Herscherik Vol.1 Final Chapter

Welcome to the conclusion of Volume 1 of Herscherik! *balloons and streamers fly through the air*
I’ve been really busy with RL and stuff and will have to take a short break to build up a stock again, but I’ll continue to work to translate this wonderful novel! Hope to see you all again in Volume 2!

PS: I’ve uploaded the character bios for Volume 1 on the novel page in the drop down menu. Check them out as well. The author added little tidbits in them that I really enjoyed.

Final Chapter: Reincarnated Prince and the Kingdom of Sorrow

Translator: Caelum
Editor: SimoB


Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.8-3

The other day, I bought a book with a really cute setting, so I decided to look  for reviews for it and discovered that it’s part of an ongoing series. Welp, now I must wait and collect them all. (If you want to know the title, the book is called おいしいベランダ Oishii Veranda)

Also, chapters will be uploaded on Mondays now, since it’ll be a lot easier for the rest of the team.

Chapter 8: Prince, Butler, and Trap III

Translator: Caelum
Editor: Nightcache
Proofreader: SimoB