Chapter 54.2: The Baby

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Shen Wenhua had more news about a son. Soon everyone knows. On the second day, many people came to give gifts, which shows the status of this child. Shen Wenhua and Shan Yuezhen chose to pick up, and the two were happy. On the day of the third wash, they also invited a lot of relatives and friends, and suddenly Shenfu could be busy.

“Congratulations to Shen, the master is happy!”

“Hey, this young master is carved out with a master of Shen, and will definitely make a living in the future!”

“Oh, this looks like it is very good, white and tender, not like a newborn, Shen is so blessed!”



Everyone quickly heard the news of Shen Wenhua having a son, on the second day many people came to deliver gifts. This child’s status could clearly be seen, Dan Yuerong and Shen Wenhua were both very happy. On the third day, they invited over many friends, Shen fu was immediately surrounded in excitement.   

“Congratulations Shen laoye on having a son!”

“Haha, this small Shaoye and Shen laoye look alike, in the future he will certainly have prospects!”

“ Look at this appearance, he was certainly born excellent. He has pale and tender skin, he does not look like he was just born. Shen laoye is very fortunate!”  

“Congratulations, Congratulations!”


Shen Wenhua served as the second prefectural magistrate, naturally his connections were not average. What’s more, these many years he only had one wife, only one woman. Everyone naturally understood the significance of this son to Shen Wenhua, so there are many people who came to congratulate him on this day. One by one they look at Shen Zihan’s small appearance and were really envious.

The had no choice but to say that Shen Zihan was very good looking. Now that he had opened his eyes; his eyes were dark, bright, big, and shiny. His small face was round and smooth, really cute. Although he had not matured yet, but like this, he looked like Shen Wenhua.

“Shen laoye, congratulations.” Qi laoye had also come there today. Seeing that Shen Wenhua also had a son, he did not know what to think. Recalling the matter that happened between the two households a few days ago, Qi laoye now felt uncomfortable facing Shen Wenhua. But, he couldn’t not come. He had to follow etiquette and send a gift and say congratulations, afterward, he did not have anything else to say.   

“Shen laoye, can I go see Shen furen?”

“Of course it’s ok.”

“That’s good!” Qi furen had also come today and had also brought her two children. Previously, she used to flaunt her son and daughter in front of Dan Yuerong’s face, of course she also showed off in the capital. But now that Dan Yuerong also had a son and Shen Wenhua’s unique doting, Qi furen could not tell what she felt.

Why was she more fortunate than her?

Qi furen was also very envious of Dan Yuerong at times,”Right, is Jingshu here? Why don’t I see her?”Qi furen had brought her two children, of course, because she wanted them to meet Shen Jingshu.  

“Jingshu is with Rong-er, Rong-er is now in her confinement period, Jingshu always accompanies her.”

“Haha, then we will go over.” Knowing that Shen Jingshu was there, Qi furen wanted to bring Qi Shaodong over, but Qi Shaodong was now ten years old. And his age was getting older so it was very inconvenient to do many things. Now that Dan Yurong was in confinement, it was not convenient for Qi Shaodong to go, “Dong-er, you wait here. Yan-er, you and I will go to see Shen furen.” Although she wanted to manufacture an opportunity for Qi Shaodong and Shen Jingshu, Qi furen knew that it as not good to be too obvious.

“Okay, mother!” Qi Shaodong certainly wanted to look for Shen Jingshu. Since that days, he had grown up gradually and he had gradually understood his feelings towards Shen Jingshu. However, Shen Jingshu was neither salty or indifferent towards him, Qi Shaodong felt very anxious.

When would he be able to capture a piece of Shen meimei’s heart? Shen meimei was really great, he did not want another person to suddenly take her away.

Qi Shaodong gradually understood his own mind and a man’s wish to take sole possession of something was very strong. Therefore these days, as long as there was an opportunity, Qi Shaodong would go and try to see Shen Jingshu. But no matter how many times he went, he was never able to see Shen Jingshu.

This time, Shen meimei was with Shen furen and he was not too old so it was not convenient for him to go. What could he do?

Thinking of this, Qi Shaodong was certainly unwilling to let this opportunity to see Shen Jingshu slip by so he gave Qi Xueyan a look. Of course  Qi Xueyan understood, she nodded to show that she understood and left with Qi furen.  Qi Shaodong could not go and had no other option but to say goodbye and try to find some familiar people to speak with so that he would not be bored.  


” Shen furen, I can see that your complexion is pretty good and I also just saw Hang-er a moment ago. He is very cute, it makes people feel very fond of him!” Expression concern as soon as she saw Dan Yuerong and mentioning Shen Zihan, of course Qi furen understood Shen Zihan’s status.

