry.

Seeing his wife’s pale face, Shen Wenhua pulled his wife’s hand as a look of pity flashed across his face, “Rong-er, it’s been hard on you.”

“Wenhua, I am very happy that I could give birth to Hang-er!” Dan Yuerong knew that if she really had not been able to give birth again, it would be impossible to stop Shen Wenhua from bringing in a concubine. When the time came and she faced pressure, even if she is unwilling to compromise, when the time came and there were many people in the household, wouldn’t her and Shen Jingshu suffer?  

Therefore, with the arrival of this child, Dan Yuerong could stand upright. At least when facing Old Madam Shen in the future, she did not have to worry too much.

“You have suffered, thank you!”

“This is what I should do. I have made you wait for a long time, I have always felt very guilty.” With the man she loved acting this way towards her, she had been unable to give him what he really wanted, how could she not worry?

After waiting for so many years, she had finally given birth to this child, it was worth all the suffering she had endured.  

“You, carefully lie down. Your body has suffered a loss this time, you much carefully nourish it, you can not overstrain yourself.”

“En! Right, where is Shu-er? Has she seen Hang-er?” Thinking of her daughter, Dan Yuerong was still somewhat anxious.

“Don’t worry, Shu-er has already seen him. But, you have been asleep since you gave birth to Hang-er, I sent Shu-er to school and then let her have a rest. You have been asleep for an entire day and night, Shu-er does not know that you have woken up,  and you are not here anymore. I know you are awake, but I can guess that she will come soon.”

“I am also very tired, I have made you worry.”

“So, you must carefully recuperate. If there is a matter during your confinement period hand it over to Ruan momo,  do you understand?”

“I understand Wenhua! “The husband and wife had not spoken for long when Shen Jingshu ran in as expected. Although she was anxious about Dan Yuerong, Shen Wenhua had let her properly rest. She knew that Dan Yuerong was tired and had now woken her up. Now that she knew Dan Yuerong was awake, she quickly came over, “Daddy, Mom! ”

“Slow down, don’t fall.” Seeing his daughter run so anxiously, Shen Wenhua smiled.  Although he told Shen Jingshu to slow down, his tone did not have the slightest bit of reproach.  

Mom, you woke up? Do you feel uncomfortable? Are you hungry?”

“Look at this yatou, she is getting more and more attentive. Don’t worry, I have already eaten. I feel much better after sleeping. I’m fine.” Shen Wenhua had already prepared for people to make her something to eat, she ate as soon as she woke up. Although she did not eat much, she was not hungry at the moment.

“It’s good that Mom is awake.” Sitting at the side, she could see that although Dan Yuerong’s complexion was not good, but it was not bad, Shen Jingshu was relieved.

These days she had been studying medicine, Shen Jingshu had gradually learned to look at people’s complexion. Giving birth this time, Dan Yuerong’s body was very weak, after carefully nourishing it, it would be fine in the future.

“This child has become increasingly more considerate, come here!” Indicating for Shen Jingshu to come over, Shen Jingshu obediently went.  Dan Yuerong pulled her and smiled as she asked, “Have you seen your didi? “

“En, I have seen him. Didi is very cute!”

“Does Shu-er like Didi?” There was a baby in the household, Dan Yuerong was still worried that Shen Jingshu would not be used to it. Sometimes children could be very narrow-minded, she was afraid of what her daughter thought.

What she did not anticipate was that her daughter was already an adult, how could she care about this? Moreover, Shen Zihan was someone she could rely on in the future, these two siblings could mutually support each other. In her past life, Shen Jingshu tasted bitterness and loneliness.  In this life, she looked forward to a few blood-related relatives.

“Of course I like him, Mom, Didi is good looking.”

“Then in the future, Shu-er can help Mom take care Didi!”

“Mom don’t worry!” Patting her little chest, of course Shen Jingshu wanted to carefully take care of Shen Zihan. This was her blood-related Didi,  in the past life she and her Didi were not fated. For him to be born safely in this life,  of course Shen Jingshu was happier than anyone!

“Right, Mom, where is Didi?” Not seeing Shen Zihan, Shen Jingshu really wanted to hold him.  

“Didi is hungry, does Shu-er want to go see?”

“En!” Nodding, how could Shen Jingshu dislike such a cute child?

“That’s good, in a while I will let the wet nurse bring him over.” When Shen Zihan finished drinking his milk, Dan Yuerong let Ruan momo bring him over. The little guy was very well behaved, he went straight to sleep after eating, there were some small bubbles on the side of his mouth, it was really cute!

“Haha, Didi is really cute, but why is Didi always sleeping?”As a child, she would not understand, Shen Jing could not show that she understood too much.  

In her previous life, she had seen Shen Wenli’s children, but she did not think that those children were as good looking as her Didi!

Didi is still young. If he is tired, he will naturally go to sleep.”

“Oh, so it is like this!”


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