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*looks around If I ever escape*

*looks around corner*

It just keeps going… drifts down a path

Oh god, now there’s even more… *mumbling in the distance* How do I get out of here…

Herscherik Vol.2 – Ch.6-2

Welcome those who came here after reading the manga~ Hope you’re enjoying the novel as well! I’ve been reading the manga as well, so if you want to fan over it, I’ll join you 😀 Chapter 6: Orphanage, Baron, and Revelation II Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.2 – Ch.6-1

Sorry for the delay~ I’ve been much too busy at work, but here’s the next chapter! Chapter 6: Orphanage, Baron, and Revelation I Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.2 Ch.5-2

I felt like such a perv translating this chapter But at the same time, it was quite fun trying to think of English words to match, hehe. Also, SimoB is working hard on her finals now, so let’s wish her good luck~ Chapter 5: Investigation, Information Broker, and Hint II Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.2 Ch.5-1

Sorry for the long delay. Zara had mentioned she would be coming back in July, but seeing how I haven’t gotten anything back since my email in May, I assume that she won’t be returning. So you guys are stuck with me again, bwahaha. Though saying that, how would you guys like to be notified

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Herscherik Vol.2 Ch.4-2

And now we’re getting to the real meat of this volume. Also, glad that many of you guys enjoyed the last chapter. By the way, it wasn’t like I was starting to translate a BL just to satisfy you guys….definitely not because of this >.> Chapter 4: Two Princes, Suspicion, and Two Years Ago II

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