“My body is disappointing, now that my confinement period was doubled to two months, I can only lie down all day. You came but I could not receive you, please don’t take offense to the neglect.” Dan Yuerong saw that Qi furen had come and supported herself by leaning against the bedside. Qi furen noticed this and chatted and laughed with Dan Yuerong, it did not seem that either held any grudge towards the other. But what they really felt, only they knew themselves.

“What are you talking about? You are now in confinement, it is important to nourish your body. What do these formalities have to do with you?”

“I have not seen you in a few days, it seems that Xueyan had grown a bit taller and more beautiful.”

” You don’t have to praise her, this girl can’t be praised. I can see that is still Jingshu who is better. You see how much more sensible she is and she now looks clever. She comes to talk with you every day, my daughter is not this sensible!” Qi furen was very happy to hear someone praise her daughter but she still had to express a modest attitude.

“This child sees that I am here alone so she comes to talk with me to keep me company.”

“So, I can say that you have good fortune. Your daughter is so loveable like this, I also noticed that Hang-er is also well-behaved, you will be blessed in the future!” Now, Dan Yuerong had both a son and a daughter and a husband who only loved her, it really made people envy her!  

Why did she not have such a good fate? Her husband spent his time drinking and philandering and he had no ability, why did she have it so hard?

In the past when she was with Dan Yuerong, Dan Yuerong had no son, Qi furen very much enjoyed Dan Yurong’s admiration towards her. But now that Dan Yanrong had a son, she was afraid that there was no more admiration.  

Thinking of her own children, although they had been very intelligent since childhood, they were still a step lower in status than Shen Jingshu.  

Who let Shen Jingshu have a sensible father, how was he anything like her family’s Laoye?

Ai, this was all fate, but she would not accept it!

“It’s the same for you, Xueyan and Shaodong are both intelligent and filial children. In the future, you will have constant blessings!” In the past, Dan Yuerong was indeed envious of Qi furen’s daughter and son, of course she dreamed of having the same thing. Now that she had given birth to Hang-er,  Dan Yuerong felt that she would have no regrets in this life.

“You are fortunate but you always mention me, how could I compare to you?” When she said this, Qi furen inevitably felt some bitterness, but she quickly restrained it as soon as she realized it. “I rarely come to see you, let’s have a nice chat and let the two children play on their own, alright?” Seeing Shen Jingshu there, how could she get her to go see Qi Shaodong?

Qi furen had never given up her plan to ally with the Shen family through marriage!

“En, alright. Shu-er, you accompany Xueyan.”

“Okay Mom!” Answering cutely, although Shen Jingshu and Qi Xueyan appeared to be harmonious, they were really divided.  Over the past half a year, these two had different views inwardly but outwardly the two people appeared to be good friends. ” Qi furen, Mom, then we will go!”

“Go, go, have fun!” Looking at the two children with a smile, Qi furen was very happy with the intimacy between Shen Jingshu and Qi Xueyan.

For my daughter and Jingshu to get along well, it is certainly beneficial to my son.


“Jingshu congratulations, you now have a younger brother, it is a good thing!” When the two went out, Qi Xueyan said congratulations but was not the slightest bit sincere.  

“Yeah, Hang-er is  cute, I like it a lot!”

“Are you not afraid that your younger brother will compete with you for favor? Before, your parents only had you, but now there is Hang-er, will they not hurt you?” It was unknown if it was intentional, but Qi Xueyan now was becoming increasingly more fond of provoking Shen Jingshu.

“No, Daddy said that me and Hang-er were the same, don’t worry.”

“Really? But Shen laoye has hoped for a son for many years and he finally got one. Now that he had Hang-er, won’t he ignore you?” She did not know what Qi Xueyan’s intention was in saying this, perhaps she wanted to make Shen Jingshu jealous?  

However, Shen Jingshu was not really a small child, as if she were not bothered she replied, Haha, no. Alright, don’t say that. Let’s walk around and talk about something else!”


“Seeing Shen Jingshu’s completely unconcerned look, Qi Xueyan was angry. During this half a year she had increasingly felt that Shen Jingshu was not the same arrogant person that she could toy with. Previously, whatever she said Shen Jingshu would completely believe it and also listen to her. But now, although Shen Jingshu pretended to listen to her words and said that she understood, she never felt that Shen Jingshu listened and obeyed her words!

Like when she said Yang Huilan and Kong Xinhe were not good friends, although Shen Jingshu said that she understood, hadn’t those two people become closer to her in the past six months? How had Shen Jingshu taken her words to heart?

