Helloooo~ I’m SimoB, si like in sign and mob like… angry group of villagers with pitchforks and torches… =_=;;

I’m gonna be editing some stuff (or at least trying), so let me know if you see something you think could be done better. And don’t be fooled by my sparse, nay, completely empty empty NU account. These glasses aren’t for show! I love reading.

No like, I REALLY love reading.

No like, it’s a problem how much I love reading.

So if you wanna chat about books, hit me up when I exit my chocolate-fueled spiral of Fantasy, Transmigration and BL…

*looks around If I ever escape*

*looks around corner*

It just keeps going… drifts down a path

Oh god, now there’s even more… *mumbling in the distance* How do I get out of here…

Herscherik Vol.2 – Ch.7-3

Sorry for the long absence. I’ve been so tired from work that I hadn’t got the time to translate when I get home. That’s when I decided that I’ll just translate during my 30 minute lunch break. It seems to be working okay, so hopefully no more long breaks (no guarantee though). Anyways, hope you

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Herscherik Vol.2 – Ch.7-2

I’ve updated the cover image in the novel’s info page because of a reader’s comment. While I would prefer for readers to buy the novel to see the illustrations, how many of you guys want to see the illustrations that show up in the beginning of the LN? I own all the volumes, so it’s

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