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*looks around If I ever escape*

*looks around corner*

It just keeps going… drifts down a path

Oh god, now there’s even more… *mumbling in the distance* How do I get out of here…

Delicious Veranda Vol.1 – Ch.1-1

Wow, another project from BlobT? They’re not dead? Yes, though that’s a bit rude. While this is only a part of a teaser, we’ll be back with another project. So, enjoy this until then! Chapter 1 – Mamori, Enjoy Your Last Supper in Nerima (Part 1) Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB Proofreader: Agent Psyx o7

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Herscherik Vol.3 – Ch.1-2

It’s been a fun ride translating this novel. But, we’re open to suggestions for a new novel to translate. Please let us know~ Chapter 1: Prince, New Year Banquet, and Surprise Attack II Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.3 – Ch.1-1

I read the announcement about Herscherik being licensed so I decided to upload the two remaining chapters I had ready in the backlog. The next chapter will be coming in the next post. Chapter 1: Prince, New Year Banquet, and Surprise Attack I Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.3 Prologue

Welcome to the start of the new volume~This means that the cover images have also been updated. This volume is much longer and more in-depth in terms of world-building than the last one, so please enjoy~ Prologue: Game, Conspiracy, and White Snow Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.2 Final Chapter

This is the end of Volume 2! Yay! I’ve also uploaded the illustrations for both Volume 1 and 2 along with the character bios. Please check them out as well. Links are below the chapter. Final Chapter: Reincarnated Prince and the Knight of Twilight Volume 1 Characters and Illustrations Volume 2 Characters and Illustrations Translator:

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