Qi Xueyan was angry and felt that Shen Jingshu was not under her control.  She was anxious and thought of many ways to undermine the feelings between the three. She had even deliberately exposed that Yang Huilan and Kong Xinhe were not good in front of Shen Jingshu but that had no effect, Qi Xueyan was really angry!

Now, seething that Shen Jingshu was not listening to her once again, Qi Xueyan felt that her status was threatened. Seeing that Shen Jingshu was increasingly breaking away from her control, Qi Xueyan felt that she needed to hold her under her control. “Jingshu, do you not believe me?” Qi Xueyan’s face had an expression that she was saying it for Shen Jingshu’s own good but Shen Jingshu still didn’t appreciate her favor. Seeing her expression, Shen Jingshu felt it was very humorous. “ Alright, I know you are worried about me. Ok, I will take your words to heart. Let’s go, it is Hang-er’s bath time now, let’s go and take a look!

“This…” Qi Xueyan originally did not want to go, but recalling the look Qi Shaodong gave her a moment ago, she had no choice but to follow after Shen Jingshu.

Whatever, in any case there is Gege. This yatou is obsessed with Gege, when the time comes I will let Gege say a few words!

What Qi Xueyan did not know was that although Shen Jingshu had a good relationship with Qi Shaodong in the past six months, she was not as infatuated with Qi Shaodong as before. So, her wishful thinking was doomed to fail.


When meeting with Qi Shaodong, the other person was trying to find out what she was talking about, Shen Jingshu calmly agreed. These days, she had learned how to interact with Qi Shaodong and learned how to control her mood in front of Qi Shaodong. She understood the importance of keeping the people from them Qi family close but not far so that she could make preparations in the future.

Therefore, towards Qi Shaodong’s invitation, she used the excuse of it not being suitable for them to go out together because of their ages. This excuse was good, the both of them were gradually getting older and it was not suitable for them to get too close. Qi Shaodong could not say anything and could only chat with Shen Jingshu for a minute and have nothing to say the next. Shen Jingshu smiled, for Qi Shaodong to feel like Shen Jingshu cared about him was enough.  

The two are chatting when someone came over. “Jingshu, you were here? ”

“Haha, congratulations Jingshu. Now, you have a younger brother who looks so cute. I also want to hold him!” Because Shen Jingshu had gotten close to Yang Huilan and Kong Xinhe in the past six months, the two had also come over today and saw Shen Jingshu with the two people from the Qi family. The two had come together to see Shen Jingshu and give her their sincere blessing. Shen Jingshu saw the sincerity in their eyes, compared to Qi Xueyan and Qi Shaodong, these two were much better!

“Haha, do you want to see Hang-er?”

“Of course, he is so cute. But I was only able to get a quick glimpse of him just now, if I could hold him it would be great!”

“If you want to see him, in a while after is bath is finished, we’ll go and see. Let me tell you, Hang-er has recently learned to blow spit bubbles, it is really cute!” Compared to Qi Xueyan and Qi Shaodong’s distant discussion, Shen Jingshu was really sincere towards Yang Huilan and Kong Xinhe, the smile on her face was also real.

“Alright, alright! Since you said this, then you must take us in a while!”

“Don’t worry, when have I ever not kept my word? “As they chatted happily, Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan were pushed to the side, Qi Shaodong’s complexion was not very good. Qi Xueyan watched as Shen Jingshu laughed and chatted with Yang Huilan and Kong Xinhe and felt uncomfortable. It felt like her toy had been snatched away by someone else, Qi Xueyan hated that she could not drive these two people away, but she still had to smile and keep them company, “Haha, Huilan, Xinhe, you also came? Why didn’t we see you a moment ago?” Interrupting, because of the relationship between them and Shen Jingshu, Qi Xueyan deliberately made it seem as if she were close to them because she was trying to think of ways to destroy the friendship between the three people. But, she never would have thought that they would not accept her at all, “We just arrived.”

“Oh, so it’s like that.” Nodding her head, Qi Xueyan really did not see those two a moment ago and was a little curious.

“Jingshu, bath time is over, let’s go see Hang-er!” Yang Huilan watched as Shen Zihan was taken away by someone and felt worried.

The child was really cute, she wanted to look at him more!

“Alright, let’s go!” Seeing Yang Huilan like this, Shen Jingshu knew that Yang Huilan liked Shen Zihan and planned to pull them and leave. Qi Xueyan noticed and followed them, “Jingshu, I also want to see. I also want to go with you, can I?”

Some people were really shameless when Yang Huilan saw Qi Xueyan like this,  all white eyes, Kong Xinhe also found it a bit strange but Shen Jingshu smiled and said, “Of course.”


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