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Herscherik Vol.2 Ch.4-2

And now we’re getting to the real meat of this volume. Also, glad that many of you guys enjoyed the last chapter. By the way, it wasn’t like I was starting to translate a BL just to satisfy you guys….definitely not because of this >.> Chapter 4: Two Princes, Suspicion, and Two Years Ago II

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Herscherik Vol.2 Ch.4-1

I’m pretty sure the fujoshis and fudanshis will enjoy this chapter xD Chapter 4: Two Princes, Suspicion, and Two Years Ago I Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.2 Ch.3-2

Hey! It’s Caelum again~ As I mentioned two weeks ago, I’ll be translating in the meantime while Zara is on her break. Also, I just realized how different our translating styles are, so be prepared! Chapter 3: Ryouko, Oran, and Castle Town Exploration II Translator: Caelum Editor: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.2 Ch.3-1

As mentioned in the last update, this is the last chapter Zara had translated before her break. However… good news! I’ll be taking over for the time being and there’s already a chapter in the works right now! So, with that, enjoy~ P.S. For those who voted on my poll on NUF and saw that

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Herscherik Vol.2 Ch.2-3

Another chapter is up and ready!~ Unforunately, both Zara and me will be busy in the following months, so the translation will most likely slow down. We still have 1 more chapter ready which will be posted on schedule, but after that, we’re not sure. Don’t worry; the project has not been dropped, but please

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