Herscherik Vol.2 Prologue

I know I promised a month, but it looks like it took two. Sorry about that. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) I have a full-time job now. As such, I don’t have as much time as I used to for translating, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop. I’ll keep translating, but just note that the upload schedule will be super sporadic from now on. Anyways, enjoy the start of Volume 2!

Prologue: Early Summer, Unemployed Youth, and Mountains of Paperwork

Translator: Caelum
Editor: SimoB


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  1. Cie cie · Dec 11, 2018

    Omg!!! Thank youu!!

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  2. Anonymous · Dec 9, 2018

    thank u Caelum and SimoB

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  3. J · Dec 9, 2018

    Get assistance~

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    • Caelum · Translator · Dec 9, 2018

      Assistance for translating or for my job?

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